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It is said that among all the pAsurams in the thiruvandhAdhis, this pAsuram alone has been composed in anyApadEsamAzhwAr assuming the posture of nAyaki (feminine form). The meanings have been given such that AzhwAr discards his original nature and assumes the state of pirAtti (consort) who is deeply involved with emperumAn and her mother gives out the words and activities of pirAtti.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

veRpenRu vEngadam pAdum viyan thuzhAy
kaRpenRu sUdum karunguzhal mEl maRponRa
nINda thOL mAL kidandha nIL kadal nIrAduvAn
pUNda nALellAm pugum

Word by Word Meanings

veRpu enRu – if there is any discussion about any mountain (my daughter)
vEngadam – regarding thirumalai
pAdum – will sing about
kaRpu enRu – being apt to be dependent on the lord in total chaste
viyan thuzhAy – the amazing thuLasi
karu kuzhal mEl – on (her) dark hair
sUdum – she dons it
mal – wrestlers
ponRa – to be destroyed
nINda thOL – having long divine shoulders
mAl – supreme being
kidandha – reclining
nIL kadal – in the expansive milky ocean
nIrAduvAn – in order to take a bath
pUNda nAL ellam – at the time of every dawn
pugum – she leaves out for


veRpu enRu vEngadam pAdum – for this girl (AzhwAr in the form of a girl), the worldly activities of singing, donning flowers and taking bath would be related to emperumAn. If she has to talk about a mountain, she will sing about thiruvEngadamalai (thirumalai hill). She does not know of any mountain other than thirumalai.

viyan thuzhAy kaRpu enRu sUdum karunguzhal mEl – if she has to decorate herself with a flower, she will don only thuLasi on her hair.

viyan thuzhAy – the amazing thuLasi

kaRpu enRu sUdum – we can construe that whatever adds glory to the clan is related to chastity. kaRpu is taken as the boundary for the clan [none will cross it].

sUdum karunguzhal mEl – she does not know of wearing any other sweet smelling flower. Just as periyAzhwAr had mercifully mentioned in thiruppallANdu 9thoduththa thuzhAy malar sUdik kaLaindhana sUdum ith thoNdargaLOm” (all these servitors will don only the thuLasi which had decorated emperumAn earlier and which has now been removed) she will not don any flower other than thuLasi in her locks.

maRponRa nINda thOL mAl kidandha nIL kadal nIrAduvAn pUNda nAL ellAm pugum – if she wants to take a bath in any place, she will choose during every dawn, only thiruppARkadal (milky ocean ) on which emperumAn,  who has divine shoulders which will crush the wrestlers’ clan into smithereens, reclines.

maRponRa nINda thOL – the divine shoulders which have grown only for decimating enemies.

mAl kidandhamAl –one who is affectionate. Hence, the place where the affectionate emperumAn reclines.

nIL kadal nIrAduvAn – the mother says that she (AzhwAr) will think that unless she has a bath in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) her desire will not be fulfilled.

Alternatively, considering that the pAsurams before and the pAsurams after this pAsuram do not have such anyApadhEsam (AzhwAr taking the stance of a pirAtti), taking into account whether this pAsuram alone be considered to be in this way, the meanings for this pAsuram would also be given in a way which will be similar to giving instructions to others. In that case, the words pAdum, sUdum, pugum would be taken to instruct others to sing, to don and to enter respectively. Instead of talking about “that mountain” or “this mountain”, sing only about thiruvEngadam hill. If you think of wearing a flower, wear only thuLasi which is very dear to emperumAn. If you want to take bath in a waterway, try to take a bath in the sea where emperumAn is reclining. Here, reference to thiruppARkadal is to be taken as referring to all waterways which are connected with emperumAn [thus the pond or lake or river associated with any divine abode can be considered as the ocean in which emperumAn is reclining]. maRponRa nINda thOL – the divine shoulders which have grown, killing enemies. pUNda nAL ellAm – every dawn which passes on to a day. Thus, words such as pAdum, sUdum and pugum should be considered as instructing others to sing, to don and to enter respectively.

We will proceed to the 70th pAsuram next.

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