perumAL thirumozhi – 3.9 – angaiyAzhi aranganadi

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

perumAL thirumozhi >> 3rd Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr says that for those who learn this decad, there will be no hurdle in attaining emperumAn, and brings the decad to an end.

angaiyAzhi aranganadiyiNaith
thangu sindhaith thanip perum piththanAy
kongar kOn kulasEkaran sonna sol
ingu vallavarkku Edham onRu illaiyE

Word-by-Word Meanings
am kai Azhi – having thrivAzhi AzhwAn (divine sudharSana chakram, the weapon, disc) on his beautiful, divine hand
arangan – SrI ranganAthan, his
adi iNai – for the two divine feet
thangu sindhai – having an engaging mind
thani perum piththanAy – having deep affection
kongar kOn – being the lord of the western direction
kulasEkaran – kulaSEkhara AzhwAr
sonna – mercifully said
sol – these pAsurams
vallavarkku – those who have learnt
ingu – in this world
Edham onRu illai – no hurdle will happen (in bhagavath anubhavam)

Simple Translation

kulaSEkhara AzhwAr has an engaging mind as well as deep affection towards the divine feet of SrI ranganAthan, who has the divine disc on his beautiful, divine hand. No hurdle will come, in this world [for experiencing that emperumAn], in the way of those who have learnt these pAsurams, mercifully composed by kulaSEkhara AzhwAr.


am kai Azhi arangan adiyiNai – towards the divine feet of azhagiya maNavALap perumAL (uthsavar vigraham in SrI rangam temple) who is holding the divine disc in his beautiful, divine hand

thangu sindhai – since this word is in the present tense ‘thangum sindhai’, it indicates that AzhwAr has a mind which will always take refuge at the divine feet of emperumAn, not having any other place to go to.

thanip perum piththanAy – he is having such infatuation towards that emperumAn that it could be said that there is none who is as much affectionate towards that emperumAn as AzhwAr is and that he cannot be removed from the divine feet ever.

kongar kOn kulasEkaran sonna sol – this divine prabandham which has been mercifully composed by kulaSEkharap perumAL who is the king of chEra nAdu which is on the western side of thamizh nAdu.

ingu vallavarkku Edham onRu illaiyE – for those who learn this decad, with its meanings, there is no hurdle in this world. Here the term Edham (hurdle) refers to union with avaishNavas (those who are not followers of emperumAn) and shortcoming in the involvement [of those who learn this decad] with emperumAn. Until they live in this world, no such hurdle will come their way.

ingu illai – such hurdles will happen on their own in this world, normally. However, for those who learn this decad, with the meanings, such hurdles will not occur in this world too.

We will take up the 4th decad, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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