periya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiya

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anna nadaiya aNangu vaNangu nudangidai sEr                                                   66
ponnudambu vAdap pulanaindhum nondhagala

Word by word meaning

umai ennum – having the name umA
annam nadaiya aNangu – the divine lady (pArvathi) who has the gait of a swan
nudangu idai sEr pon udambnu vAda – her beautiful form with the quivering waist, withering
pulan aindhum nondhu agala – her five senses getting distressed and leaving her


anna nadaiya aNangu – if she takes a few steps forward, all the anguish of her beloved would get relieved; did she not struggle for his sake with this gait of a swan?

nudangidai sEr udambu – one who has a form with a quivering waist. The beauty of her waist is such that one would fear for it, wondering whether it would snap and fall down.

ponnudambu vAda – her physical form was so great that he (rudhra) had to give up half of his body for her. Since she did not attain him, it was withering like a tender leaf would wither after separating from a tree.

pulan aindhum nondhu agala – her five senses would think “We cannot suffer by remaining like this in her form when she is carrying out severe penance” and leave her. Even those who carry out severe penance in the world would eat a few dry leaves to sustain themselves over a period of time. But she did not take even the leaves and continued her penance, to be called as aparNa (one who does not need leaves). kALidhAsa, the poet, says in his literary work kumArasambhavam 5-28 “svayam viSIrNadhruma parNa vruththithA parA hi kAshtA thapasas thapA puna:  I thadhapyapAkIrNamatha: priyamvadhAm vadhanthyaparnOthi cha thAm purAvidha:  II ” (that penance where one eats dried leaves which fall from the tree on their own is called as severe penance. pArvathi did not consume even that. Hence our forefathers call this lady with sweet words as aparNa).Since she was carrying out such a severe penance, is it amazing that her five senses felt distressed and left her?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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