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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 9.7


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of AzhwAr mercifully sending message to emperumAn depending on his physical beauty and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? As AzhwAr was fully sorrowful thinking about emperumAn’s qualities, the enjoyment of qualities which occurred due to his great fortune became subdued and the anguish increased, his heart was captivated by emperumAn’s beauty. Thinking “I should enjoy such beauty with my eyes”, AzhwAr sent the birds which he saw, as messengers. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “engAnal” starting with “engAdhalukkadi“.


engAdhalukkadi mAl Eyndha vadivazhagu enRu
angAdhu paRRAsA AngavanpAl engum uLLa
puLLinaththaith thUdhAgap pOgavidu mARan thAL
uLLinarkkuth thIngai aRukkum


word-by-word meanings

em kAdhalukku adi – the reason for my love
mAl Eyndha vadivazhagu enRu – saying sarvEsvaran’s natural, matching physical beauty
angu Adhu paRRAsA – in that state, considering that physical beauty as the hold
Angu avanpAl – there, towards him
engum uLLa puL inaththai – flocks of birds which are present everywhere
thUdhAgap pOgavidum – one who sent as messengers
mARan thAL – AzhwAr’s divine feet
uLLinarkku – to those who meditated upon
thIngai aRukkum – evils will be destroyed

Simple Translation

AzhwAr, saying “the reason for my love is sarvESvaran’s natural, matching physical beauty”, in that state, considering that physical beauty as the hold, sent the flocks of birds which are present everywhere, as messengers towards him, there. The evils of those who meditated upon such AzhwAr’s divine feet, will be destroyed.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • em kAdhalukku adi – The reason for my love.
  • mAl Eyndha vadivazhagu enRu – Saying, sarvESvaran’s natural, matching physical beauty.
  • angAdhu paRRAsA Angu avanpAl – In that state, having his beauty as the hold, on his matter there, towards the one who is in thirumUzhikkaLam.
  • engum uLLa puL inathathaith thUdhAgap pOgavidum mARan – AzhwAr who is looking out to the flocks of birds in all directions as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 30.3 “yAm kapINAm sahasrANi” (sIthAp pirAtti who is searched by thousands of monkeys), to save his life, by going as messengers. That is, AzhwAr sent birds as messengers up to “pUndhuzhAy mudiyArkku” [8th pAsuram], depending on emperumAn’s beauty, as in,
    • engAnal agangazhivAy irai thErndhinginidhamarum sengAla mada nArAy! thirumUzhikkaLaththuraiyum kongAr pUndhuzhAy mudi engudakkUththarkken thUdhAy nungAlgaL en thalai mEl kezhumIrO numarOdE” (Oh cranes who are residing in the salt pan inside the garden on the seashore, to be considered as ours, to be engaged in your service, with liking towards the food here, highlighting your great relationship, with romantic love , having reddish feet as if a decoration for my head and having humility to be ordered to fulfil our desire! emperumAn who is greatly enjoyable for us due to his heart-captivating activity of kudak kUththu (dancing with pots), is eternally residing in thirumUzhikkaLam as ASritha sulabha [easily approachable for his followers]  and is wearing divine crown which is decorated with attractive thiruththuzhAy with abundance of honey; after going to such emperumAn as my messenger, your divine feet which walked for my sake, along with your wife and children, should unite on my head, which is the top most limb, which is the apt target for them) [1st pAsuram]
    • amarkAdhal kuruginangAL! aNimUzhikkaLaththuRaiyum emarAlum pazhippuNdu ingu en? thammAl izhippuNdu thamarOdanguRaivArkkuth thakkilamE? kELIrE!” (Oh groups of herons who are having love to live together with your spouses who are obedient towards you, without separating, with those who are related to you and who follow your heart! What is the use of my presence here after being abandoned after momentary union by emperumAn who is eternally residing in thirumUzhikkaLam, and after being insulted by those who are related to me! Ask him “Would we not be acceptable for him who is eternally residing there?”) [2nd pAsuram]
    • thakkilamE? kELIrgaL thadam punalvAy irai thErum kokkinangAL kuruginangAL kuLir mUzhik kaLaththuRaiyum sekkamalaththalarpOlum kaN kai kAl senganivAy akkamalaththilaipOlum thirumEni adigaLukkE” (Oh groups of cranes and herons who are seeking your prey in the vast pond! You ask emperumAn who is eternally residing in the invigorating thirumUzhikkaLam having eyes, hands, divine feet and divine lips which are like reddish blossomed lotus flower, and a contrasting divine dark form like a dense leaf, and who became my lord by showing such beautiful form, if we are not qualified to enjoy that beauty) [3rd pAsuram]
    • thirumEni adigaLukkuth thIvinaiyEn vidu thUdhAy thirumUzhikkaLam ennum sezhu nagarvAy aNi mugilgAL! thirumEni avatkaruLIr enRakkAl ummaith than thirumEni oLi agaRRith theLivisumbu kadiyumE” (Oh clouds which are having attractive form! emperumAn whose form reveals his lordship over everyone as said in “rUpamEva asya EthanmahimAnam vyAchashtE“, is residing in thirumUzhikkaLam which is popularly known as said in thirunedundhANdagam 10 “pinnAnAr vaNangum sOdhi”. When you go to him since I, who am having cruel sin, am sending you as my messenger and when you make a statement “mercifully grant her your perfectly enjoyable divine form”, will he eliminate the radiance of his divine form which he previously gave to you and reject your stay in the distinguished sky?) [4th pAsuram]
    • theLi visumbu kadidhOdith thIviLaiththu minnilagum oLimugilgAL! thirumUzhikkaLaththuRaiyum oNsudarkkuth theLi visumbu thirunAdAth thIvinaiyEn manaththuRaiyum thuLivArgatkuzhalArkku en thUdhuraiththal seppuminE” (Oh clouds which are having increased beauty due to the presence of lightning which is shining and which are quickly running in the pure sky like a ring of fire carried around! emperumAn is having distinguished radiance of qualities such as sauSeelyam, saulabhyam etc due to the eternal presence in thirumUzhikkaLam; he is having the perfect wealth which is the pure divine sky; I am having the sin of being pained after union and he is residing in my heart in a concealed manner; please convey the message to such emperumAn who is manifesting his beautiful hair having honey which is sprouted and flowing, saying “You, being kESava, are to eliminate my klESa (sorrow)”) [5th pAsuram]
    • thUdhuraiththal seppumingaL thUmozhivAy vaNdinangAL! pOdhiraiththu madhu nugarum pozhil mUzhikkaLaththuRaiyum mAdharaith tham mArbagaththE vaiththArkku en vAy mARRam thUdhuraiththal seppudhirEl sudar vaLaiyum kalaiyumE” (Oh groups of beetles having faultless speech! thirumUzhikkaLam is having garden for you to celebrate, due to the bliss while the flowers are blossoming, and to drink the honey from them; emperumAn is a resident of such thirumUzhikkaLam  and made lakshmi, the best among women, to eternally reside in his enjoyable, divine chest saying “agalagillEn“; when you set out to speak the message which is made up of the words of my speech, please tell him about the radiant bangles and clothes as the matter of my message) [6th pAsuram]
    • thirumUzhikkaLaththuRaiyum pangayakkaN sudar pavaLa vAyanaik kaNdu ” (On seeing him who is eternally residing in thirumUzhikkaLam with such greatness which is spread in the world, having lotus like divine eyes and radiant coral like divine lips) [7th pAsuram]
    • punakkoL kAyAmEnip pUndhuzhAy mudiyArkkE” (To emperumAn who is having the complexion of kAyAm pU which is staying in its own habitat, and whose divine crown is decorated with attractive thiruththuzhAy) [8th pAsuram]
    • pUndhuzhAy mudiyArkkup ponnAzhik kaiyArukku Endhu nIr iLangurugE! thirumUzhikkaLaththArukku Endhu pUN mulai payandhu enniNai malark kaN nIr thadhumba thAm thammaik koNdagaldhal thagavanRenRuraiyirE” (Oh youthful heron which does not fear water but sustains by that water! You tell  emperumAn who is present nearby in thirumUzhikkaLam having attractive thiruththuzhAy on his crown and divine chakra in his hand, that I am having paleness in my bosom which is holding ornament and my eyes, which are like a pair of flowers, are filled with sad tears and that moving away from me does not match his mercy after knowing himself) [9th pAsuram]
    • en aga mEni ozhiyAmE thirumUzhikkaLaththArkkE” (you go and inform the one, who is standing in thirumUzhikkaLam to bless his devotees, before I lose my inherent nature) [10th pAsuram]
  • Contd – nAyanAr mercifully said in AchArya hrudhayam chUrNika 156 “tham pizhaiyum siRandha selvamum padaiththa parappum thamarOttai vAsamum maRappiththa kshamA dhIkshA sArasya saundharyangaLai uNarththum vyUha vibhava parathva dhvaya archchaigaL thUdhu nAlukkum vishayam” (AzhwAr’s faults, great wealth, vast land and the stay with his devotees made him forget his qualities namely patience, vow, attachment towards devotees and beauty respectively. To remind him of those qualities, AzhwAr sent four messages respectively to vyUha (kshIrAbdhi, milky ocean), vibhava (incarnations), paramapadham and antharyAmi, and archAvathAram (emperumAn in dhivyadhEsams) respectively. vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar too mercifully said in 12000 padi vyAkyAnam for thiruvAimozhi “aparAdha sahathvAScha vibhOs sambandha vaibhavAth | aikarasyAScha saundharyAth gatakAn yAchathE muni: ||” (nammAzhwAr prayed to the messengers depending upon emperumAn’s qualities namely forgiving offenses, his relationship, attachment towards devotees and beauty).
  • mARan thAL uLLinarkkuth thIngai aRukkum – AzhwAr’s divine feet will eliminate the obstacles for those who meditated upon them with their heart, just as the divine feet of bhagavAn as said in thiruvaimozhi 1.1.1 “thuyaraRu sudaradi” (the radiant feet which eliminate the sorrows).

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