periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr

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mannu madalUrAr enbadhOr vAsagamum
thennuraiyil kEttaRivadhuNdu adhanai yAm theLiyOm                          39
mannum vadaneRiyE vENdinOm vENdAdhAr

Word by word meaning

mannum madal UrAr enbadhu Or vAsagamum – a saying “one should not engage in madal to sustain (one’s life)”
then uraiyil kEttu aRivadhu uNdu – we have heard of in thamizh language
nAm adhanai theLiyOm – we do not consider that as having any clarity (it is not apt)
mannum vadaneRiyE vENdinOm – (in this matter of engaging in madal) we will follow the method prescribed in great samskrutha literature
vENdAdhAr – those who do not like (to cross the limit as mentioned in samskrutha texts) – what type of people are they?


mannum madal UrAr – they will not engage in madal, even if they have to sustain their lives. The opinion of thamizhars is that for the leading lady, her svarUpam (basic nature) is more important than even her life.

enbadhu Or vAsagamum – a saying (in thamizh) which expresses this opinion (as mentioned above)

Or vAsagamum – this implies that this saying, which does not seem to know the greatness of love, exists. How amazing!

thennurai . . .  – can a saying which is seen in a language spoken by lowly people, in the material world, show the greatness of love? **

urai – it is just a saying; it does not have deep meaning.

adhanai nAm theLiyOm – Even if this saying has any meaning, I am not able to decipher it.

mannum vadaneRiyE vENdinOm – We would only subscribe to the view expressed in samskrutha literature such as SrI rAmAyaNam that it is purushArtham (ultimate benefit) for a woman, who has separated from their beloved, to engage in madal.

vENdAdhAr – those who follow the southern (thamizhar) methodology (of not engaging in madal), rejecting the samskrutha method do not know at all, what love is.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

** – Due to his urge in engaging with madal, AzhwAr is speaking ill of thamizh language and the culture of thamizhars. It is not that AzhwAr is manifesting any hatred towards thamizh. Even though he intended to engage in madal, he too did not complete the task of engaging in madal. Thus, thamizh and thamizhars’ culture alone succeeded in the end.

(The above-mentioned is the note from arumpadhavurai)

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