perumAL thirumozhi – 9.2 – vevvAyEn vevvurai

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram, he laments about how SrI rAma, giving up all his wealth, with sIthAp pirAtti and lakshmaNa following him, walked in the cruel forest.

vevvAyEn vevvurai kEt(tu) irunilaththai vENdAdhE viraindhu venRi
maivAya kaLiRozhindhu thErozhindhu mAvozhindhu vanamE mEvi
neyvAya vEl nedungaN nErizhaiyum iLangOvum pinbu pOga
evvARu nadandhanai? emmirAmAvO! emperumAn! en seygEnE?

Word-by-Word Meanings

em irAmAvO – Oh our SrI rAma!
vevvAyEn vevvurai kEttu – after hearing harsh words from my cruel mouth
irunilaththai vENdAdhE – not desiring to rule the expansive earth
viraindhu – very quickly
venRi maivAya kaLiRu ozhindhu – leaving aside the elephant, which brings victory, which is like a black mountain and which has a huge form
thEr ozhindhu – leaving aside the chariot too,
mA ozhindhu – leaving aside the horse too
vanamE mEvi – reaching the forest
neyvAya vEl nedum kaN nEr izhaiyum – (sIthAp) pirAtti, having wide eyes which are sharp like a well-oiled spear and appropriately decorated with ornaments
iLangOvum – and iLaya perumAL [lakshmaNa]
pinbu pOga – following
evvARu nadandhanai – (not being used to walking long distances) how did you walk?
emperumAn – Oh my swAmy! (lord)
en seygEn – what will I do?

Simple Translation

Oh our SrI rAma! After hearing the harsh words from my cruel mouth [that you have to go to forest], not desirous of ruling this expansive earth, leaving the divisions of elephants, which are huge, victorious and which look like black mountains, of chariots and of horses too, you had quickly set out on your journey to the forest. pirAtti, who has wide eyes which are like a well-oiled spear and who had appropriate ornaments, and iLaiya perumAL, followed you to the forest. Oh my lord! How did you walk [to the forest]? What will I do?

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vevvAyEn vevvurai kEttu – I have a mouth which spits fire. With that mouth, I had told you “You have to proceed to the forest; you have to give up kingdom”. Listening to these words …

iru nilaththai vENdAdhE – deceiving all the people [of ayOdhyA] who followed you, when you went to the forest, saying “We cannot sustain ourselves without you” and giving them up …

viraindhu – going very quickly, lest kaikEyi thought that you were desirous of ascending the throne

venRi maivAya kaLiRozhindhu thErozhindhu mAvozhindhu – leaving aside the victorious divisions of the army such as elephants which were huge, looking like black mountains, the chariots and the horses

vanamE mEvi – though you had given up all these divisions, had you gone to another country such as kOsala nAdu (the place of kausalyA dhEvi) kaikEyi would have doubted whether you were intending to wage a war from that country. Hence, you went directly to the forest.

neyvAya vEl nedungaN nErizhaiyum iLangOvum pinbu pOga – while it was bad enough that you had to go, did you not take sIthAp pirAtti, who is not deserving to go to the forest, who had the beauty of eyes and ornaments, as well as lakshmaNa, your younger brother, along with you?

evvARu nadandhanai emmirAmA O emperumAn en seygEnE – how did you, who are a prince and not used to walking, go with these two to the cruel forest, walking? Oh my lord, what will I do?

We will next take up the 3rd pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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