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kOyil thiruvAymozhi

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AzhwAr assumed the mood of parAnguSa nAyaki, set out to perform madal (publicly announcing that emperumAn abandoned her), suffered greatly in the night and acquired some clarity in the dawn. Subsequently her mothers and friends started giving her advice. She did not listen to those words and was feeling joyful on thinking about him and feeling sad on not seeing him physically. This decad is an outcome of such joy/sorrow of AzhwAr. This decad is sung in the form of uruveLippAdu (visualisation) as if AzhwAr were seeing emperumAn directly. AzhwAr is fully enjoying nambi emperumAn’s beautiful form in here.

First pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “My heart is attached to the AzhwArs (nithyasUris in the form of Sankam, chakram etc) which are nambi’s distinguished symbols and his predominant physical beauty”.

enganEyO annaimIrgAL! ennai munivadhu nIr
nangaL kOlath thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
sanginOdum nEmiyOdum thAmaraik kaNgaLOdum
senganivAy onRinOdum selginRadhen nenjamE

Oh mothers! Why are you all showing anger towards me instead of showing your love when you are supposed to be joyful? After having enjoyed the attractive nambi of thirukkuRungudi, who is a distinguished person matching the greatness of our clan and who is complete with all auspicious qualities, along with SrI pAnchajanyam, the divine chakram, lotus like attractive divine eyes and reddish fruit like unique divine lips, my heart has become attached [to him]. kOlam (attractive) is also explained as an adjective for thirukkuRungudi.

Second pAsuram. parAguSa nAyaki says “nambi’s natural beauty in his divine chest and divine shoulders and his divine ornaments, surround me and torment me”.

en nenjinAl nOkkik kANIr ennai muniyAdhE
thennan sOlaith thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
minnu nUlum kuNdalamum mArbil thirumaRuvum
mannu pUNum nAngu thOLum vandhengum ninRidumE

Instead of ordering me you should experience nambi through my heart and see; after seeing nambi in thirukkuRungudi which is located in south direction and  is having nice garden [around it], his divine yagyOpavIdham which reveals his splendour, his divine ear rings, the inseparable ornament in his chest named SrIvathsa, various other ornaments which are permanently fixed and his four divine shoulders are following me and stand with me where I go.

Third pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “nambi’s divine weapons starting with SrI SArngam (bow) appear eternally inside and outside me everywhere”.

ninRidum thisaikkum naiyumenRu annaiyarum munidhir
kunRa mAdath thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
venRi villum thaNdum vALum chakkaramum sangamum
ninRu thOnRik kaNNuL nIngA nenjuLLum nIngAvE

You, the mothers who first instigated me into this love, are speaking unsavoury words saying that I am standing dumbfounded, I remain bewildered and have become weakened; after enjoying thirukkuRungudi nambi who is having hill-like mansions [in the holy-abode], his victorious bow, mace, sword, disc and conch are standing together inside my eyes and do not leave; similarly, they do not leave from inside my heart too.

Fourth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “nambi‘s divine and distinguished attire which reveals his supremacy, stays close to me”.

nInga nillA kaNNa nIrgaL enRu annaiyarum munidhir
thEn koL sOlaith thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
pUndhaN mAlaith thaNduzhAyum pon mudiyum vadivum
pAngu thOnRum pattum nANum pAviyEn pakkaththavE

You who engaged me in nambi to start with, are scolding me saying “her flowing tears are not stopping”; after enjoying nambi of thirukkuRungudi which is having gardens containing honey, his fresh thuLasi which is in the form of an enjoyable invigorating garland, his attractive crown which is highlighting his supremacy, his silk garment which is appearing to be fitting well for his form, his waist string etc came in close proximity to me,who is a sinner.

Fifth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “nambi‘s facial beauty etc appears to be reaching my AthmA”.

pakkam nOkki niRkum naiyum enRu annaiyarum munidhir
thakka kIrththith thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNdapin
thokka sOdhith thoNdai vAyum nINda puruvangaLum
thakka thAmaraik kaNNum pAviyEn Aviyin mElanavE

You [mothers] are angrily scolding me saying that I am standing and seeing the side [from where he may arrive] and becoming weakened [due to his non-arrival]; after enjoying thirukkuRungudi nambi who is having matching fame, his divine lips which resemble thoNdai (a reddish) fruit with abundant radiance, his long divine eyebrows and lotus like attractive divine eyes which are equally long (like the eyebrows) are reaching to my self, who is having the sin to not enjoy him as desired.

Sixth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “His distinguished physical features and shoulders along with his facial beauty, entered my heart and filled it”.

mElum van pazhi nam kudikkivaL enRu annai kANa kodAL
sOlai sUzh thaN thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
kOla nIL kodi mUkkum thAmaraik kaNNum kani vAyum
neela mEniyum nAngu thOLum en nenjam niRaindhanavE

Mother of parAnguSa nAyaki does not allow her to see nambi saying that she is an embodiment of ridicule forever; after seeing nambi of thirukkuRungudi which is surrounded by invigorating garden, his beautiful long divine nose which resembles a kalpaka creeper, his divine eyes which resemble a lotus, his divine lips which resemble ripened fruit, his divine form which is having a blue complexion and his four divine shoulders filled my heart.

Seventh pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “nambi, along with his divine form which is infinitely radiant, splendid and attractive, stood in my heart with his divine chakra in his hand”.

niRaindha van pazhi nam kudikkivaL enRu annai kANa kodAL
siRandha kIrththith thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
niRaindha sOdhi veLLam sUzhndha nINda pon mEniyodum
niRaindhennuLLE ninRozhindhAn nEmiyangaiyuLadhE

The mother is not allowing parAnguSa nAyaki to see nambi saying “she is a complete and very strong ridicule to the whole clan”; after enjoying thirukkuRungudi nambi who is having glorious fame, he stood in my heart with his splendid attractive divine form which is surrounded by complete flood of radiance; the divine chakra is also present in his beautiful divine hand.

Eighth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “His shoulders which are touched by his beautiful hair and his other beautiful features appear in front of me and hurt me”.

kaiyuL nanmugam vaikkum naiyum enRu annaiyarum munidhir
mai koL mAdath thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
seyya thAmaraik kaNNum algulum siRRidaiyum vadivum
moyya nIL kuzhal thAzhndha thOLgaLum pAviyEn mun niRkumE

Saying that I am placing my beautiful face in my hand and becoming weakened, you mothers, who put in the efforts initially leading to this weakness in me, are showing your anger; after seeing nambi of thirukkuRungudi which is having black coloured mansions, his reddish lotus like divine eyes, hip, slender waist, his form, his dense lengthy tresses which are lowering on his shoulders are all standing in front of me who is a sinner.

Ninth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “nambi has entered my heart with all his beauty and never leaves from there even for a moment so that I don’t forget him”.

mun ninRAy enRu thOzhimArgaLum annaiyarum munidhir
mannu mAdath thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
senni nIL mudi AdhiyAya ulappil aNigalaththan
kannal pAl amudhAgi vandhu en nenjam kazhiyAnE

Friends and mothers are angry at me saying that I am standing in front; after seeing nambi of thirukkuRungudi which is having firmly rooted tall mansions, he came with his tall divine crown on the head and countless ornaments, being infinitely enjoyable like sugar, milk and nectar, into my heart and is not leaving [from there].

Tenth pAsuram. parAnguSa nAyaki says “The divine form which is enjoyed by nithyasUris (eternal residents of paramapadham), is very radiant and an apt goal, is shining in my heart to be comprehended by none”.

kazhiya mikkadhOr kAdhalaL ivaL enRu annai kANa kodAL
vazhuvil kIrththith thirukkuRungudi nambiyai nAn kaNda pin
kuzhumith thEvar kuzhAngaL kai thozhach chOdhi veLLaththin uLLE
ezhuvadhOr uru en nenjuL ezhum Arkkum aRivaridhE

My mother does not allow me to see nambi saying that she is having great love which cannot be eliminated; after seeing thirukkuRungudi nambi who is having unimpaired glories, his divine form which is the apt destiny to be served and enjoyed by groups of nithyasUris associating with each other and which appears in a raised manner amidst a flood of radiance, appeared in my heart; it is difficult to know for even those who are very wise.

Eleventh pAsuram. AzhwAr explains the realisation of true nature, i.e. having servitude towards bhagavAn, as the result of practicing this decad.

aRivariya pirAnai AzhiyangaiyanaiyE alaRRi
naRiya nanmalar nAdi nankurugUrch chatakOpan sonna
kuRi koL AyiraththuL ivai paththum thirukkuRungudi adhan mEl
aRiyak kaRRu vallAr vaittaNavar Azh kadal gyAlaththuLLE

thirukkuRungudi nambi is the supreme lord, who is impossible to be known and is having divine chakra in his beautiful divine hand; nammAzhwAr who is the leader of AzhwArthirunagari and is having distinguished gyAnam etc which give qualification to enjoy [bhagavAn], talking unceasingly, seeks out such emperumAn like seeking out for the best flowers having ultimate fragrance, blessed this decad among the thousand pAsurams; those who can learn and meditate upon the meanings of this decad to have their knowledge shining, will live, having distinguished relationship with bhagavAn and experience of him on this earth which is surrounded by deep ocean.


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