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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 7.5


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of anguish thinking “Why do people not have attachment towards emperumAn’s incarnations which are the cause for his victories?” and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? Meditating upon the qualities of vibhavAvathArams (incarnations) which are the cause for the series of victories, AzhwAr became anguished for samsAris (materialistic people) thinking “Just as those who acquire leg pain by seeking wealth all over the place, while there is a treasure lying under their bed, these people are facing disaster while this great treasure [of emperumAn’s incarnations] is present”. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “kaRpAr irAma pirAn” starting with “kaRROr karudhum“.


kaRROr karudhum visayangaLukkellAm
paRRAm vibhava guNap paNbugaLai – uRRuNarndhu
maNNil uLLOr tham izhavai vAyndhuraiththa mARan sol
paNNil inidhAna thamizhp pA



word-by-word meanings

kaRROr – dhaSaratha, vasudhEva et al who have learnt the essence of all SAsthrams
karudhum – show affection towards
visayangaLukku ellAm – for the series of victories
paRRu Am – the abode
vibhava guNap paNbugaLai – the nature of vibhavAvathArams’ qualities
uRRu uNarndhu – analysed and knew
maNNil uLLOr tham izhavai – the way the residents of the world are losing bhagavath anubhavam (the experience of bhagavAn)
vAyndhu uraiththa – mercifully explained in an apt manner
mARan sol – AzhwAr’s divine words
paNNil inidhAna – very sweet in tune
thamizhp pA – dhrAvida brahma samhithA (the great spiritual literature in thamizh)

Simple Translation

dhaSaratha, vasudhEva et al who have learnt the essence of all SAsthrams showed affection towards the series of victories which rest on the nature of vibhavAvathArams’ qualities. AzhwAr analysed and knew this and mercifully explained in an apt manner the way the residents of the world are losing bhagavath anubhavam. Such AzhwAr’s divine words which are very sweet in tune are the great spiritual literature in thamizh.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • kaRROr karudhum visayangaLukkellAm paRRAm vibhava guNap paNbugaLai uRRuNarndhu –  The nature of the qualities of bhagavAn’s incarnations is the abode for the series of victories of bhagavAn’s incarnations which are desired by dhaSaratha chakravarthi, SrI vasudhEva, SrI jAmbavAn, sugrIva mahArAja, thiruvadi (hanumAn) et al who have learnt the essence of SAsthram and who are all joyful about such victories in incarnations. The qualities will differ in every incarnation since they are meant for the protection of the devotees. Deeply analysing and understanding the nature of those qualities – not just superficially. That is, fully analysing as said in
    • uththara rAmAyaNa SlOkam “rAmO rAmO rAma ithi” (Saying rAma, repeatedly) and “kaRpAr rAmapirAnai allAl maRRum kaRparO” (those who desire to learn something which is priyam and hitham, will they learn about any entity other than the great benefactor, chakravarthith thirumagan?) [1st pAsuram]
    • nadandhamai kEttumnAttil piRandhavar nAraNaRkAL anRi AvarO” (After having heard through SrI rAmAyaNam – will those who are born, become the servitor of anyone else other than chakravarthi thirumagan, who has unconditional relationship?) [2nd pAsuram]
    • thanmai aRivArai aRindhumkEtpArgaL kEsavan kIrththi allAl maRRum kEtparO” (even after knowing those very wise persons who know the distinguished nature of krishNa, will those who are supposed to be hearing (about salvation), hear the greatness of any other entity who liberated those who did not avoid his help, than that of krishNa, the killer of kESi?) [3rd pAsuram]
    • thORRiya sUzhalgaL sindhiththu – thanmai aRibavar thAm avaRkALanRi AvarO?” (having meditated upon the ways/efforts of his nature, will they [materialistic people] become a servitor of anyone other than krishNa, who is the cause of universe?) [4th pAsuram]
    • kEzhal thiru uru AyiRRuk kEttum uNarndhumsUzhalgaL sindhikkil mAyan kazhal anRich chUzhvarO?” (Even after hearing about this through vEdham, ithihAsa, purANa etc and even after mediating upon the noble paths which will be the means for salvation, when thinking to analyse, will one consider as refuge anything other than the divine feet of the one with the varAha form, who performs amazing acts?) [5th pAsuram]
    • kOttam kai vAmananAych cheydha kUththukkaL kaNdum – kEttum uNarndhavar kEsavaRkAL anRi AvarO?” (Will those sentient beings who are meditating as if seeing physically, and hearing these acts, become servitor for anyone other than vAmana who is having beautiful locks of hair which are elegantly swaying?) [6th pAsuram]
    • koNdanguth thannodum koNdu udan chenRadhuNarndhumkaNdum theLindhum kaRRAr kaNNaRkAL anRi AvarO?” (will those who learned through purANa etc the manner in which it was done, who have visibly seen the greatness of emperumAn over other dhEvathAs, who have acquired clarity as said in “adhikam mE nirE vishNu:” and have the knowledge acquired through distinguished personalities, become the servitor of anyone other than sarvESvara who causes joy?) [7th pAsuram]
    • iraNiyan Agaththai mallal ari uruvAych cheydha mAyam aRindhum – sella uNarndhavar selvan than sIr anRik kaRparO?” (even after hearing this amazing act of emperumAn from pramANams, will those who realise to go up to the boundary of his partiality towards his followers which is the essence of that incarnation, learn anything other than the glorious, valorous history of the SrImAn who has narasimha form?) [8th pAsuram]
    • nadandha nal vArththai aRindhummAyavaRku ALanRi AvarO?” (even after knowing the good literature of mahAbhAratham which reveals how he mercifully returned to his own radiant abode, will those who know the amazing essence of such mahAbhAratham, which is his being obedient towards his followers, become servitor of anyone?) [9th pAsuram]
    • seyyum sEmaththai eNNith theLivuRRu – mAyavaRkAL anRi AvarO?” (Will those who know the good instruction “mAm Ekam SaraNam vraja aham thvA sarva pApEbhyO mOkshayishyAmi“, and who have meditated upon and ascertained about the one who eliminated the sorrow and gave protection, become servitor of anyone other than the amazing emperumAn?) [10th pAsuram]
  • maNNil uLLOr tham izhavai – The loss of the bhagavath guNamnubhavam (experience of qualities of bhagavAn) for the residents of the world saying “While he has such great qualities, they are losing it!”
  • vAyndhuraiththa mARan sol – The divine words of AzhwAr who made himself easily accessible for us and approached us.
  • paNNil inidhAna thamizhp pA – vEdham in dhrAvida (thamizh) language, with nattarAgam (melodious tune). mAmunigaL becomes immersed thinking “What a beautiful vEdham with tune!”.

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