Glossary/Dictionary by chUrNikai – SrIvaikuNta gadhyam

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< td> all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sva  self
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  adhIna  control
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thrividha  three types
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  chEthana  sentient entity
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  achEthana  insentient entity
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  svarUpa  basic nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sthithi  sustenance (that through which it sustains itself)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  pravruththi  activity
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhEdham  difference
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  klESa  suffering
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  karma  past deeds
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Adhi  starting with these
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  aSEsha  without leaving anything
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  dOsha  fault
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  asamprushtam  not touching
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  svAbhAvika  of basic nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anavadhika  without any limit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  adhiSaya  wondrous, exalted
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  gyAna  knowledge
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bala  strength
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  aiSvarya  control
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  vIrya  valour
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Sakthi  energy
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thEjan  radiance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  prabhruthi  starting from this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  asankhyEya  countless
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  kalyANa  auspicious
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  guNa  type of qualities
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  gaNa  bundles
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Ogha  wave
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  mahArNavam  great ocean
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  paramapurusham  superior entity
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhagavantham  One who has the 6 primary qualities of gyAna bala aiSvarya vIrya Sakthi thEja:
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  nArAyaNam  He is nArAyaNan, who has no one superior to him
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  swAmithva  owner or master
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  suhruthvEna suhruth means a person with a good heart
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  guruthvEna  refers to his quality of saulabhyaas he came down from SrIvaikuNtam to become the first AchAryan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  parigruhya  to hold on firmly
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  aikAnthika  with single focus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Athyanthika &nbsp ;without end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thath  that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  pAdha  exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  ambhuja  lotus like
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  dhvaya  two of them
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  paricharyA  to carry out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Eka  only
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  manOratha  desire of mind
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thath prApthayE to attain that manOratham (desire of mind) of doing kainkaryam.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  cha  also
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thath  that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  pAdha  foot
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  ambhuja  lotus like
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  dhvaya  two of them
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  prapaththE: hold on to firmly or surrender
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anyath  other
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  na  not
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  mE  to me
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  kalpakOti sahasrENApi  for very long time
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sAdhanam  means (path)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  asthi  available
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  ithi  like this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  manvAna: in thought
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thasyaiva  as said
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhagavathO bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  nArAyaNasya  that nArAyaNan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  akhilasathva dhayaika sAgarasya  ocean of mercy for all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anAlOchitha  not examining whether granting refuge to a person (who wishes to surrender) is advantageous or not
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  guNa aguNa  qualities which are desired and not desired amongASrithars
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  akhaNda jana  he does not make a distinction among celestial persons, human beings, animals, plants etc when they approach him as an ASrithar. jana: Anyone born.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anukUla  he guides the ASrithar to go by the correct path and not take difficult paths
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  amaryAdha  here maryAdhA means limit. So, no limit.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Seelavatha:
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  dhEva  devas
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thiryak  animals
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  manushya  humans
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Adhi  starting with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  akhila jana  every living
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  hrudhaya Anandhanasya  melts heart with happiness.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  svAbhAvika  of basic nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anavadhika   without any limit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  adhiSaya  wondrous, exalted
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  guNavaththayA 
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  ASritha  his followers.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  vAthsalyaika  treating faults as virtues
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  jaladhE:  ocean
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhakthajana  those who are his devotees, who are friendly towards him
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  samSlEsham  to be together
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Eka  only
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhOgasya  fit for enjoyment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  nithya  completely
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  gyAna  knowledge about thebhOga vasthu
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  kriya  actual act of enjoying thebhOga vasthu
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  aiSvaryAdhi  wealth (owning thebhOga vasthu)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhOga  enjoyable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sAmagrI  implements
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  samrudhdhasya  this enjoyment is not something finite or small but huge or plenty
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  maha  huge
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  vibhUthE wealth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  SrI mahAlakshmi (his consort)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  matha: with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  charaNAravindha yugalam  two lotus-like feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  ananya  without substitute
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  Athma  soul
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sanjIvanEna  total sustenance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  thath  that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  gatha  reach
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  sarva  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  bhAvEna  manner
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  SaraNam  to surrender
srivaikunta-gadhyam-1  anuvrajEth  to hold on firmly
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  thathaScha  after that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  prathi  every
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  ahas  day
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  Athma ujjIvanam  leaving this world and attaining SrivaikuNtam.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  Evam  thus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-2  anusmarEth  keep remembering through the day
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  chathurdaSa  fourteen
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  bhuvanam  world
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Athmakam  composed of
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  aNdam  These 14 worlds taken together form an egg-shaped assembly of worlds called aNdam (egg)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhaSa&nbs p; ten
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  guNitha  times
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  uththaram  above
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  cha  also
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  AvaraNa  wrapper or cover
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  sapthakam  collection or aggregate of 7
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  samastham  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  kArya kAraNa jAtham  effect and causative factors
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  athIthya  crossing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  parama  superior
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  vyOma  sky or ether
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Sabdha  word
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  abhidhEyE expressed as
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  brahmA AdhInAm vAngmanasa agOcharE  this place is beyond the speech and thought of everyone beginning with brahmA.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Srimathi  kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  vaikuNtE  vaikuntam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivyalOkE not mAnushalOkam (world inhabited by human beings)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  sanaka  one of the four mAnasa puthrars of brahmA (the four sons created by brahmA through his thoughts)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  vidhi  brahmA
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Siva  rudhran
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Adhibi  many other celestial entities, starting from these
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  achinthya  beyond their thoughts
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  svabhAva  as its nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  aiSvaryai: having plenty of wealth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  nithya sidhdhai:  permanently carrying out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  ananthai:  countless
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  bhagavath AnukUlya bhOgai:  enjoyed by bhagavAn the way he likes
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya purushai: divine people
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  mahAthmabhi:  great people
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  ApUrithE filled up
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  thEshAmapi  even they
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  iyath parimANam  these are its dimensions
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  iyath aiSvaryam  this is the value of its wealth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  IdhruSa svabhAvam  this is its nature or type
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  ithi parichchEththum ayOgyE  evennithyasUris do not have the ability to define these characteristics of SrIvaikuNtam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya  aprAkrutha (pure good)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  AvaraNa  cover (like a compound wall)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Satha  hundreds
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  sahasra  thousands
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  AvruthE fil led with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya  aprAkrutha (sudhdha sathva)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  kalpaka tharu  a tree which fulfills the wishes of those who wish for something while standing under it
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  upaSObhithE adorned with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  udhyAna  garden
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  Satha  hundred
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  sahasra  thousand
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  kOtibhi:  crore
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  AvruthE filled with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  athipramANE beyond measure
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya AyathanE divine temple
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  kasmimSchith  at some place
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  vichithra  of many types
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  rathnamayE full of gems
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  AsthAna  assembly
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  maNdapa  hall
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya rathna sthambha Satha sahasra kOtibhi: upaSObithE the maNdapam (hall) is adorned with hundreds of thousands of pillars (sthamba) made of ruby and such gems
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya nAnA rathna krutha sthala vichithrithE the sthala (floor) is made of different types of divine, wonderful rubies
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya alankAra alankruthE  the roof of the hall decorated in an artful way
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  paritha  surround
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  pathitha  fallen
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  pathamAnai: flowers are just dropping from the plants and trees.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  pAdhapasthaiScha  flowers that are also (still) on the plants and trees
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  nAnA  different
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  gandha  smell
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  varNa  colour
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  pushpa  flowers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  SObhamAna  adorned with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  dhivya pushpa upavanai: upaSObhithE the place is adorned with such orchards and gardens
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  sankIrNa pArijAtha Adhi kalpadhruma upaSObhithai: Adorned with mix of kalpaka trees and trees such as pArijAtham, sandalwood etc.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  asankIrNaiScha kaiSchith  also adorned with stand-alone trees (trees that are not mixed with other types).
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-1  anthastha pushpa rathna Adhi nirmitha dhivya leelA maNdapa Satha sahaasra upaSObhiththai: inside the groves, there are different types of maNdapams (halls) such as pushpa maNdapa (flower hall), rathna maNdapa (ruby hall) and which are present in hundreds of thousands of numbers for the divine play of bhagavAn and his consorts
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sarvadhA always
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anubhUyamAnairabi  even if experienced
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ap Urvavath  incomparable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AScharyam  wondrous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  krIdA  for playing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Saila  mountains
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Satha  hundreds
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sahasrair  thousands
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  alankruthai: decorated
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kaiSchith  some
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nArAyaNadhivya leelA  for the pastime of nArAyaNa
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  asAdhAraNai: special
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kaiSchith padhmavanAlayA dhivyaleelAasAdhAraNai:  Similarly there are exclusive orchards for the pastime of SrI mahAlakshmi
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sAdhAraNaischa kaiSchith  There are some orchards which are common to both mahAlakshmi and nArAyaNa.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Suka  parrots
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SArika  a sub-species of parrots
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  mayUra  peacocks
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kOkila  cuckoo
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Adhibhi: many others such as swans etc
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kOmala  sweet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kUjithai  cooing (making sounds)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Akulai:filled with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  udhyAna  gardens
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Satha sahasrai:  hundreds and thousands
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AvruthE surrounded
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  maNi mukthA pravAla  ruby, pearl, coral
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  krutha  made of
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sOpAnai:  steps to tank or lake or river
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  aprAkrutha (divine)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  amala  without any fault
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  amrutha  nectar like
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  rasOdhakai: taste of water body
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  aNdaja  born from egg (birds)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  varai: different species
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ramaNIya  pleasant
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dharSanai: to see
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  manOhara  enchanting
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  madhura  mellifluous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  svarai:  voice or sound
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Akulai: filled with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anthastha  inside
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  mukthAmaya  made of pearls
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  krIdAsthAna  locations for playing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  upaSObhithai: adorned with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  saugandhika  sweet smelling (white or blue lily)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  vApi  lake
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Satha sahasrai: hundreds of thousands of
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  rAjahamsa  royal swan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Avalee  row of
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  virajithai:  adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AvruthE surrounded with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nirasthAthiSaya Anandhaika rasathayA cha  incomparable, wondrous, joyful pleasure
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ananthyAchcha  unlimited
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pravishtAn  one who entered
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  unmAdhayatha  mad
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  krIda  play
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhESai:  location
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  virAjithE adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  thathra thathra  here and there
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  krutha  carried out
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pushpa  flower
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  paryanka  bed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  upaSObhithE adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nAnA  different types
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pushpa  flowers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Asava  nectar (honey) of flowers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AsvAdha  drink
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  maththa  drunken (overjoyed)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  brunga  bee or wasp
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Avalee  a collection of wasps
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  udhgeeyamAna  singing (humming)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  gAndharvENa  like divine singers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ApUrithE filled with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  chandhana  sandal
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  agaru  kind of sweet smelling grass
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2 &n bsp;karpUra  camphor
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya pushpa  divine flowers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  avagAhi  immersed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  mandha  gentle
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anila  breeze
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sEvyamAnE worshipped
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  madhyE  in the centre
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pushpa sanchaya  cluster of loose flowers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  vichithrithE like an art work
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  mahathi  huge
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  yOga  total
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  paryankE on the bed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anantha  thivananthAzhvAn (AdhiSEshan, 1000 hooded serpent)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bhOgini  serpent
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SrImath  filled with kainkarya SrI (serving bhagavAn)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  vaikuNta  SrIvaikuNtam (nithya vibhUthi)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  aiSvarya  wealth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Adhi  starting with this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivyalOkam  divine realm
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Athma  self (refers to pirAtti here)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kAnthyA  radiance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  viSvam  entire realm
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ApyAyayanthyA  relaxed; gladden
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Sesha  AdhiSEshan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SEshASana  vishvaksEnar (head of emperumAn’s army)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Adhi  and many others following them
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sarva  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  parijanam  servitors
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  thath thath avastha uchitha  appropriate to various states
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  paricharyAyAm  for carrying out service
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AgyA payanthyA  issueorder
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Seela rUpa guNa vilAsAdhibhi: Athma anurUpayA  she is appropriate to emperumAn in her Athma guNa (qualities of her AthmA, soul) as well as in her rUpa guNa (qualities of her physical form)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SrIya saha Asinam  seated with such a SrI (pirAtti) by his side
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  prathyagra  just then
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  unmeelitha  blossomed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  saraSija  born in pond (lotus)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sadhruSa  equivalent
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nayana  eye
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ugalam  two
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  svachcha  clear
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  neela  bluish black
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  jImUtha  cloud
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sankASam  appearance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ujjvala  bright/luminous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pItha  yellow
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  vAsasam  clothed in
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  svayam  self
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  prabhayA  radiant
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nirmalayA  without any dOsham (fault)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SeethalayA  cold
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  mAnikka  ruby
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bhayA  radiance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kruthsnam  without leaving out anything
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  jagath  world
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bhAsayantham  illuminate
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  achinthya  beyond thoughts
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  aprAkrutha (divine)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  adhbhutha  wonderful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nithya  without any time-limit (always)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  yauvana  youthful (he is always 16 years old, irrespective of the number of years that have passed. He is that young, always)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  svabhAva  as his nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  lAvaNyamaya  full of beauty
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  saukumAryath  delicate (thin)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Ishath  a little bit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  prasvinnavath  spread out
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AlakshayamAna  visible
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  lalAta  forehead
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  palaka  flat part
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  alakAvalee  bundle of curled lock
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  virAjitham  adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  prabhudhdha  blossomed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  muktha  fresh
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ambhuja  lotus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  chAru  pleasant
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  lOchanam  divine eyes
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sav ibhrama  knit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bhrUlatham  arched eye-brows
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  ujjvala  luminous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  adharam  lips
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Suchi  pure
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  smitham  smile
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kOmala  pleasing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  gaNdam  cheeks
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  unnasam  long (prominent) nose
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  udhagra  tall
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  pIna  large
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  amSa  shoulder
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  vilambi  hanging
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kuNdala  ear-ring
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  alaka  curled lock
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  Avalee  bundle
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bandhura  charming
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kambu  three lines or marks in the neck
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kandharam-neck
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  priyAvatha  beautiful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  amsa  shoulder
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  uthpala  like a water lily
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  karNa  for the ears
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  bhUshaNa  ornament
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  SlathAlakAbandha vimardha Samsibhi: chathurbhI: AjAnuvilambibhi: bhujai: virAjitham  Thus the four shoulders on which the ear rings hang loosely, extend upto the knee (as an extension through the arms) and adorn emperumAn.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athikOmala  very beautiful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya rekhA  divine lines
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  alankrutha  decorated with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  AthAmra  several others starting from this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  karathalam  palm
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  dhivya divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anguleeyaka  rings on fingers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  virAjitham  adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athikOmala  very beautiful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  nakAvalee  row of nails
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  virAjitham  adorned with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  raktha  reddish
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  anguleebhi:  fingers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  alankrutham  decorated with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  thath  that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  kshaNa  moment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  unmeelitha  blossomed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  puNdarIka  lotus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  sadhruSa  equivalent
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  charaNa  divine feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-2  yugalam  two
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  chUdA  a pendant worn on the head, coming up to the top of the forehead
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  avathamsa  worn on the top portion of the ears
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  makara  fish
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kuNdala  ear drops
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  graivEyaka  ornament worn around the neck (neck-band, does not come below the neck).
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  hAra  chains which hang upto the stomach or further below.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kEyUra  bracelet worn on the upper arm (armlet)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kataka  bracelet worn on the wrist.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  SrIvathsa  the captivating mole on the chest
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kausthubha  the ornament adorning his chest, representing all jIvAthmAs
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  mukthAdhAma  pearl necklace
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  udhara bandhana  waist band around his stomach
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  pIthAmbara  gold laced, silk vEshti(clothe worn around the waist, covering the lower part of his divine form)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kAnchIguNa  a golden cord worn around the waist.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nUpura  anklet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Adhibhi:  many other such ornaments which have not been stated
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  athyantha  without an end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sukha  comfortable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Sparsai  touch
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  aprAkrutha (divine)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  gandhai: smell
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhUshaNair  with such ornaments
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhUshitham  decorated
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  SrImathya  beautiful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  vaijayanthyA vanamAlayA  an ornamental garland made with 5 stones
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  virAjitham  adorned
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Sanka  conch (pAnchajanyam)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  chakra  discus (sudharSan)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  gadhA  mace (kaumOdhaki)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  aSi  sword (kadgam)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  SArnga  bow
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Adhi  various weapons like these
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Ayudhai:  weapons
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sEvyamAnam  worshipped by
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sankalpa  will
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  mAthra  only
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  avakluptha  administered
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  jagaj  universe
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  janma  creation
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sthithi  protection
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhvamsa  destruction
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  SrImathi  with kainkarya as wealth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  vishvaksEnE to SrI vishvaksEnar
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nyastha  placed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  samastha  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Athma aiSvaryam  controlling all AthmAs
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  vainathEyAdhibhi:  Starting with vainathEya (garuda, bhagavAn‘s vehicle)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  svabhAvatha:  as their nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nirastha  removed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  samastha  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sAmsArika  of samsAris (those who dwell in bhUlOkam, earth)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  svabhAvai: their basic traits and nature
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhagavath  bhagavAn‘s
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  paricharyA  kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  karaNa  to carry out
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  yOgyai: have the capability
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhagavath  bhagavAn‘s
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  paricharya  kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Eka bhOgai: only sustenance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nithya sidhdhai: they are always present.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  ananthai: endless
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  yatha  whatever
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  yOgam  kainkaryam that the nithyasUris have been blessed with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  sEvyamAnam  worshipped by
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Athma  self
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhOgEna  enjoyment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  anusamhitha  protect
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  parAdhikAla  for ever
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  amala  pure
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  kOmala  beautiful
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  avalOkanEna  graceful glance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  viSvam  entire world, with all its living entities.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  AhlAdhayantham  making them happy and comfortable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Isadh  a little bit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  unmeelitha  just blossomed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  mukha  face
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  ambuja  lotus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  adhara  lips
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  vinirgathEAna  coming out from
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Anana  mouth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  aravindha  lotus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  SObhA  splendour
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  janakEna  producing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  gAmbhIrya  depth
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  audhArya  generous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  mAdhurya  sweet (honey-like)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Adhi  similar qualities
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  anavadhika  countless
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  guNa  qualities
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  gaNa  cluster of
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  vibhUshithEna  decorated
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  athi  very
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  manOhara  captivating the minds of listeners
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhAvagarbhENa  emotional content
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhivya  divine
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  leelA  elegance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  AlApa  sweet words
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  amruthEna  like nectar
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  akhila  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  jana  living species
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  hrudhaya  hearts
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  antharAnya  inner space
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  apUrayantham  filled with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhagavantham  one who has all auspicious qualities, which are opposite of all faults
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nArAyaNam  the personification of such an entitiy, SrIman nArAyaNan.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhyAna yOgEna  through meditation
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  dhrushtvA   able to see
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  bhagavatha: bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nithya  always
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  swAmyam  master
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  Athmana: jIvAthmA
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  nithya dhAsyam  always servant
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  cha  and
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  yathA  whatever
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  avasthitham  situation or position.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-3  anushandhAya  to repeat
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  kadhA  when
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  aham  I
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavantham nArAyaNam  bhagavan nArAyaNan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama nAtham  he is my Lord and master
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama kula dhaivatham  he is the prime worshipable deity for my family
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama kula dhanam  he is the protector for my family
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama bhOgyam  He is the source of my enjoyment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama mAtharam  He bears me and does good for me
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama pitharam  he is the cause for my existence
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mama sarvam  he is everything to me
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  sAkshAth karavANi chakshushA? when will I see him?
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  kadhA  when
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  aham  I
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavath  bhagavAn‘s
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  pAdha  exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ambuja  lotus-like
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhvayam  two of them
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  SirasA  through my head
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhArayishyAmi  will bear him
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  kadhAham  when I
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavath pAdhAmbujadvaya  bhagavAn‘s two lotus-like exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharyA karaNa yOgya:  be eligible to carry out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thadhEka bhOga  only that enjoyment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thath pAdhau  those exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharishyAmi  will get to do kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  kadhAham  when I
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavath pAdhAmbujadhvaya  bhagavAn‘s two lotus like exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharya  kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ASayA  desire
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  nirastha  reject
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  samastha  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ithara  other
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhOgASa:  desire in enjoyment
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  apagatha  gone
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  samastha 
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  sAmsArika svabhAva: the manner of dwellers of earth (samsAris)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thathpAdhAmbujadhvayam  those two exalted lotus like feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  pravEkshyAmi  will attain?
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  kadhA  when
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mAm  me
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavAn  bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  svakIyayA  his own
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  athiSIthalayA  very cool (calm and gentle)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhruSa  eye
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  avalOkya  to look
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  snigdha  gentle
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  gambhIra  deep
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  madhurayA girA  mellifluous voice
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharyAyAm  to do kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  AgyApayishyathi  will order?
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ithi  like this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavath  bhagavAn‘s
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharyAyAm  to carry out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ASAm  desire
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  varthdhayithvA  to make it grow
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thayaiva  with that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ASayA  desire
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thath prasAdha  with bhagavAn‘s grace
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  upaburmhithayA  bring pushed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavantham  bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  upEthya  near
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhUrAdhEva  from a distance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavantham  bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  SEshabhOgE  sitting on AdhiSEshan (serpent bed), SrIyA – mahAlakshmi (it is inferred that bhUdhEvi and neelAdhEvi are also there)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  saha  with
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  AsInam  sitting by the side
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  vainathEya  garudan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  Adhibhi  and others
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  sEvyamAnam  worshipped by
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  samastha  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  parivArAyA  surrounded by ASrithars
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  SrimAthE  with SrI mahAlakshmi
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  nArAyaNAya nama:  salutations to nArAyaNan
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ithi  saying this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  praNamya  prostrating
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  uththAya uththAya puna: puna: praNamya  standing at the place where the head touched earlier and prostrating again, standing up again at the place where the head touched earlier and prostrating again (doing this repeatedly till he reached bhagavAn).
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  athyantha  without an end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  sAdhvasa  timidly
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  vinaya  with humility
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  avanathO  head bowed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhUthva  being
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavath  bhagavAn‘s
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  pArishadha  attendants
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  gaNanAyakai:  his chieftains
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhvArapAlai:  his guards at the entrance (loosely, door-keepers)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  krupayA snEha garbhayA  with grace and friendliness
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  dhruSA  with their eyes
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  avalOkitha  viewed by
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  samyak  very well
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  abhivandhithai:  saluted respectfully
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  thairEva  only with their
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  anumatha: bhUthva  permission
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavantham  bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  upEthya  nearing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  SrImathA mUlamanthrENa  reciting thirumanthram
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavAn  hE (oh) bhagavAn!
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  mAm  me
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  aikAnthika  with single focus
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  Athyanthika  till the end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  paricharyA  to carry out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  karaNaya  as an implement for kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  praigruhNIshva:  accept
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  ithi  like this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  yAchamAna:  praying
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  praNamya  prostrating
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  AthmAnam  self
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  bhagavathE  to bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-3-4  nivEdhayEth  offers
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  thatha:  after that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  bhagavatha:  by bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  svayam Eva  by himself
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  Athma sanjIvanEna  for AthmA’s superior sustenance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  amaryAdha  without any limit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  Seelavatha  with his auspicious qualities
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  athiprEmAnvithEna  with lot of love and affection
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  avalOkanEna  through his eyes
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  avalOkya  having seen
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  sarvadhESa  in all places
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  sarvakAla  at all times
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  sarva avastha uchitha  in all states, appropriately
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  athyantha  without an end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  SEsha bhAvAya  in the state of carrying out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  svIkrutha:  approved
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  anugyAthaScha  allowing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  athyantha  without an end
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  sAdhvasa  with humility
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  vinayAvanatha:  bending down with modesty
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  kim  what
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  kurvANa:  should I do?
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  krutha  done
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  anjali puta:  joined palms
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  bhagavantham  bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-4  upASItha  worshipped
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  thathaScha  After that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  anubhUyamAna  being experienced
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  bhAva  state
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  viSEsha:  special
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  nirathiSaya  nothing more wondrous than this
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  prIthyA  with love
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  anyath  anything else
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  kinchith  even a little bit
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  karthum  to do
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  dhrashtum  to see
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  smarthum  to think
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  aSaktha:  not capable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  punarapi  again
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  SEshabhAvamEva  in the state of carrying out kainkaryam
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  yAchamAna:  requests and prays to bhagavAn.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  bhagavanthamEva  of SrIvaikuNtanAthan (bhagavAn)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  avichchinna  without any interruption
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  srOtha  continuous flow (like a river)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  rUpENa  form
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  avalOkanEna  looking at.
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  lOkayan  look at
srivaikunta-gadhyam-5  Asitha  let him for ever
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  thatha:  after that
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  bhagavatha:  by bhagavAn
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  svayam Eva  by himself
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  Athma sanjIvanEna  for AthmA’s superior sustenance
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  avalOkanEna  through his eyes
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  avalOkya  having seen
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  sasmitham  with a smile
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  AhUya  beckoning
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  samastha  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  klESam  troubles
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  apaham  removing
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  nirathiSaya  most wondrous
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  sukhAvaham  pleasant
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  AthmIyam  self (bhagavAn‘s)
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  SrImath  most enjoyable
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  pAdha  exalted feet
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  aravindha  lotus-like
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  yugalam  two
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  Sirasikrutham  keeping on the head
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  dhyAthvA  meditating
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  amrutha  nectar
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  sAgar  ocean
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  anthar  deep inside
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  nimagna  immersed
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  sarva  all
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  avayava:  parts
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  sukham  happy
srivaikunta-gadhyam-6  AsItha  lives for ever

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