periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum

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chinna malarkkuzhalum algulum menmulaiyum                        45
inniLa vAdai thadavath thAm kaN thuyilum

Word by word meaning

chinnam malar kuzhalum – tresses, adorning themselves with flowers which had just then blossomed.
algulum – waist
mel mulaiyum – soft bosom
in iLa vAdai thadava – being stroked by the sweet, youthful northerly winds
kaN thuyilum – sleeping (happily)


chinnam malarkkuzhalum – having tresses which have spread flowers. While they are not supposed to adorn their tresses with flowers unless the nAyaka himself strings it, as mentioned in thiruppAvai 2malarittu nAm mudiyOm” (we will not plat and adorn our hair with flowers) it is amazing that they have decorated their hair with flowers! chinnam – to spread out

kuzhalum algulum menmulaiyum inniLavAdai thadava – how they get the pleasures when touched by the northerly wind, just as they would get if stroked by their beloved on each and every limb separately!

inniLa vAdai – it is like an arrow with poison applied on its head.

iLa vAdai – the wind is becoming youthful by torturing others repeatedly.

thAm kaNthuyilum – can they, being separated from their beloved, sleep? Should they not be similar to what has been mentioned in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 5-5 “porukayaRkaNNiNai thunjA” (my eyes which are similar to two fighting fish are not sleeping)? Since they are sleeping it is possible that these are not their eyes, but eyes borrowed from others!

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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