mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 57 – polindhirundha kAr vAnil

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AzhwAr says that it will be great to meditate on emperumAn who has such greatness. He tells his heart to attain emperumAn, who has garuda as his flag and, who is the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi. He says that instead of being aloof saying that it is not possible, if we attain him, that itself will give eminence to everyone.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

polindhiruNda kArvAnil minnE pOl thOnRi
malindhu thiruvirundha mArvan polindha
garudan mEl kaNda kariyAn kazhalE
theruL thanmEl kaNdAy theLi

Word by Word Meanings

thiru – pirAtti
polindhu iruNda kAr – being very dark during rainy season
vAnil – among the cloud
minnE pOl thOnRi – dazzling like lightning
malindhu irundha mArvan – one who has the divine chest in which she resides with pride
polindha garudan mEl koNda – conducting garuda
kariyAn – emperumAn who is of dark complexion
kazhalE – only the divine feet
theruL than mEl – is the matter for devotion, which is superior to knowledge
theLi kaNdAy – (Oh heart!) be clear on this.


polindhu iruNda kAr vAnil minnE pOl thOnRi –  golden hued periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) has taken residence in the dark complexioned divine form of emperumAn just like a flash of lightning dazzles across the dark clouds during monsoon when the sky is dark.

malindhu thiru irundha mArvan – emperumAn has his divine chest on which periya pirAtti has taken residence with her greatness showing clearly. Alternatively, malindhu thiru irundha can be construed as periya pirAtti greatly desiring the divine chest of emperumAn and taking residence in it.

polindha garudan mEl koNda kariyAn kazhalE – it appears that for emperumAn being atop garudan gives him supremacy over being the consort of periya pirAtti. It appears that the beauty when he is atop garuda is more than that when he is with periya pirAtti. The dark coloured divine feet of emperumAn who is riding garuda…

polindha garudan – we can consider this as garuda who is fully complete. emperumAn sitting on garuda is like a dark coloured peak sitting over the golden colured great mEru mountain.

kariyAn – it is implied by this that the two of them (emperumAn and garuda) ae having contrasting hues.

theruL thantherul means knowledge; being meditated upon. We can consider this as referring to bhakthi (devotion) which is the matured state of gyAna (knowledge).

mEl kaNdAy – think higher than these. In other words, think that all the rest are on a lower level and bhakthi is at a higher level. Isn’t this the greatness which is apt for the servitor’s nature!

theLi – think of this as being truly stated, inside the heart, instead of stating something superficially.

garudan Mel koNda kariyAn thiruvirundha mArvanpirAtti is like lightning which manifests both emperumAn and garuda.

We will take up the 58th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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