periya thiruvandhAdhi – 22 – kAlE podhaththirindhu

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AzhwAr says that after emperumAn took residence in his heart, his sins which were a hurdle for him in attaining emperumAn ran away from his heart. Not finding a place to stay, roaming around till their legs split up, they are calling out now.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kAlE podhaththirindhu kaththuvarAm inanAL
mAlAr kudi pugundhAr en manaththE mElAl
tharukkum idam pAttinodum val vinaiyAr thAm vIRRu
irukkumidam kANAdhiLaiththu

Word by Word Meanings

mAlAr – sarvESvaran (supreme being) who is very great
en manaththE – in my mind
kudi pugundhAr – came with his entourage
mElAl – in earlier times
tharukkum – tormenting
idam pAttinodum – with arrogance
val vinaiyAr – cruel sins
thAm vIRRirukkum idam kANAdhu – not finding a suitable place where then can live in comfort
iLaiththu – being without any strength
kAlE podha thirindhu – roaming all over the place such that their legs would split
ina nAL – in these times
kaththuvarAm – called out


mAlAr kudi pugundhAr en manaththE – Just as periyAzhwAr had mentioned in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 5-4-10 “aravaththamaLiyinOdum azhagiya pARkadalOdum aravindhappAvaiyum thAnum agambadi vandhu pugundhu” (emperumAn entered my heart with the mattress of AdhiSEshan, the beautiful milky ocean, pirAtti who resides on a lotus), emperumAn entered my mind along with his entourage.

mElAl tharukkum idampAttinodum valvinaiyAr thAm inanAl vIRRirukkum idam kANAdhu iLaiththu kAlE podhaththirindhu kaththuvarAm – the cruel sins, which were tormenting us, with arrogance, from time immemorial, are now unable to find a place from where they can rule; they have lost all their strength; they are roaming all over the place [in search of a place to rule over] with their legs almost split and are calling out. The word tharukkum refers to tormenting. The word idampAdu refers to arrogance. vIRRirukkai refers to ruling [from the heart]. Considering the cruelty of sins, AzhwAr is referring to them as valvinaiyAr in an honorific sense.

We will move on to the 23rd pAsuram next.

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