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When some people asked AzhwAr “You say that you had seen the divine feet of emperumAn which had not been seen by even Siva. Where did you see them?”  AzhwAr responds saying “Did I see only his divine feet? I am seeing all the amazing activities that he undertook for the sake of his followers, now itself, inside my heart where he has entered”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

idhuvilangai Idazhiyakkattiya sEthu
idhuvilangu vAliyai vIzhththadhu(vum) idhuvilangai
thAnodunga vilnudangath thaNdArirAvaNanai
Unodunga eydhAn ugappu

Word for Word Meanings

ilangai – the country of lankA
Idu azhiya – to be ruined
kattiya – built (with the help of the army of monkeys)
sEthu – the divine bridge
idhu – this too
vilangu – one who was born in the animal species
vAliyai – vAli (king of monkeys)
vIzhththadhuvum – the activity by which emperumAn killed him
ilangaidhAn – the country of lankA
odunga – to be destroyed
vil nudanga – to bend the bow sArngam
thaN thAr rAvaNanin Unodunga – making the back of rAvaNa who was donning cool, comfortable garland, to be arched
eydhAn – rAma who shot the arrows
idhu – this activity too
ugappu – is a plaything for him


idhu ilangai Idazhiyak kattiya sEthu – the bridge which emperumAn [as SrI rAma] built across the ocean in order to ruin lankA so that it lost its pristine structure, is appearing right in front of my eyes now.

idhu ilangai Idazhiyak kattiya sEthu – in the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr said that he saw the divine feet of emperumAn. In this pAsuram he talks of the bridge where emperumAn’s divine feet left their prints.

Idazhiyak kattiya – the ocean was a natural protective guard for lankA. Even as the bridge was being built, it appeared that lankA was lost. Even as dhEvas (celestial entities) such as indhra et al heard about the bridge, their hearts melted.

idhu vilangu vALiyai vIzhththadhuvum – the incident in which the animal vAli was killed with an arrow is also appearing in front of my eyes.

vilangu vAliyai – he was an animal not only by birth but through his activities too. The opinion here is that the action of SrI rAma in killing vAli while hiding himself cannot be faulted. Has it not been mentioned mercifully by SrI rAma himself in SrIrAmAyaNam “vAgurAbiScha pASaiScha gUdaiScha vividhair narA: I prathichchannAScha  dhruSyAScha gruhNanthi subahUn mrugAn II” (human beings catch animals through nets, ropes, various devious methods, by hiding themselves and by being in front of them)?

ilangai thAn odunga vil nudangath thaNthAr rAvaNanai eydhAn idhu – the activity of SrI rAma by which he created stress for lankA, drew his bow and made rAvaNa to bend his back.

ilangai thAn odunga – I can see lankA being destroyed right in front of my eyes.

vil nudanga – I can see [SrI rAma] drawing his bow [to shoot the arrows]

thaN thAr … eydhAn idhu – I can also see SrI rAma shooting arrows at rAvaNa such that the demon, who is donning a cool, comfortable garland, who is vain, and who will not bow down to anyone, is shrinking.

idhu idhu idhu ugappu –  these activities, which are appearing in front of my eyes, are those which were engaged in by emperumAn, for the sake of his followers.

Since these activities are running now in his heart, AzhwAr is referring to them as idhu, idhu, idhu.

We will now move on to the 29th pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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