thiruviruththam – 41 – enRum punvAdai

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In the previous pAsuram, at the end, the nAyaki said “emmai nOkkuvadhu enRu kolO?” She was wondering as to who will be her protector. A northerly breeze affects such a nAyaki; wind, which is the sustaining entity for life, is harming her.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

enRum punvAdai idhu kaNdaRidhum ivvARu vemmai
onRum uruvum suvadum theriyilam Ongu asurar
ponRum vagai puLLaiyUrvAn aruL aruLAdha innAL
manRil niRai pazhi thURRi ninRemmai vankARRu adumE

Word-by-Word Meanings

enRum – always
idhu – this
punvAdai – gentle breeze
kaNdaRidhum – we have experienced
ivvARu – like this
vemmai – having cruelty
uruvum – form
suvadum – nature
onRum – any entity
theriyilam – we are not aware of
Ongu – grown well
asurar – demons
ponRum vagai – to be annihilated
puLLai – garuda
UrvAn – emperumAn who conducts
aruL aruLAdha – not showing mercy
innAL – this day
manRil – in the open
niRai – being complete
pazhi – slander
thURRi – to pervade
ninRu – without feeling tired
van – cruel
kARRu – breeze
emmai – us
adum – is harming

Simple Translation

We have experienced this northerly breeze. However, we have not known any entity like this which brings with it cruel heat, form and nature. This day, sarvESvaran, who conducts garuda who annihilates the well grown demons, is not showering his mercy. This cruel breeze is spreading slanderous words in the open and is harming me, without moving out of this place.


enRum punvAdai idhu kaNdaRidhum – it is similar to having been born in prison and brought up only there. punvAdai is gentle breeze.

idhu kaNdaRidhum – we have not seen anything like this. In other words, we have not seen anything other than the northerly breeze which is harming. Why speak about the breeze which has been harming? Various other entities are also carrying on with what the breeze had been doing – harming her by amplifying the anguish of separation. They are all of the same species in so far as harming her is concerned.

ivvAru . . . – We have not known any other entity which is as cruel as this.

Ongu asurar . . . – the demons are not like those who are withering in separation from sarvESvaran, are not like those who carry out all the services to him; they are the epitome of rajas and thamas (qualities of passion and ignorance, respectively). sarvESvaran conducts garuda such that these demons are annihilated; he is not showing his mercy today so that this breeze could be harmed just like he makes the demons to perish under the hoofs of garuda.

aruL aruLAdha innAL – on this day when he did not shower his mercy, like a mother refuses to nurse her infant.

manRil niRai . . . – it is not only that the breeze did not let her unite with her nAyakan, it also brought a slander on her. It made the people say “It seems that she was suffering in separation from her nAyakan and the moment the breeze touched her, she is quivering; her qualities of shyness, fear etc are like this…”

niRai pazhi – the world did not talk slanderously about her alone. It even spoke disparagingly about the nAyakan saying “She is withering in breeze; even then, he is not coming to her rescue”.

ninRemmai van kARRu adumE – it does not leave after distressing her on one occasion or in one type. It continues to do that.

emmai –  I did not go anywhere near it so that it could make an attempt to grab me. This strong breeze came to end my life.

van kARRu – it is a breeze which did not have affability.

adumE – it is not even considering my femininity. It is not even thinking that it is torturing a lady.

svApadhESam (distinguished meaning): this pAsursm narrates as to how despite staying in samsAram for a very long time, as engagement with emperumAn starts increasing, compatibility with samsAram starts disappearing.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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