nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – Simple Explanation – panniraNdAm thirumozhi – maRRu irundhIrgatku

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nAchchiyAr thirumozhi

<< padhinonRAm thirumozhi

She believed the words of emperumAn that he will protect everyone. That did not fructify. She believed in her relationship with periyAzhwAr. That too did not yield the desired result. Thinking of all these, she became distressed. Since emperumAn is svathanthran (totally independent), she tried to attain him through her AchArya (teacher), periyAzhwAr. Since even that did not yield the desired result, she thought “emperumAn is svathanthran. If he does not protect his followers, his name will get sullied. Once he decides to protect someone, no one else can prevent that. Hence his svAthanthriyam (nature of being totally independent) itself would act as our means to get the benefit” and tries to go back to him again. Even though she was firm in this, since he did not come, she becomes anxious about what she should do. She does not have the patience to wait for him to come due to her excessive affection. Even if it is against her svarUpam (basic nature of dependence on emperumAn and carrying out service to him) she wants to reach him by any means and requests those who are near her “Please reach me to places such as north mathurA, dhwArakA etc where emperumAn dwells”.

First pAsuram. When she is told “”You should wait until emperumAn comes. There is no need to be anxious like this” she replies “There is no way for me to talk to you who do not understand my situation. I do not have the fortune to listen to your worlds”

maRRirundhIrgatku aRIyalAgA mAdhavan enbadhOr anbu thannai
uRRirundhEnukku uraippadhellAm UmaiyarOdu sevidar vArththai
peRRirundhALai ozhiyavE pOyp pErndhoru thAyil vaLarndha nambi
maRporundhAmaRkaLam adaindha madhuraip puRaththu ennai uyththidumin

Your situation is totally different from mine. Whatever you tell me, who has affection towards mAdhavan (consort of SrI mahAlakshmi) which you cannot comprehend, is wasteful just like a conversation between a dumb and deaf person. There is only one activity which you can perform. Take me to a place near mathurA where kaNNan (krishNa), who left his biological mother dhEvaki and grew up in the place of his foster mother yaSOdhA, and who reached the wrestling arena ahead of the wrestlers, lives.

Second pAsuram. “Whatever it may be, your going after him like this will earn him a bad name; should you not protect your feminity?” She responds to that.

nANi iniyOr karumam illai nAl ayalArum aRindhozhindhAr
pANiyAdhu ennai marundhu seydhu paNdu paNdAkka uRudhirAgil
mANi uruvAy ulagaLandha mAyanaik kANil thalaimaRiyum
ANaiyAl nIr ennaik kAkka vENdil AyppAdikkE ennai uyththidumin

There is no more benefit in feeling ashamed. People in the place have come to know of my matters. If you wish to see me in the state of ignorance in which I was even before I united with emperumAn, before I separated from him and suffered like this, without any further delay, carrying out suitable remedies, take me to thiruvAyppAdi (SrI gOkulam). My disease will disappear if I worship emperumAn who incarnated in the form of vAmana and measured all the worlds.

Third pAsuram. There is no purpose in blaming yaSOdhAp pirAtti for the poor upbringing of kaNNan. She tells them to drop her in front of the the divine mansion of SrI nandhagOpar, who should have controlled kaNNan, being his father.

thandhaiyum thAyum uRRarum niRkath thani vazhi pOyinAL ennum sollu
vandha pinnaip pazhi kApparidhu mAyavan vandhu urukkAttuginRAn
kondhaLamAkkip parakkazhiththuk kuRumbu seyvAn Or maganaip peRRa
nandhagOpAlan kadaiththalaikkE naLLIrutkan ennai uyththudimin

After the words spread in the world “She has started on her own, on the street, when father, mother and relatives are there”, it is not possible to stop the stigma. It is not possible for me not to go on my own. This is because, kaNNa, who has amazing activities, is manifesting his form right in front of me and attracting me. Take me to the entrance of the divine mansion of SrI nandhagOpar, who sired the son who fought with girls, causing blame and doing mischievous acts, in the middle of the night.

Fourth pAsuram. She asks them to leave her, who is totally subservient to emperumAn, on the banks of yamunA.

angaith thalaththidai Azhi koNdAn avan mugaththanRi vizhiyEn enRu
sengachchuk koNdu kaNNAdai Arththuch chiRu mAnidavaraik kANil
nANum kongaith thalamivai nOkkik kANIr gOvindhanukkallAl vAyil pOgA
inguththai vAzhvai ozhiyavE pOy yamunaik karaikku ennai uyththidumin

Oh mothers! Look closely at my bosoms. They have covered themselves in reddish cloth since they feel shy to see lowly people. They will not see anyone other than the face of kaNNan who holds the divine disc in his beautiful hand. They will not see the entrance of anyone’s house other than gOvindan. Hence, take me to to the banks of yamunA river as it is better than living here.

Fifth pAsuram. Those who were there felt sorrowful saying that they must do a proper remedy, after knowing her disease. She says that they cannot know her disease just because they are related to her.

Arkkum en nOy idhu aRiyal AgAdhu ammanaimIr! thuzhadhippadAdhE
kArkkadal vaNNan enbAn oruvan kaikaNda yOgam thadavath thIrum
nIrkkarai ninRa kadambai ERik kALiyan uchchiyil nattam pAyndha
pOrkkaLamAga niruththam seydha poygaik karaikku ennai uyththidumin

Oh mothers! My disease is not comprehendable by anyone. Without feeling sorrowful, you drop me at the banks of yamunA where kaNNan had climbed up a kadamba (Indian oak) tree and jumped on to the head of the demon snake kALiya as if he were dancing and made the banks of yamunA as a battlefield. If kaNNan, who has a complexion of dark ocean gently rubs me with his divine hands, this disease will be cured. This is the way to get immediate relief.

Sixth pAsuram. She tells them to drop her at the place where kaNNan ate food from the hands of rishipathnis (wives of sages).

kArththaN mugilum karuviLaiyum kAyA malarum kamalappUvum
IrththiduginRana ennai vandhittu irudIkEsan pakkal pOgEl enRu
vErththup pasiththu vayiRasaindhu vENdadisil uNNumbOdhu IdhenRu
pArththirundhu nedunOkkuk koLLUm paththavilOsanaththu uyththidumin

During the rainy season, the clouds which had formed, the karuviLa flower(from a winding creeper), the kAyAmbU (a purple coloured flower) and the lotus flower stood in front of me and compelled me saying “You too go to hrishIkESan (emperumAn)”. Hence, take me to bhaktavilOchanam, the place where kaNNan stayed for a  long time, sweating because of grazing the cows, tired due to hunger, his stomach pining due to hunger and awaiting the arrival of the wives of sages to bring food and tell him “This is the time to eat as much food as you want”.

Seventh pAsuram: When asked as to when this sorrow will end, she says that since it will end only if she wears his divine thuLasi garland, she asks them to take her to the place where his victorious garland has been placed.

vaNNam thirivum manam kuzhaivum mAnam ilAmaiyum vAy veLuppum
uNNal uRAmaiyum uL melivum Odha nIr vaNNan enbAn oruvan
thaNNandhuzhAy ennum mAlai koNdu sUttath thaNiyum pilamban thannaip
paNNazhiyap paladhEvan venRa pANdi vadaththu ennai uyththidumin

I have change in my complexion, tiredness in my mind, a shameless state, paleness in my lips, not desiring food and contraction in my knowledge. All these will leave me when I don the cool, beautiful divine thuLasi garland worn by kaNNan, also famously called as one who has the complexion of ocean and who is without any comparison. Since you people cannot bring that here, take me to the place where the banyan tree called as pANdIram is located. This is the place where kaNNan’s elder brother, balarAman killed the demon pralambAsuran such that his bones broke.

Eighth pAsuram. She tells them to take her to gOvardhanam where he protected cows.

kaRRinam mEykkilum mEykkap peRRAn kAdu vAzh sAdhiyum Agap peRRAn
paRRi uralidai Appum uNdAn pAvigAL! ungaLukku Echchuk kolO?
kaRRana pEsi vasavuNAdhE kAligaL uyya mazhai thaduththu
koRRak kudaiyAga Endhi ninRa gOvarththanaththu ennai uyththidumin

kaNNan had grazing of herds of calves as his full time occupation. He also got to be born in the clan of shepherds who leave their homes and live in forests. He got caught in the act of stealing butter and was tied to mortar too. Oh terrible people who mistake his qualities as faults! These have become the reasons for you to get scolded by me! Instead of narrating to me what you have heard and getting scolded by me, take me to a place near gOvardhana hill which emperumAn used as a victorious umbrella to save the cows from hailstorm.

Ninth pAsuram. She tells them to take her to dhwArakA if they wish to escape from any blame.

kUttil irundhu kiLi eppOdhum gOvindhA! gOvindhA! enRu azhaikkum
Uttuk kodAdhu seRuppanAgil ulagu aLandhAn enRu uyarak kUvum
nAttil thalaippazhi eydhi ungaL nanmai izhandhu thalaiyidAdhE
sUttuyar mAdangaL sUzhndhu thOnRum thuvarApadhikku ennai uyththidumin

The parrot which I was nurturing was calling out gOvindhA! govindhA! from its cage. If I punish it by not offering it food, it was calling ulagaandha perumAnE! If I get to hear these divine names, I fall down, swooning. Hence, to prevent bowing down your head, earning a huge blame in this world and spoiling your name too, take me to dhwArakA which is shining, being surrounded by tall mansions whose top storeys have risen very high.

Tenth pAsuram. She completes the decad by saying that those who recite these pAsurams, in which she had prayed for being taken to emperumAn’s dwelling places, will attain SrIvaikuNtam through the path of archchis.

mannu madhurai thodakkamAga vaN thuvarAbadhi thannaLavum
thannaith thamar uyththup peyya vENdith thAzh kuzhalAL thuNindha thuNivai
ponniyal mAdam polindhu thOnRum pudhuvaiyar kOn vittuchiththan kOdhai
innisaiyAl sonna senjol mAlai Eththa vallArkku idam vaigundhamE

ANdAL has hanging tresses and is the divine daughter of periyAzhwAr who is the head of those who reside in SrIvillipuththUr which is radiant with golden mansions. She had composed ten pAsurams wherein she had firmly told her relatives to take her to divine abodes starting with mathurA and ending with dhwArakA. The dwelling place for those who are capable of reciting these divine hymns which are like a garland of words set to sweet music, is paramapadham.


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