thiruppaLLiyezhuchchi – 7 – antharaththu

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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dhevas - worshipping-periyaperumal

Introduction of this pAsuram:

  • nanjIyar and periyavAchchAn piLLai highlight that what is explained in the 6th pAsuram briefly  is explained in more detail in this pAsuram and the next 2 pAsurams. nanjIyar highlights that indhran (leader of dhEvas) and saptha rishis (ones who propagate knowledge) arrived filling the whole sky to wake him up by singing auspicious slOkas and to worship emperumAn‘s lotus feet.  periyavAchchAn piLLai highlights that as mentioned in thaithriya upanishadh “bhIshAsmAth…” (dhEvas are fearful of emperumAn and act according to his orders), indhran arrived here to manifest his servitude towards emperumAn.

antharatthu amararagaL kUttangaL ivaiyO
arunthava munivarum marutharum ivarO
indhiran Anaiyum thAnum vandhivanO
emperumAn una kOyilin vAsal
sundharar nerukka vichchAdharar nUkka
iyakkarum mayanginar thiruvadi thozhuvAn
antharam pAr idamillai maRRidhuvO
arangaththammA paLLi ezhundhu aruLAyE

padha padhArththam (word by word meaning)

emperumAn – my lord
un(a) kOyilin vAsal – at your divine temple’s entrance
indhiran thAnum – indhran (the leader of dhEvas)
Anaiyum – airAvatham (his elephant vehicle)
vandhu – not only he has arrived
antharaththu amarargaL – dhEvas who reside in the svarga lOkam (worldly heaven)
kUttangaL – their vehicles, family, assistants, etc
aru thavam munivarum – very saintly persons such as sanaka, sanandhana, etc., rishis
marutharum – maruthas with their assistants, etc
iyakkarum – yakshas
sundharar nerukkavum – gandharvas closely standing
vichchAdharar nUkka – vidhyAdharas pushing each other (in the crowd)
thiruvdi thozhuvAn mayanginar – standing there mesmerized in anticipation of worshipping your lotus feet
antharam – sky
pAr – bhUmi (earth/land)
idam illai – no space
arangaththammA – Oh my lord/master lying down in srIrangam!
paLLi ezhundhu aruLAyE – (Thus,) you kindly wake up and give your blessings

Simple Translation:

My Lord! indhiran, the leader of dhEvas, have arrived at the entrance of your divine temple in his airAvatham (elephant – vehicle). Not only him, the dhEvas of the svarga lOkam, their assistants, great saints like sanaka maharishi, etc., the maruthas along with their assistants, etc., yakshas, gandharvas, vidhyAdharas, etc., arrive there standing close to each other and pushing each other filling the sky and the land leaving no space. They all stand mesmerized in anticipation of worshiping your lotus feet. Oh my lord/master lying down in srIrangam! (Thus,) you kindly wake up and give your blessings.

Highlights from the nanjIyar‘s vyAkyAnam:

  • By the arrival of indhran (who is the leader of dhEvas), saintly rishis, gandharvas, yakshas, vidhyAdharas, etc., to worship emperumAn‘s lotus feet, it is established that srIman nArAyaNan is “sarva swAmy” (master of all).
  • arunthava munivar are explained as sanaka, sanAthana, sanandhana and sanathkumAra – 4 mAnasa puthras (born from the mind) of brahmA who have great thapasyA (austerity).
  • There is so much crowd that even the dhvArapAlakas (the gate keepers) do not have space to stand.

Highlights from the periyavAchchAn piLLai‘s vyAkyAnam:

  • Though indhran is identified in the 3rd line only, according to the essence of the pAsuram where dhEvas, rishis, etc., are highligted and indhran being the leader of them, his arrival should be explained first. An example is cited for such explanation – In praNavam, though the actual sequence of the letters (a, u, ma) lead to explaining the nature of “jIvAthmA” that the jIvAthmA represented by “ma” is the full servant of paramAthmA represented by “a”, but looking at the essence it explains the full lordship of bhagavAn over everyone else.
  • arunthava munivar are explained as saptha rishis who have performed great thapasyA.
  • gandharvas, vidhyAdharas, yakshas are different types of species who have special abilities for singing, dancing, etc.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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