nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 37 – vAnulavu thIvaLi

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AzhwAr was asked whether emperumAn is the causative entity for all. This pAsuram is his response.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vAnulavau thIvaLi mAkadal mAporuppu
thAnulavu vengadhirum thaNmadhiyum mEnilavu
koNdal peyarum dhisaiyettum sUzhchchiyum
aNdandhirumAl agaippu

Word for Word Meanings

vAn – sky
ulavu – moving
thI – fire
(ulkavu) vaLi – moving wind
mA kadal – huge ocean
mA poruppu – huge mountains sustaining earth
ulavu – roaming
vem kadhir thAnum – sUrya with hot rays
thaN madhiyum – chandhra who is cool
mEl nilavu – moving above
koNdal – clouds
peyarum – chEthana (sentient) entities
dhisai ettum – eight directions
sUzhchchiyum – layers of various materials which surround
aNdam – universe which comprises all these
thirumAL – emperumA’s
agaippu – formed due to emperumAn’s sankalpa (vow)


vAn – sky (here it refers to ether)

ulavu thI vaLi mAkadal – the entities which keep moving constantly, namely fire, wind and water. The word kadal (ocean) is indicative of the entire water entity (water in various forms such as ocean, river, stream, lake etc)

mA poruppu – the huge mountains which sustain earth. This refers to the entity of earth [thus, AzhwAr has mentioned about the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth].

thAnulavu vengdhirum thaNmadhiyum – sUrya (sun) and chandhra (moon) who keep moving around. ulavu – moving. Just as it is mentioned in thaiththirIya upanishath Anandhavalli “bhIshOdhEthi sUrya:”, sun (and moon) would rise and set at appropriate times out of fear for emperumAn.

mEl nilavu koNdal – clouds which keep moving above, in the sky.

peyarumchEthana varga (sentient entities)

koNdal peyarum – could also be construed as that which is called by the name of cloud.

dhisai ettum – the eight directions as mentioned in rig vEdha “dhiSascha nArAyaNa…” (nArAyaNa is also the eight directions…)

sUzhchchiyum – the seven AvaraNas (fortified layers) surrounding universe

aNdam – the universe made up of all these

thirumAL agaippu – these are controlled by the thoughts rising in emperumAn’s divine mind. Since AzhwAr has used the term thirumAL agaippu it is implied that the purpose of creation carried out by emperumAn is for the happiness of pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) and that in this activity of creation, pirAtti has a role to play, even if it is not primary.

We will take up the 38th pAsuram next.

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