perumAL thirumozhi – 9.4 – vA pOgu vA

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

perumAL thirumozhi >> 9th Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr [as dhaSaratha] laments in this pAsuram that SrI rAma, who had protected Siva’s bow and married sIthAp pirAtti, has gone to the forest where wild animals roam and that despite this, his [dhaSaratha’s] heart has not broken.

vA pOgu vA innam vandh(u) oru kAl kaNdu pO malarAL kUndhal
vEy pOlum ezhil thOLi than poruttA vidaiyOn than villaich cheRRAy!
mA pOgu nedungAnam valvinaiyEn manamurukkum maganE! inRu
nI pOga en nenjam iru piLavAyp pOgAdhE niRkumARE!

Word-by-Word Meanings

vA – come here, for a short while
pOgu – now, you can go
vA – come again
innam vandhu oru kAl kaNdu pO – (when you keep coming and going) come again, look at me and then go
malarAL kUndhal – one who always has flowers on her locks
vEy pOlum – like a bamboo
ezhil thOLi than poruttu A – for the sake of sIthAp pirAtti who has beautiful shoulders
vidaiyOn than villai – Sivan’s bow
seRRAy – Oh one who broke!
val vinaiyEn manam urukkum maganE – Oh [my] child who is melting this great sinner’s mind!
inRu – now
nI – you
mA pOgum nedum kAnam pOga – to go the forest where elephants are roaming
en nenjam – my mind
iru piLavAy pOgAdhE niRkum ARE – is remaining without being split into two!

Simple Translation

As you keep coming and going, look at me and then go. Oh one who broke Sivan’s bow for the sake of sIthAp pirAtti who always has flower on her locks and who has beautiful shoulders like a bamboo! Oh my child who is melting this sinner’s mind! Even as you are now proceeding to the forest where elephants are roaming, my mind is remaining intact, without having been split into two!

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vA pOgu vA– this shows the attachment that dhaSaratha had towards SrI rAma. If he had not seen SrI rAma for a short while, dhaSaratha will ask sumanthran [his minister] to bring SrI rAma so that he could see his beauty from the front. Once he has seen the frontal beauty, in order to see the way he was holding the bow and the quiver, dhaSaratha will ask SrI rAma to go. Again, he will beckon SrI rAma to come.

innam vandhu oru kAl kaNdu pO – once SrI rAma returns, dhaSaratha will ask him to look him up and then go. That he kept doing this with SrI rAma shows the deep affection which he had towards SrI rAma, is the opinion here.

malarAL kUndhal – being constantly decorated with flowers, without a break, on her locks

vEy pOlum thOLi than poruttA – for the sake of sIthAp pirAtti who has beautiful and bamboo like shoulders. Bamboo has been shown here as an allegory to highlight the freshness and roundness of sIthAp pirAtti’s shoulders.

vidaiyOn than villaich cheRRAy – Oh one who broke the bow of Sivan, who is strong and who has bull as his vehicle.

mA pOgu nedungAnam – forest where wild animals such as lion, tiger, elephant etc roam around. The term mA refers to elephants and other wild animals.

valvinaiyEn manam urukkum maganE – you had made me happy by making me witness your beauty and bravery around fourteen years of age, beyond your infancy and childhood days. You made me extremely happy with the way you had subdued sage paraSurAma. You are now melting my heart since I have sinned so much that I cannot continue to see such acts of valour.

inRu nI pOga en nenjam iru piLavAyp pOgAdhE niRkumARE – my heart, which melts when I see you, is not breaking into two when you disappear from my sight, but is remaining strong. I do not know as to how this is happening!

We will next take up the 5th pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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