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pAsuram where thirumangai AzhwAr performs sharaNAgathi to thirukkudanthai ArAvamudhan.

kunRA madhumalarch chOlai vaNkodip padappai
varupunal ponni mAmaNi alaikkum
sennel oN kazhanith thigazhvanam uduththa
kaRpOr purisai kanaka mALigai
nimirkodi visumbil iLampiRai thuvakkum
selvam malgu then thiruk kudanthai
anthaNar manthira mozhiyudan vaNanga
Adaravu amaLiyil aRithuyil amarndha parama
nin adi iNai paNivan
varum idar agala mARRO vinaiyE.

Word by word meaning

kunRA madhu – having unlimited honey
malar chOlai – (from the) groves full of flowers,
vaN kodi padappai – and with gardens having beautiful creepers,
ponni – with cAuvEry river
varu punal – always having proliferating water,
mA maNi – and the best gems
alaikkum – great in number thrown by its waves,
sennel oN kazhani – having fields that are beautified by rice of yellowish hue,
thigazh vanam uduththa – surrounded in all the four sides by wilderness / grove / forest,
kaRpOr purisai – town inhabited by the learned,
kanakam mALigai nimir kodi – flags fluttering upward from the golden palaces/mansions
visumbil – in the sky
thuvakkum – touching/caressing
iLa piRai – the young moon,
selvam malgu – (it is the) wealthy and
then thiru kudanthai – beautiful thiruk kudanthai,
Adu aravu amaLiyil – (where you are leaning) in the bed of Adhi sEshan with its open hood
aRi thuyil amarndha – and involved in doing yOga nidhrai (meditating sleep),
anthaNar – (that is suitable for) brAhmaNas
manthiram mozhiyudan vaNanga – to recite vEdha sukthas;
parama – hey paramEshwara!
nin adi iNai paNivan – am surrendering to your two divine feet
varum idar agala – for the removal of hurdles that may come in the way (of reaching You);
mARRu vinai – please remove those hurdles by your mercy.

thirukkudandhai_aravamudhAzhvArthirukkudanthai ArAvamudhAzhvAr

Simple meaning

In this concluding pAsuram, thirumangai AzhwAr surrenders to the lotus feet of thirukkudanthai emperumAn. He describes the wealth and nature of the place, how river cauvEry with its rich water base brings in gems and other valuables, how the learned ones living there – like thirumazhisai AzhwAr whose fame spread in all the eight directions – worship the emperumAn with their vEdhanthA sUkthis, and so on.

Like nammAzhwAr, here thirumangai AzhwAr also surrenders to ArAvamudhan’s divine feet, and pleads Him to get him rid of the samsAram.


Now, “kidandhavARu ezhundhirundhu pEsu” (~ please get up and converse) [thirchchandha viruththam 61], (sung by thirumazhisai AzhwAr), that is, if devotees request/command, He would do as requested/commanded, so thirumangai AzhwAr considers the sowlabhyam (neermai / easiness of attainment) of, and where beauty resides, that is AravamudhAzhwAr, and surrenders to Him similar to nammAzhwAr surrendering to Him.


kunRA madhu malarch chOlai – Having groves with ever increasing sumptuous honey, and the flowers that keep adding such honey; if they were fed with manure/fertilizer and water, then those flowers of honey might not grow – since these groves are growing by the flood of nectar that is the divine sight of aravamudhAzhvAr, they grow as during ever existing spring season.

vaNkodip padappai – Having beautiful aquatic lands (or gardens) of posts of creepers (or the creepers), and having straws (padappai) and such various creepers, such gardens; or it is talking about aquatic lands having beetel leave plants. ‘vaN’ refers to richness of it and the beauty that shows because of it.

varupunal ponni mAmaNi alaikkum – Description of the river Cauvery. Having overflowing richness of water, that brings along and accumulates precious gems; (and the river as described in various texts): “chanjchachchAmara chandra chandhana maHa mANikya mukthOthkarAn kAvErI laharIkarair vidhadhathI” [rangaraja sthavam 1-21] ( kAvEri that comes carrying attractive chAmaram (white hair from the yak tail – used in Fan/whisk), green camphor, sandal, best gems, pearls); “ALariyAl alaippuNda yAnai maruppum agilum aNimuththum veNsAmaraiyOdu ponni malaippaNdam maNdath thiraiyundhu” [periya thirumozhi 3-8-3]; chandhinOdu maNiyum kozhikkum punal kAviri” [periya thirumozhi 5-4-1], “vEyin muththum maNiyum koNarndhu Ar punal kAviri” [periya thirumozhi 5-4-9], “thisai vil vIsum sezhu mAmaNigaL sErum thirukkudanthai” [thiruvAimozhi 5-8-9]”  so made are the pAsurams on kAvEri, isn’t it?

sennel oN kazhaNi – due to kAviri the rice fields are growing in abundance and they prosper, and so they look beautiful; the place is having such beautiful fields;

thigazh vanam uduththa – due to the ever flowing water, abundant forests are surrounding the place;

kaRpOr purisai – In the place where it was said “thisai vil veesum sezhumAmaNigaL” [thiruvAimozhi 5-8-9], that talked about great personalities who lived in the city (thirukkudanthai), like thirumazhisai AzhwAr and others whose fame spread in all eight directions, “purisai” stands for puri – city/place. Or, when read as “puri sei” it implies the city that was made; Or, “purisai” as the protective wall”, like “kaRpu Or purisai” where the divine walls have nice designs made in them.

kanaka mALigai – in the palaces/mansions made of gold,

nimir kodi visumbil iLam piRai thuvakkum – the flags that are mast in such palaces, are long and tall and such that they, up in the sky, caress the young moon with their hoods – shows the greatness of the palaces; thuvakkum – can consider as touching it by surrounding the moon, or as stopping it.

selvam malgu then thirukkudanthai – In thiruk kudanthai that is of the best wealth and sweetness. ‘selvam malgu’ to show the greatness of wealth, ‘then’ to show its sweetness.

andhaNar manthira mozhiyudan vaNanga – brAhmaNas who consider only You as their desire, who are well versed in the vEdhas, go unto you and recite the vEdhAntha sUkthis which they safeguard from being heard by those not qualified/eligible, as said in “manthram yathnEna gOpayEth” [try hard and hide/safeguard the manthras].

Adu aravu amaLiyil aRi thuyil amarndha parama – expanded due to the contact of emperumAn’s divine body, He lies down on that thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhisEshan) as the bed, and thinks deep about helping the world; and due to that You appear apt to be said as “You are The sarvEshwaran”!

Adu aravu – snake that dances with its hood open. Also can say that as thiruvananthAzhwAn inhales and exhales, he is like a sleeping cradle as he shrinks and expands his body.

nin adiyiNai paNivan – am surrendering in your divine feet. Even if You shun me, those divine feet would accept me, and so am with determination have taken your divine feet as the means. {pirAttiyum avanum vidiul thiruvadigaL vidAdhu, thiN kazhalAi irukkum – mumukshuppadi}

varum idar agala – For the enemies that appear in this world which prevent me from enjoying your divine feet and also from enjoying your nature, appearance, and character (svarUpa rUpa guNam), which is ..

mARRO vinaiyE – the connection with the samsAram, You please rid me of that biggest sin/trouble.

adiyiNai paNivan … maRRO vinai – adiyEn surrendered to you as the means as per my (AthmA’s) nature; You please rid me of the sadness because of connection with the samsAram, as per Your nature. Like nammAzhwAr who said “thariyEn ini un charaNam thandhu en sanmam kaLaiyAyE” [thiruvAimozhi 5-8-7], thirumangai AzhwAr thus surrenders to Him with divine thiruvadi as the means for getting rid of unwanted and for achieving the wanted (anishta nivruththi, ishta prApthi).

thirumangai-azhwarNote: This section concludes the vyAkyAnam for thiruvezhukURRirukkai. One more thing.. there is a next section, which is about what poet kambar has written as a pAsuram about thirumangai AzhwAr; traditionally it is also included when reciting thiruvezhukURRirukkai.

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