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periya thirumozhi – 1.7.7 – munaiththa sIRRam

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


munaiththa sIRRam viN sudappOy mUvulagum piRavum
anaiththum anja ALariyAy irundha ammAnadhidam
kanaiththa thIyum kallumallA villudai vEdarumAyth
thinaiththanaiyum sella voNNAch  chingavEL kunRamE

Word-by-Word meanings

munaiththa sIRRam – great anger
pOy – leaving here
viN suda – reaching the sky and heating it up
mU ulagum – residents of all three worlds
piRavum – and
anaiththum – residents of brahma lOkam etc
anja – to fear
AL ariyAy – having narasimha form
irundha – mercifully seated
ammAnadhu – lord of all, his
idam – abode is
kanaiththa – making noise (while burning)
thIyum – fire
kallum – rocks (which are burning by that fire)
allA – more cruel than that
vil – bow
udai – having in hand
vEdarumAy – having hunters
thinaiththanaiyum – even for a moment (for non-devotees)
sella oNNA – unreachable
singavEL kunRamE – singavEL kunRam

Simple translation

The lord of all, having narasimha form,  mercifully seated while his great anger left here and reached the sky, heating it up, to cause fear for all the residents of the three worlds and brahma lOkam etc; his abode is singavEL kunRam, where the fire is making noise and where there are rocks and hunters having bow in their hands, who are more cruel than those fire and rocks, and which is unreachable even for a moment (for non-devotees).

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • munaiththa … – The great anger reached up to the sky and heated it.
  • mU ulagum ... – The three worlds (bhU:, bhuva: and svarga) and the abodes of brahmA et al became frightened fully; AL ari – masculine lion; or AzhwAr is speaking about the mix of human and lion traits.
  • kanaiththa … – Fire which is making noise; while burning, the fire makes a cracking noise and the rocks which are burning in that fire like hay.
  • allA … – Even one can step on such fire and rocks; but cannot face the hunters of that abode; such is their cruelty.
  • thinaiththanaiyum … – The abode which cannot be reached by non-devotees to go and cast evil eye upon him.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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