thiruviruththam – 74 – thaLarndhum muRindhum

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avathArikai (Introduction)

Southerly breeze was blowing then. The nAyaki feels saddened seeing this saying “The southerly breeze has set in; but the nAyakan has not come” Her friend tells her “Do you think that this is merely southerly breeze? When the fragrance of the palace starts spreading, it would indicate the arrival of the prince. In the same way, along with this breeze you could smell the fragrance of divine thuLasi. This is a hint that the nAyakan is coming. You need not feel sad”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

thaLarndhum muRindhum varu thiraippAyil thirunedungaN
vaLarndhum aRivuRRum vaiyam vizhungiyum mAlvaraiyaik
kiLarndhum aRidharak kINdeduththAn mudi sUdu thuzhAy
aLaindhuN siRu pasum thenRal andhO vandhu ulAginRadhE

Word-by-Word Meanings

thaLarndhum –  crumbling down
muRindhum –  breaking down
varu – coming
thirai – having waves
pAyil – in the mat of milky ocean [thiruppARkadal]
thiru – due to beauty
nedum – without limit
kaN – divine eyes
vaLarndhum – closing
aRivu – thinking of protecting the worlds
uRRum – engaged in
vaiyam – worlds
vizhungiyum – (during deluge) eating them
mAl – huge
varaiyai – gOvardhanam
kINdu – (from the earth) uprooting
kiLarndhu – raising
maRidhara – upside down
eduththAn – one who lifted, his
mudi – in the divine crown
sUdu – donned
thuzhAy – in divine thuLasi
aLaindhu – pervading
uN – having stayed with it
pasum – without contact with any other entity
siRu thenRal – gentle breeze
vandhu – reaching
ulAginRadhu – is blowing
The word andhO is an indication of the happiness felt on seeing the gentle breeze

Simple Translation

sarvESvaran is lying on the divine mat of thiruppARkadal in which the huge waves are rising, crumbling and breaking down repeatedly. sarvESvaran has closed his beautiful, divine eyes and meditating on protecting the worlds. He keeps all the worlds in his divine stomach during the time of deluge and lifts up the gOvardhana mountain from earth, holding it upside down to protect all the herd and herdsfolk. A gentle breeze has pervaded the divine thuLasi which is decorating his long divine crown and, without contacting any other entity, is blowing here, making me feel happy.


thaLarndhum . . . – thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) has huge waves which rise up, crumbling down on their own weight as well as breaking down due the effect of wind. sarvESvaran is reclining on that mat, with his beautiful eyes which indicate that he is the sarvESvaran, closed, thinking of ways to protect the worlds.

aRivuRRum – when all entities get troubled by deluge, he awakens thinking “When I am lying here only to protect them, would I allow them to suffer?”

vaiyam vizhungiyum – keeping the worlds in his divine stomach, during the time of deluge and protecting them.

mAl varai . . . – it is not only when the entire world is suffering that he comes and rescues. Even when a small place suffers [such as gOkulam] he runs in to help the people. Without any effort, he uprooted the huge mountain of gOvardhanam and held it upside down so that all the herd and the herd-folk could stand under it. Such sarvESvaran’s . . .

mudi sUdu thuzhAy – her thoughts are on the divine thuLasi on his divine feet, just as it has been mentioned ini thiruvAimozhi 4-2-1 “thALiNai mElaNi thaNNandhuzhAy” (the divine, cool thuLasi applied on top of his divine feet); he considers that as gruhNAthi SirasAsvayam – he considers that which has been offered to his divine feet, as having been offered to his divine crown. Hence the friend says this way. The breeze pervades the divine thuLasi which has been laid out on his divine crown, takes the fragrance from there and without entering any other entity, comes to the place where the nAyaki is present and blows there. The friend asks the nAyaki “Do you have the time for feeling sad?” The pAsuram says “mudi sUdu thuzhAy”. The reason for all the explanation thus far has been to indicate that the breeze approaches him [sarvESvaran], pervades the place fully and brings the fragrance to her.

svApadhESam (distinguished meaning): By this, the pAsuram explains how those who were near AzhwAr comforted him [when he was suffering from separation from sarvESvaran] by telling him about the qualities of sarvESvaran lying in thiruppARkadal,  protecting the worlds by keeping them in his divine stomach and carrying out gOvardhanOddhAraNam (lifting the gOvardhana mountain) to protect the people. AzhwAr sustains himself by meditating on such qualities.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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