perumAL thirumozhi – 6.3 – karumalark kUndhal

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perumAL thirumozhi >> 6th Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

Words of another cowherd girl are mentioned in this pAsuram.

karumalark kUndhal oruththi thannaik kadaikkaNithth(u) AngE oruththi thanpAl
maruvi manam vaiththu maRRoththikk(u) uraiththoru pEdhaikkup poy kuRIththu
puri kuzhal mangai oruththi thannaip puNardhi avaLukkum meyyanallai
marudhiRUththAy! un vaLarththiyUdE vaLarginRadhAl unRan mAyaidhAnE

Word-by-Word Meanings

malar – being with flowers
karu kUndhal – one having dark locks
oruththi thannai – a girl
kadaik kaNiththu – glancing at her
AngE – when such is the situation
oruththi than pAl – to another girl
manam maruvi vaiththu – keeping the mind on her firmly
maRRoruththikku – to another girl
uraiththu– telling her “I am your servitor”
oru pEdhaikku – to another girl who is ignorant
poy kuRiththu – indicating a false place (to await him there)
puri kuzhal mangai oruththi thannai – with a young girl having beautiful hair
puNardhi – you united
avaLukkum – to that girl too
meyyan allai – you said only lies
marudhu iRuththAy– Oh one who pulled down two marudha trees (during earlier days)!
un valarththiyUdE – along with your growing years
un than mAyai – your deceptiveness too
vaLarginRadhu Al – Alas! It is growing

Simple Translation

You were glancing at a girl with dark locks and flowers. You kept your mind firmly on another girl. To an ignorant girl you said “I am your servitor”. To a fourth girl, you indicated a place, asking her to wait for you there. You united with a young girl having beautiful hair, but to her too, you spoke only lies. Oh one who pulled down two marudha trees while being very young! Along with your growing years, your deceptiveness is growing too.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

karumalarkkUndhal oruththi thannai kadaik kaNiththu – glancing at a girl who had dark, smooth hair, decked up with flowers, making it clear that he had been won over by her hair. Had he looked at her directly, it would have been a normal event. But glancing at her brings in a sense of deception.

AngE oruththi than pAl maruvi manam vaiththu – even as he was glancing at this girl, he was thinking firmly of another girl, making it appear that he does not know of anyone other than her. His action and mind were not in synchronisation.

maRRoruththikku uraiththu – of the three faculties of mind, activity and word, the third one, word, was not aligned to either of the first two girls, but it was towards a third girl, telling her “I am your servitor”.

oru pEdhaikkup poy kuRiththu – to another girl who had already known him and believed his words, he said “You go to this place and wait for me there”, indicating a place where he would meet her.

puri kuzhal mangai oruththi thannai puNardhi – you were embracing another girl who had dishevelled hair, since she did not bother much about her hair, but was appropriate for enjoyment.

avaLukkum meyyan allai – even embracing her was an act of falsehood.

marUdhiRuththAy – aren’t you the one who, even as a little boy, touched two marudha trees and snapped them? The implied meaning here is that it was his wont to harass those who he had touched, right from his childhood days.

un vaLarththiyUdE vaLarginRadhAl undhan mAyaidhAnE – along with your growing years, aren’t your deceptive activities too growing? It is important to note here that emperumAn is supreme and common to everyone. All the others are in the status of his consort and like to be touched by him. pAsurams such as these would superficially appear to be blasphemy but in truth, they are words of praise.

We will take up the 4th pAsuram of the 6th decad, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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