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AzhwAr says that it is not only dhEvas who approach emperumAn and get their needs fulfilled, but even the kings, who are seen by us protecting the world, approach the divine feet of emperumAn who is the cause for the world and these kings obtain their positions through emperumAn only.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kOvAgi mAnilam kAththu nangaN mugappE
mAvEgich chelginRa mannavarum pUmEvum
sengalanAbiyAn sEvadikkE EzhpiRappum
thaN kamalam EyndhAr thamar

Word by Word Meaning

kO Agi – being king of kings
mA nilam kAththu – ruling over the expansive earth
nam kaN mugappE – in front of our eyes
mA Egi selginRa – riding atop horses
mannavarum – kings
sem kamalappU mEvum – one with the reddish lotus flower adorning
nAbiyAn – emperumAn with divine navel
sE adikkE – to the divine feet
Ezh piRappum – over many births
thaN kamalam – cool lotus flowers
EyndhAr – offered
thamar – followers


kOvAgi – being the leaders of the world; since they are ruling the world, they will be very egoistic. They will think that they are also like emperumAn and will be very conceited. They will be egoistic like pouNdra vAsudhEvan, who thought that he was like emperumAn. vishNu dharmam 43-47 says “dhEvEndhras thribhuavanam arthamEka pinga: sarvardhitham thribhuvanagAm cha kArthavIrya:, vaidhEha: paramapadham prasAdhya vishNum samprAptha: sakalapalapradhO hi vishNu:” (worshipping vishNu, dhEvendhra obtained the three worlds, kubEra obtained wealth, kArthavIrya obtained greatness in the three worlds and janaka attained paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam). Isn’t vishNu bhagavAn the magnanimous person who gives what we ask of him!)

mAnilam kAththu – protecting the expansive earth

nam kaN mugappE mA Egich chelginRa mannavarum – the kings who mount elephants, horses etc even as we are seeing them

pUvEgum sengamala nAbiyAn sEvadikkE – other flowers, when they look at the beauty of the lotus flower shooting from the divine navel of emperumAn, being unable to compete with that, lose out and get pushed over. On the divine feet of such emperumAn who has such a divine navel with beautiful lotus flower…

pU mEvum – sweet lotus; if the text is taken as pU Egum the meaning will change to: the divine navel of emperumAn,  like a lotus, never changing  its beauty. Since the other flowers will lose their beauty in a moment, they cannot compete with emperumAn’s divine lotus like navel and will get pushed over.

Ezh piRappum thaN kamalam EyndhAr thamar – they (the kings) would have offered cool flowers at the divine feet of emperumAn throughout their multitudinous births. Alternatively, this can be construed as: they would be the followers of those who had offered cool flowers at the divine feet of emperumAn over many births. Thus, AzhwAr says that those who had become followers of emperumAn have become kings in this birth, going atop horses.

We shall move on to the 70th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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