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AzhwAr tells emperumAn to ensure that he (AzhwAr) retains the quality of being a servitor always.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

AL pArththu uzhitharuvAy kaNdukoL enRu nin
thAL pArththu uzhitharuvEn thanmaiyai kEtpArkku
arum poruLAy ninRa aranganE unnai
virumbuvadhE viLLEn manam

Word for Word Meanings

kEtpArkku – for those who would like to know (with their own efforts)
aru poruLAy ninRa aranganE – Oh thiruvarangA who became impossible to know supreme entity!
AL pArththu uzhi tharuvAy – one who goes searching “will I get anyone who will be under my control?”
nin thAL pArththu uzhi tharuvEn thanmaiyai – my basic nature of seeking out your divine feet
enRum kaNdukoL – you should mercifully shower your glance on me so that this lasts forever
unnai virumbuvadhE – my nature of desiring you
manam – in my heart
viLLEn – I am unable to avoid


AtpArththu uzhitharuvAy – Oh one who is going out, searching “Is there anyone who is willing to be my servitor?”

kaNdukoL enRum thAtpArththu uzhi tharuvEn thanmaiyai – make sure that my quality of moving around with the desire of attaining your divine feet is always present. The duty of stabilising my quality of being under your control is yours.

kEtpArkku arum poruLAy – For those who desire to attain through their efforts of listening (to SAsthrams), memorising them and meditating on them, you are impossible to attain, except through your mercy. The word kEtparkku referring to listening is applicable equally to memorising and meditating. Has it not been said in kata upanishath 3-23 “nAyamAthmA pravachanEna labhyO na mEdhayA na bahunA SruthEna” (he is difficult to attain through different modes of listening, memorising and meditating)!

ninRa aranganE – Just as it is mentioned in kata upanishaths 3-23 “yamEvaisha vruNuthE thEna labhyas thasyaisha AthmA vivruNuthE thanUm svAm” (whoever this supreme entity desires, such person attains this supreme entity through him. This supreme entity shows such person his divine form), oh thiruvarangA, you have come and reclined here in order to become simple to those of your devotees to whom you wish to show yourself!

unnai virumbuvadhE viLLEn manam – Even if I do, my mind will not stop desiring you who would go in search of servitors. The opinion here is that you should ensure that I always remain with this quality [of desiring to be your servitor].

We will move on to the 61st pAsuram next.

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