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pErAra mArvil perumA mazhaikkUndhal
nIrAra vEli nilamangai ennum ip                                          2

Word by word Meaning

pEr Aram mArvil – being one decorated with distinguished chains on her chest
peru mA mazhai kUndhal – having huge, dark clouds as her tresses
Aram nIr vEli – having the AvaraNa jalam (water around the periphery of universe) as her protection
nila mangai ennum – being called as SrI bhUmippirAtti


perumA mazhaikkUndhal – She [pirAtti] has huge, dark clouds, as her tresses. The pageant of monsoon clouds, heavily laden with water, is her locks. For the noble woman, wouldn’t the tresses be dense, dark, decked with a variety of flowers, cool (comforting) for her husband, be such that even if the husband touches them once to dishevel them and withdraws, make all her distress to disappear? In the same way, this [cloud] also is huge and dark. indhradanush (rainbow) and lightning are like a variety of flowers. It is pleasing to the eyes and once it pours down (as rain), it removes all the distress.

perumA mazhaikkUndhal – just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 7-7-9koLginRa kOliruLaich chugirndhitta kozhunjuruLin uLkoNda neela nannUl thazhaigol anRu mAyan kuzhal” (emperumAn’s divine tresses are unlike the darkest of  tresses with a streak of bluish hued tresses on the inside), this pirAtti is an apt beauty of tresses for the kuzhalazhagar (emperumAn, who is described as one with beautiful tresses).

Noble women will have stringent protection. Does she [this pirAtti] have such protection? AzhwAr says that she does, in the next words. . .

nIrAra vEliAram nIr vEli – The AvaraNa jalam which is surrounding this universe is referred to as AranIr. Another opinion is that AvaraNa nIr has mutated into AranIr. Thus, the pirAtti has the protection of the huge moat of AvaraNa nIr.  Alternatively, (nIrAravEli) Aram nIr vEli – sandalwood is called as AramnIr is simplicity. Thus, AranIr refers to the chastity of this pirAtti, who is like the cool sandalwood. vEli refers to limit or boundary. This pirAtti has her chastity as the limit – a boundary for her greatness. Chastity for her is being vAmanan maN [earth on which emperumAn, as vAmana had trodden] – existing exclusively for emperumAn. Since her chastity is cool like sandalwood, it is clear that it does not cause any heartburns for her consort. When does chastity cause heartburns? When the lady is so beholden to her consort that she will not tolerate if her husband is affectionate towards other wives. But this pirAtti is such that when emperumAn is with periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi), she will be like garland or sandalwood and co-exist. This is the boundary for her greatness.

Who is such a pirAtti?

nilamangai – She is bhUmi dhEvi. mangai – one who is complete with all the qualities of a noble lady, mentioned earlier.

nilamangai ennum ippAr – Intending to mention about purushArthams (goals), prior to discussing about the people who follow these, AzhwAr is speaking about the abode where they inhabit. Since bhUmippirAtti is the attribute for such bhUmi, AzhwAr speaks about her.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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