nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – 1.9 – thozhudhu muppOdhum

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction) – she tells him of the calamity which he will face, should he not help her.

thozhudhu muppOdhum un adi vaNangith thUmalar thUyththozhudhu EththuginREn
pazhudhinRip pArkkadal vaNNanukkE paNi seydhu vAzhap peRAvidil nAn
azhudhazhudhu alamandhu ammA vazhanga ARRavaum adhu unakku uRaikkum kaNdAy
uzhuvadhOr eruththinai nugam kodu pAyndhu UttaminRiththuRandhAl okkumE

Word-by-Word Meanings

muppOdhum – at all three times
thozhudhu – (through my mind) worshipping you
vaNangi – bowing my head
un – your
adi – at the feet
thU – pure
malar – flowers
thUy – proffering
thozhudhu – prostrating
EththuginREn – I am praising you
pAr – surrounding the earth
kadal – like the ocean
vaNNanukku – for the one who has divine complexion
pazhudhinRi – without any deficiency
paNi seydhu – carrying out kainkaryam (servitude)
nAn – I
vAzhappeRAvidil – if I do not survive
azhudhu azhudhu – weeping continuously
alamandhu – becoming unsteady
ammA – calling out “ammA
vazhanga – as I roam around
unakku – for you
adhu – that [situation]
ARRavum – to a great extent
uRaikkum kaNdAy – hurt you, you would see
uzhuvadhu Or eruththinai – an ox which is ploughing [the land]
nugangodu pAyndhu – pushing it with the yoke
UttaminRi – without food
thuRandhAl okkum – it will be similar to removing [that ox]

Simple Translation

During all three times [of every day], I worship you [through my mind], bowing down my head and proffering sacred flowers at your divine feet, prostrating before you and praising you. If I am unable to carry out servitude to the one who has the complexion of ocean surrounding earth and sustain myself, I will weep uncontrollably, I will become unsteady and will roam around crying out “ammA”. That [situation of mine] would hurt you a lot. It will be similar to pushing an ox, which is ploughing land, with the yoke and denying it food [to sustain itself].


thozhudhu muppOdhum un adivaNangi thUmalar thUyth thozhudhu EththuginREn – when sAthvikas (people with noble qualities) carry out thiruvArAdhanam (divine worship) to emperumAn, they will engage deeply during the course of thiruvArAdhanam and at the end, they will fall at the divine feet of emperumAn and say “I have completed the thiruvArAdhanam which I started. As desired in your divine mind, you should enable me to spend the time purposefully” and recite a few hymns. In a similar fashion, ANdAL does all those in kAman’s matter. She says “At all three times in the day [morning, noon and evening], through all three faculties [of mind, speech and body] I take refuge under you”.

pazhudhinRi – just as it has been said by nammAzhwAr in thiruvAimozhi 3-3-1vazhuvilA adimai seyya vENdum nAm” (we should carry out faultless service), without any deficiency in the servitude carried out

pArkkadal vaNNanukkE paNiseydhu vAzhappeRAvidil – If I do not sustain myself by carrying out service to the one who has the complexion of the ocean surrounding the earth

nAn azhudhu azhudhu alamandhu ammA vazhanga – crying incessantly, being shaken up and crying out “ammA”; roaming around like this and spending my time

ARRavum adhu unakku uRaikkum kaNdAy – you would see that it causes pain to you, to a great extent. ARRavum – to a great extent. SAsthras say that if a SaraNAgathan [one who takes refuge] surrenders to a rakshakan [one who grants refuge], and if the rakshakan does not protect him, then the fruits of the virtuous deeds of the rakshakan will go to the SaraNAgathan and the fruits of the ill-deeds of the SaraNAgathan will go to the rakshakan, just as it has been mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 18-30 “vinashta: paSyathas thasya rakshiNa: SaraNAgatha: l AdhAya sukrutham thasya sarvam gachchEdharakshitha: ll” (Even as the rakshakan is looking, if the SaraNAgthan remains without being protected, he will carry the benefits of all the virtuous deeds of the rakshakan and reach [higher states]). The implication here is that if kAman does not protect ANdAL who has taken refuge under him, he will also suffer erosion of benefits of his virtuous deeds and the ills of sins will accrue to him. Why is ANdAL saying these words to him? He is one who destroys the enemies of those who take refuge under him, and protects them, with his strength. He has physical form during this time. How did he lose his physical form? When he united pArvathi and Siva, Siva told her “When he united us, he was with a physical form. However, due to the fault of his vision, he was burnt by the eye in [my] forehead and lost his form”

uzhuvadhOr ….. okkumE – If I remain without getting the benefit of my ritual which I am conducting after enduring all the hardship, then it will be like an ox, which, after ploughing the land of the farmer, is denied food by the farmer and further, is beaten by him with the yoke.

Next, we will consider the last pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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