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AzhwAr had instructed his heart to see emperumAn. The other sensory perceptions started urging AzhwAr. The other sensory perceptions will function only with the help of mind. Now, it has so happened that the other sensory perceptions have started urging him directly [in all dhivyaprabandhams of AzhwArs, the words heart and mind are used interchangeably].

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kAN kAN ena virumbum kaNgaL kadhirilagu
pUNdAragalaththAn ponmEni pANkaN
thozhilpAdi vaNdaRaiyum thongalAn sempoR
kazhalpAdi yAm thozhudhum kai

Word by Word Meanings

kaNgaL – my eyes
kadhir ilagu – being radiant
pUN – divine ornaments
thAr – garlands
agalaththAn – emperumAn who is having [the aforementioned] on his divine chest
pon mEni – golden hued divine form
kAN kAN ena virumbum – will keep desiring repeatedly, to see
vaNdu – beetles
aRaiyum – humming
thongalAn – emperumAn who is donning those garlands
thozhil – activities
pAn kaN pAdi – singing to a nice tune
sem pon kazhal – reddish divine feet
yAm – we
kai – with hands
pAdi thozhudum – will worship, singing


kadhir ilagu pUN thAr agalaththAN pon mEni kAN kAN ena virumbum kangaL – look at the beautiful form of emperumAn. Is this form such that I have to instruct you to see it? (Should you not have the desire to see it!)

kadhir ilagu pUN – ornaments which are radiant. Ornaments which are shining.

thAr agalaththAnthAr means garland. One who has a broad chest donning garland

pon mEni – beautiful divine form. It is implied that it is not the fault of the sensory organs to have the desire to see him. During famine, just as children keep asking for food repeatedly, the eyes keep throbbing for seeing the divine form of emperumAn.

pAN kaN thozhil pAdi – singing his activities through songs. Alternatively, singing in the style of pANars (pANars are a class of people who engage in singing, constantly). Or, singing in such a way that this itself becomes the profession.

vaNdaRaiyum thongalAnemperumAn who has garland in which beetles come humming [for extracting honey]. AzhwAr implies that his sensory organs will remain without engaging with emperumAn only if beetles can remain without engaging [with his garlands].

sempoRkazhal pAdi yAm thozhudhum kai – it is impossible not to get involved with such beauty. Hence, since it is rare for us to take residence under such divine form, we shall praise his divine feet fully with our mouth and worship with our hands, says AzhwAr.

We will take up the 36th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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