periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsum

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annadhE pEsum aRivil siRumanaththukku Angu
annavaraik kaRpippOm yAmE adhu niRka                         18

Word by word meaning

annadhE pEsum – repeating the oft-repeated saying (that SAsthram indicates that there is mOksham)
aRivu il siRu manaththu avarai – those who do not have rationale and who have narrow minds
kaRpippOm yAmE – should we instruct them?
adhu niRka – let the discussion on mOksham remain as it is.


annadhE pEsum – is there any benefit in the opponent when he keeps repeating, on being asked any question “Sukar attained mOksham; vAmadhEva attained mOksham

 aRivil . . . .  – those who speak like this are fools who do not have the ability to make any distinction between right and wrong; they lack in the sense of rationale. They have no knowledge and keep parroting what others say.

aRivil siRu manaththu – it is understood that they do not have knowledge at this point of time. If they have broad mindedness (keeping their mind open for receiving others’ points of view), they would at least develop knowledge in the future. But they have very narrow minds.

 Angu annavaraik kaRpippOm yAmE – Alas! It has become our duty to instruct and correct such people who are in a pitiable state. Instead of taking madal in the hand and roaming around (just like namperumAL) during thiruvadhyayanOthsavam (a celebration in the month of mArgazhi), bewildering those who have gathered on both sides of the street, it has fallen on us to instruct those ignorant people!

adhu niRka – let us not get engaged with that activity right now.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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