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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 8.4


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of seeing emperumAn’s bravery, valour etc and his togetherness with those who can curse/bless, as shown by emperumAn himself and remaining fearless due to that and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? sarvESvaran thought “AzhwAr could again fear for me due to his care towards me” and manifested his presence in well-fortified thiruchchengunRUr under the care of three thousand brAhmaNas who have the ability to handle creation, sustenance etc and to curse/bless, and how even they are insignificant considering his merciful presence in there with bravery, valour, ability etc as said in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 18.23 “piSAchAn dhAnavAn angulyagrENathAn hanyAmichchan hari gaNESvara” (whether they are ghosts or demons, I can kill them at will, with my finger tips). Seeing that AzhwAr’s fear was removed, placed his heart in empermAn’s physical beauty and became blissful. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “vArkadA aruvi” starting with “vArAmal achcham ini“.


vArAmal achcham ini mAl than valiyinaiyum
sIrAr parivarudan sErththiyaiyum pArum enath
thAn ugandha mARanRAL sAr nenjE sArAyEl
mAnidavaraich chArndhu mAy


word-by-word meanings

ini achcham vArAmal – to eliminate further fear from AzhwAr
mAl – sarvESvaran
than valiyinaiyum – his valour etc
sIr Ar parivarudan sErththiyaiyum – his togetherness with the great devotees
pArum ena – as he showed saying “see this” (AzhwAr saw that)
thAn ugandha – became joyful
mARan thAL – AzhwAr’s divine feet
nenjE sAr – Oh heart! Approach;
sArAyEl – if you don’t
mAnidavaraich chArndhu mAy – approach the materialistic people and become extinguished.

Simple Translation

To eliminate further fear from AzhwAr, sarvESvaran showed his valour etc and his togetherness with the great devotees saying “see this” and AzhwAr became joyful seeing that. Oh heart! Approach such AzhwAr’s divine feet; if you don’t approach, you approach the materialistic people and become extinguished.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • vArAmal achcham ini mAl than valiyinaiyum – His SakthiyOgam (having ability) in having bravery, valour etc which were explained in “vAr kadA aruvi yAnai mA malaiyin maruppiNaik kuvadiRiththurutti Ur koL thiN pAgan uyir seguththu arangin mallaraik konRu sUzh paraN mEl pOr kadA arasar puRakkida mAda mI misaik kanjanaith thagarththa sIr koL siRRAyan” (krishNa broke the peaks, i.e. the tusks of the mountain, i.e. the elephant which has waterfalls i.e. the exultation fluid flowing, and rolled it; he then destroyed the life of the mahout who was having the ability to guide the elephant to walk; he then killed the wrestlers who were present in the middle of the wresting arena; he then tore apart kamsa who was on the highest platform to make the kings who were standing in the balconies around the arena, flee the place; thiruchchiRRARu in thiruchengunRUr where such young child krishNa, who is having the wealth of valour, is present, is the abode of refuge for us to go and approach) [1st pAsuram].
  • sIrAr parivarudan sErththiyaiyum – With that, emperumAn showed his own strength as said in “asurar vankaiyar kURRai” (he is cruel death personified for the strong demons) [8th pAsuram], his presence under the care of three thousand brAhamaNas who are complete in qualities such as gyAnam etc., as said in “nalla nAnmaRaiyOr” (those who are expert in four vEdhams and are caring) [5th pAsuram], “manakkoL sIr mUvAyiravar vaN sivanum ayanum thAnum oppAr vAzh” (emperumAn’s qualities are held in the hearts of three thousand persons who are having wealth of knowledge etc, and are a match to rudhra, brahmA and himself and are having wonderful life in this divine abode) [6th pAsuram] and “amarndha sIr mUvAyiravar vEdhiyargaL tham padhi avani dhEvar vAzhvu” (this is the distinguished abode for three thousand vaidhikas and the abode having the wealth of bhagavath anubhavam for bhAgavathas who are bhUsuras) [10th pAsuram]. AzhwAr saw that and became fearless considering the presence of emperumAn in the fortified town as said in,
    • thEm paNai pudai sUzh thiruchchengunRUrth thiruchchiRRARu” (thiruchchiRRARu, in thiruchchengunRUr, which is surrounded by  marudha region which is filled with honey) [2nd pAsuram]
    • seRi kulai vAzhai kamugu thengaNi sUzh thiruchchengunRUr thiruchchiRRARu” (thiruchchengunRUr, thiruchchiRRARu dhivyadhESam which is surrounded with rows of banana trees with dense branches, areca trees and coconut trees) [4th pAsuram]
    • nalla nIL mAdath thiruchchengunRUril thiruchchiRRARu” (divine abode thiruchchiRARu in thiruchchengunRUr which is having distinguished, tall mansions) 5[th pAsuram]
    • kanak koL thiN mAdath thiruchchengunRUril thiruchchiRRARu” (distinguished abode of thiruchchiRRARu in thicuchchengunRUr, which has dense, firm mansions) [6th pAsuram]
    • kUriyavichchaiyOduzhukkam nadaip pali iyaRkaith thiruchchengunRUril thiruchchiRRARamarndha nAdhanE” (emperumAn is standing in thiruchchiRRARu in thiruchchengunRUr accepting the daily thiruvArAdhanam (worship) of many of those who are as famous as emperumAn himself, who are complete in subtly spread gyAnam and Sakthi, who are having scholarship and practice, and all of these as nature) [8th pAsuram]
  • Continued – AzhwAr became joyful placing emperumAn’s beauty in his heart as said in “thiruchchengunRUril thiruchchiRRARadhanuL kaNda aththiruvadi enRum thiruchcheyya kamalak kaNNum sevvAyum sevvadiyum seyya kaiyum thiruchcheyya kamala undhiyum seyya kamala mArvum seyya udaiyum thiruchcheyya mudiyum Aramum padaiyum thigazha en sindhai uLAnE” (That lord I have seen residing in thiruchchiRRARu in thiruchchengunRUr has entered my heart, become present there to shine always, with his reddish lotus like divine eyes, reddish divine lips, reddish divine feet, reddish divine hands, reddish lotus on his divine navel, lakshmi having reddish form in his divine chest, reddish clothes, reddish divine crown, divine ornaments and divine weapons) [7th pAsuram] and enjoyed emperumAn’s sweetness in “thEnai nan pAlaik kannalai amudhai” (emperumAn is like honey, naturally tasty milk, sugarcane and nectar) [11th pAsuram]
  • thAn ugandha mARan – AzhwAr who became bewildered seeing emperumAn’s beauty as said in thiruvAimozhi 8.3.4 “un
    kOlam kAr ezhil kANaluRRu Azhum” (I am a sinner to force you to show such form for me to see and be immersed in it), is now becoming joyful seeing his beauty.
  • thAL sAr nenjE – Oh heart! Consider AzhwAr’s divine feet to be the auspicious refuge.
  • sArAyEl – If you are unable to do so.
  • mAnidavaraich chArndhu mAy – Approach the materialistic people and be extinguished. It is said that AzhwAr’s divine feet lead to liberation and being engaged with others lead to damnation.

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