irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi – Simple Explanation – pAsurams 31 to 40

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irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi

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Thirty first pAsuram. amudhanAr tells his heart joyously that they, who had been suffering after taking innumerable births, have attained emperumAnAr through his causeless mercy.

ANdugaL nAL thingaLAy nigazh kAlamellAm manamE
INdu pal yOnigaL thORu uzhalvOm inRu Or eN inRiyE
kAN thagu thOL aNNal then aththiyUrar kazhal iNaik kIzh
pUNda anbALan irAmAnusanaip porundhinamE

Oh mind! We have been toiling in births which have been variegated, without any count, for days, months and years on end. However, today, without any thought, we have been fortunate in attaining emperumAnAr who has deep affection for the pair of divine feet, which complement each other, of dhEvarAjap perumAL who resides permanently at thiru aththiyUr [present day kAnchIpuram), being our natural leader on account of having divine shoulders which are apt to be seen.

Thirty second pAsuram. Some of those who saw amudhanAr being joyous having attained emperumAnAr like this, told him “We too wish to attain emperumAnAr; however we do not have AthmaguNas (qualities of AthmA) wich you have”. He responds sayings “For those who attain emperumAnAr, AthmaguNas will come on their own”

porundhiya thEsum poRaiyum thiRalum pugazhum nalla
thirundhiya gyAnamum selvamum sErum seRu kaliyAl
varundhiya gyAlaththai vaNmaiyinAl vandhu eduththu aLiththa
arundhavan engaL irAmAsunai adaibavarkkE

During the troubling times of kali (the last of the four yugas or epochs) when the earth was suffering, rAmAnuja, due to his quality of magnanimity, lifted the earth and protected it. Being the leader of those who had surrendered [to emperumAn], he has the eminent penance of surrendering and offered himself to us completely. For those who attain him, qualities such as respect for svarUpam (basic nature), patience, ability to control one’s senses, greatness due to eminent qualities, clear knowledge on thathvam, hitham and purushArththam (truth regarding supreme being, distinction between good and bad, and desired end goal, respectively), and the wealth of devotion will come on their own.

Thirty third pAsuram. When queried as to how one could control one’s senses in order to take refuge under emperumAnAr, he says that the five divine weapons have come under rAmAnuja. Alternatively, it could be taken that amudhanAr has said that the five divine weapons have incarnated as rAmAnuja.

adai Ar kamalaththu alar magaL kELvan kai Azhi ennum
padaiyOdu nANdhagamum padar thaNudum oN sArnga villum
pudaiyAr puri sangamum indhap pUdhalam kAppadhaRku enRu
idaiyE irAmAnusa muni Ayina innilaththE

pirAtti has the lotus flower with densely packed petals as her place of birth. Her consort, emperumAn, has the divine disc as the divine weapon  on his divine hand, as well as the sword nAndhakam, the mace which is well placed in protection, the eminent SArngam bow and pAnchajanyam which has grown well and beautiful. All these divine weapons have come to emperumAnAr in this world, for protecting this world. Alternatively,it could be said that all these divine weapons have incarnated as rAmAnuja.

Thirty fourth pAsuram. amudhanAr says that even after eliminating the fault of kali and protecting the earth, the auspicious qualities of rAmAnuja did not glitter. His qualities attained greatness only after eliminating my karma.

nilaththaich cheRuththu uNNum nIsak kaliyay ninaippu ariya
palaththaich cheRuththum piRangiyadhu illai en peyvinai then
pulaththil poRiththa appuththagach chummai poRukkiyapin
nalaththaip poRuththadhu irAmAnusan than nayap pugazhE

The desirous group of emperumAnAr’s auapicous qualitites did not become splendrous after eliminating the lowly kali which was torturing and troubling the earth and whose strength was difficult to estimate through the mind. They became effulgent only after eliminating the sins committed by me and destroying the load of the book in yamalOka in which these sins were entered against my name.

Thirty fifth pAsuram. When asked as to what he will do if the sins which were eliminated by rAmAnuja were to come back and occupy him, amudhanAr says that there is no possibility for that to happen.

nayavEn oru dheyvam nAnilaththE sila mAnidaththaip
puyalE enak kavi pORRi seyyEn pon arangam ennil
mayalE perugum irAmAnusan mannu mA malarththAL
ayarEn aruvinai ennai evvARu inRu adarppadhuvE

I will not desire [worship] any other deity. I will not praise lowly people in this world by comparing their magnanimity with clouds and sing verses on them. rAmAnuja gets infatuated with affection the moment he hears the word SrIrangam (kOyil). I will not forget the most sacred divine feet, of such rAmAnuja, which complement each other. Thus, how will the cruel deeds, which are difficult to dislodge, come close to me?

Thirty sixth pAsuram. amudhanAr was told “You say that you cannot forget him. Please tell us about his nature so that we too could attain him”. He mercifully responds.

adal koNda nEmiyan Aruyir nAdhan anRu AraNach chol
kadal koNda oNporuL kaNdu aLippa pinnum kAsiniyOr
idarin kaN vIzhndhidath thAnum avvoN poruL koNdu avar
pin padarum guNan em irAmAnusan than padi idhuvE

sarvESwaran, who has the divine disc which has the power to annihilate enemies, who is the leader of all AthmAs, mercifully gave SrI [bhagavadh] gIthA with great meanings which were hidden deep under the ocean, when arjuna was bewildered on that day, so that all the AthmAs can get uplifted. Even after that, those on the earth were fully immersed in the sorrow of samsAram. emperumAnAr’s nature is to follow and protect such people by utilising the great meanings given earlier by sarvESvaran [in bhagavadh gIthA].

Thirty seventh pAsuram. amudhanAr was asked as how he attained the divine feet of emperumAnAr, who is like this. He says that he did not attain with full knowledge. Those who feel that those who are connected to emperumAnAr’s divine feet are to be desired, made me his servitor.

padi koNda kIrththi irAmAyaNam ennum bhakthi veLLam
kudi koNda kOyil irAmAnusan guNam kURum anbar
kadi koNda mAmalarth thAL kalandhu uLLam kaniyum nallOr
adi kaNdu koNdu ugandhu ennaiyum AL avarkku AkkinarE

emperumAnAr is the divine repository for the ocean of devotion, SrI rAmAyaNam, which has the fame of having spread throughout the world. rAmAnuja’s followers keep talking about his auspicious qualities. Great people who, with wholehearted affection, are devoted to the fragrant divine feet of rAmAnuja’s followers, after seeing his condition, were keen that this AthmA [amudhanAr] shoud be rAmAnuja’s servitor. They made him [amudhanAr] to be a servitor of rAmAnuja, due to that connection [with rAmAnuja’s followers].

Thirty eighth pAsuram. Considering emperumAnAr as the supreme being, amudhanAr asks him as to why he has not taken amudhanAr under his wings all these days.

Akki adimai nilaippiththanai ennai inRu avamE
pOkkip puRaththittadhu en poruLA munbu puNNiyar tham
vAkkil piriya irAmAnusa nin aruLin vaNNam
nOkkil therivaridhAl uraiyAy indha nuN poruLE

You made me, who was thinking “I am ISvaran (supreme entity)” to agree to be your servitor and made me one. You extended that so that I was a servitor to your servitors too, firmly. For what reason did you, who made me attain this state today, push me into worldly matters all along, wasting myself? Those who are fortunate [those who enjoy your experience constantly] keep you in their conversation all the time. When I look at the way of your grace, I am unable to understand it. Only you should mercifully clarify this subtle matter.

Thirty ninth pAsuram. Since there was no response from emperumAnAr to his query in the previous pAsuram, he leaves that aside and, reminiscing the great benefits that emperumAnAr has done for him, tells his heart “Who else could do all these protective actions?”

poruLum pudhalvarum bhUmiyum pUnguzharArum enRE
maruL koNdu iLaikkum namakku nenjE maRRu uLAr tharamO
iruL koNda vem thuyar mARRi than IRu il perum pugazhE
theruLum theruL thandhu irAmAnusan seyyum sEmangaLE

We are suffering by losing ourselves in desiring wealth, children, land, wife and such worldly matters. emperumAnAr removed our cruel sorrows which are born out of our ignorance and gave us the knowledge to know his permanent, boundless auspicious qualities. Oh heart! Are his protective acts only as much as the very low level of protective acts carried out by the others?

Fortieth pAsuram. amudhanAr becomes blissful, reminiscing the great benefits carried out by rAmAnuja for the world.

sEma nal vIdum poruLum dharumamum sIriya nal
kAmamum enRu ivai nAngu enbar nAnginum kaNNanukkE
Am adhu kAmam aRam poruL vIdu idhaRku enRu uraiththAn
vAmanan seelan irAmAnusan indha maNmisaiyE

emperumAnAr is similar to SrI vAmana in helping others without expecting anything in return. Dependable (learned) elders would say that mOksham (liberation from samsAram) which yields comfort, dharmam (righteousness), artham (wealth) and the eminent kAmam (love) which gives directly the benefit, are the goals (end benefits) to be attained. Of these, kAmam refers to the affection that one has towards the supreme being. emperumAnAr mercifully said in this world that dharmam will remove our sins; artham will complement dharmam through acts such as donation etc; mOksham too would enhance that benefit and that all these would be under bhagavath kAmam (affection towards emperumAn).


adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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