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periya thirumozhi – 2.8.10 – mannavan thoNdaiyar kOn

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


mannavan thoNdaiyar kOn vaNangum
nILmudi mAlai vayiramEgan
than vali than pugazh sUzhndha kachchi
attabuyakaraththu Adhi thannai
kanni nan mAmadhiL mangai vEndhan
kAmaru sIrk kalikanRi kunRA
innisaiyAl sonna senjol mAlai
Eththa vallArkku idam vaigundhamE

Word-by-Word meanings

vayiramEgan – Named vayiramEgan
mannavan – king
thoNdaiyarkOn – by thoNdaimAn chakravarthi
vaNangum – worshipped (due to that)
nIL mudi – having tall crown
mAl – being sarvESvaran
than – that king’s
vali – by strength
than pugazh – by his fame
sUzhndha – being abundant
kachchi – in kAnchIpuram city
attabuyagaraththu – mercifully present in thiruvattabuyagaram
Adhi thannai – on the cause of all
kanni – indestructable by anyone
nal – good
mA – huge
madhiL – surrounded by fort
mangai – for thirumangai region
vEndhan – being the king
kAmaru – liked by all
sIr – having qualities
kali kanRi – thirumangai AzhwAr
kunRA – faultless
in – sweet
isaiyAl – with music
sonna – mercifully spoke
sem – beautiful
sol mAlai – with this thirumozhi (decad) which has garland of words
Eththa vallArkku – for those who praise
idam – abode
vaigundham – paramapadham

Simple translation

thirumangai AzhwAr, who is the king of thirumangai region which is surrounded by indestructable, good, huge fort and whose qualities are liked by all, mercifully spoke this faultless decad with sweet music on sarvESvaran who has tall crown; emperumAn was worshipped in thiruvattabuyagaram by thoNdaimAn chakravarthi who is named as vayiramEgan and whose strength and fame are abundant in kAnchIpuram city; those who praise emperumAn with this beautiful decad which has a garland of words, will have paramapadham as their abode.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mannavan … – thoNdaimAn chakravarthi, the king; after he worshipped giving up his ego and pride, ISvaran acquired the crown nicely and his sarvESvarathvam (being the lord of all) became firmly established. Previously, there were two lords (paramAthmA and jIvAthmA claiming lordship).

vayiramEgan – vaiyramEgan is his (family) name.

than vali … – His strength with which he can win over the enemies and his protection which acquired him fame, were in abundance. AzhwAr praised in this decad, the lord of the universe who is mercifully standing in thiruvattabuyagaram.

kanni … – AzhwAr is the leader of everyone in thirumangai which is surrounded by the fort which remains a protective layer and is also appearing ever-fresh; AzhwAr has SrIvaishNava lakshmi (the wealth of kainkaryam) which is desired by all.

kunRA … – Not losing its significance, having music which will attract those who hear it, the pAsurams which are very helpful in worshipping bhagavAn.

Eththa vallArkku idam vaigundhamE – Instead of suffering like AzhwAr in seeing emperumAn through uruvu veLippAdu (visualisation) and informing to others, as said in yajur vEdham “dhEvai: saha mAdham madhEma”  (We will enjoy with nithyasUris in a group), they will enter paramapadham where there is eternal enjoyment.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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