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nAchchiyAr thirumozhi

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Initially she fell at the feet of kAman (manmadhan, cupid), birds and cloud to sustain herself. This did not benefit her. Though emperumAn did not come, she thought that she could sustain herself by identifying him through entities which resembled him. Birds blossoming during the season of flowering etc reminded her of his divine form and limbs and afflicted her. In this state, she thought that emperumAn’s words and her being born in the clan of periyAzhwAr only could sustain her. Though emperumAn had given his word earlier that he will protect everyone, no one can ask him any question because of his independent nature. Hence she thought that her being the divine daughter of periyAzhwAr was her only way to sustain herself. Even in this, she had a needless doubt, viz. “What if emperumAn gives me up?” Later she thought “Anything else may happen or not. However, the connection between periyAzhwAr and me will not go waste. It will change his independence and reach me at his divine feet”. She stabilises and sustains herself this way. Even if emperumAn says “I will not let go of you” an AchAryan is required to make it happen (AchArya plays the recommendatory role). When parASara bhattar was in a place SrIdhEvimangalam to see the king vANavadharaiyan, the king asked bhattar “While emperumAn is there, what is the reason for the all the people to be affectionate towards you?” bhattar mercifully responded saying “To attain emperumAn, his followers act as gatakar (those who help in uniting). Since I am the son of kUraththAzhwAn, these people show affection towards me”.

First pAsuram. She tells her sorrowful state to flowers.

kArkkOdal pUkkAL kArkkadal vaNNan en mEl ummaip
pOrkkOlam seydhu pOra viduththavan enguRRAn?
ArkkO ini nAm pUsal iduvadhu? aNi thuzhAyth
thArkkOdum nenjam thannaip padaikka vallEn andhO!

Oh black kAndhaL flowers (a kind of lily)! Where is that emperumAn kaNNan who has a divine form like the black coloured ocean who decorated you appropriately and sent to wage a war on me? I really do not know as to whom I should go and appeal. I desired the beautiful thuLasi garland and ended up with having a heart which runs for it. Alas!

Second pAsuram. She tells the lily flowers to release her quickly from her sorrows.

mEl thOnRip pUkkAL! mEl ulagangaLin mIdhu pOy
mEl thOnRum sOdhi vEdha mudhalvar valam kaiyil
mEl thOnRum Azhiyin venjudar pOlach chudAdhu emmai
mARROlaip pattavar kUttaththu vaiththuk koLgiRRirE

Oh lily flowers which have blossomed at a high level! Instead of burning me with the fiery radiance of the divine disc who is seen on the right divine hand of supreme entity who is revealed in vEdhas and who is in his paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam) which is located above the worlds which we live in, will you take me to the gathering of kaivalya nishtars (those who are engaged in enjoying their own Athmas)? The implied meaning is that instead of suffering like this, being separated from emperumAn, it will be better to experience oneself in kaivalya mOksham.

Third pAsuram. She shifts her eyes from up above, and looks at the kOvai fruits (fruit from the hedge creeper) which have spread on a plant near her. The previously seen flowers, by their colour, reminded her of emperumAn’s divine form and tortured her. The hedge fruits remind her of his divine lips and torture her.

kOvai maNAtti! nI un kozhum kani koNdu emmai
Avi tholaiviyEl vAyazhagar thammai anjudhum
pAviyEn thOnRip pAmbaNaiyArkkum than pAmbu pOl
nAvum iraNduLa AyiRRu nANiliyEnukkE

Oh fruit from hedge creeper who is like a lady! You should not remove my life with your beautiful fruits. I am very much scared about matters relating to emperumAn. After I was born, emperumAn, who is SEshaSAyI (one who lies on the serpent bed of AdhiSEshan) has forked tongue (two tongues) in the matters related to me, who is a shameless person, just like the snake on whom he is reclining.

Fourth pAsuram. Since the fruit of hedge creeper reminded her of emperumAn’s divine lips, she shifted her gaze and now looked at another side. She sees jasmine flowers which have blossomed well and tells how they tortured her, reminding her of the white row of teeth of that emperumAn.

mullaip pirAtti! nI un muRuvalgaL koNdu emmai
allal viLaiviyEl Azhi nangAy! un adaikkalam
kollai arakkiyai mUkkarindhitta kumaranAr
sollum poy AnAl nAnum piRandhamai poy anRE

Oh jasmine creeper who is like a lady! Oh one who has the quality of depth in her (does not reveal her feelings easily)! Do not torture me due to your flowering way, reminding me of the pearlish row of emperumAn’s divine teeth. I surrender to you. If the word of the son of dhaSaratha chakravarthy, who had driven away the demon sUrppaNakA after cutting off her nose, becomes a lie, then my birth as the daughter of periyAzhwAr too would become a lie (there will be no benefit).

Fifth pAsuram. She closed her eyes on seeing jasmine flower which was torturing her. However, she had not closed her ears.

pAdum kuyilgAL! Idhenna pAdal? nal vEngada
nAdar namakku oru vAzhvu thandhAl vandhu pAdumin
Adum karuLakkodi udaiyAr vandhu aruL seydhu
kUduvar Ayidil kUvi num pAttukkaL kEttumE

Oh cuckoos who are singing! What sort of a song is this cacophony? If emperumAn who has the tall thiruvEngadam hills as his residence makes me to prosper, you could come here and sing. If emperumAn who has the dancing garuda as his flag comes here and unites with me, we will call you and listen to your songs.

Sixth pAsuram. She falls at the feet of peacocks and tells them to look at the way that emperumAn is protecting her.

kaNamA mayilgAL! kaNNapirAn thirukkOlam pOnRu
aNimA nadam payinRu AduginRIrkku adi vIzhginREn
paNamAdu aravaNanaip paRpala kAlamum paLLi koL
maNavALar nammai vaiththa parisidhu kANminE

Oh great peacocks who are in a flock! I fall at your divine feet which practice beautiful, great dance and worship you, who have the form which is similar to that of kaNNapirAn. Stop this dance. The only greatness that azhagiya maNavALAn  (the handsome bridegroom), who lies forever on the bed of serpent AdhiSEshan who has spread out hoods, has created for me is only this – to fall at your feet.

Seventh pAsuram. She asks peacocks which are dancing “Is it proper to dance in my presence like this?”

nadamAdith thOgai virikkinRa mAmayilgAL! ummai
nadamAttam kANap pAviyEn nAn Or mudahl ilEn
kudamAdu kUththan gOvindhan kOmiRai seydhu emmai
udaimAdu koNdAn ungaLukku ini onRu pOdhumE?

Oh peacocks which are spreading your feathers while dancing! I, a sinner, do not have the eyes which are the means to see your dance. emperumAn gOvindhan who had danced with pots, tortured me and captured me totally. Is it appropriate for you to dance like this in my presence?

Eighth pAsuram. While all the entities are torturing her, the clouds too join the act by pouring rain. periya thirumalai nambi (maternal uncle of bhagavadh rAmAnuja and one of his five AchAyas) was much involved with this and the next pAsuram. For this reason, all the SrIvaishNavas would be involved with these two pAsurams. Whenever he thinks of these two pAsurams, thirumalai nambi would burst into tears and would not be capable of uttering a word.

mazhaiyE! mazhaiyE! maNpuRam pUsi uLLAy ninRu
mezhugu URRinARpoL URRu nal vEngadaththuL ninRa
azhagap pirAnAr thammai en nenjaththu agappadath
thazhuva ninRu ennaith thadharththik koNdu URRavum vallaiyE?

Oh cloud! Just like smearing paste on the outside and melting the wax within, emperumAn who is dwelling permanently at the tall thiruvEAngadam hills, is embracing me outside but melting and destroying my life within. Will you pour the rain after uniting me with my emperumAn such that I embrace him in the form in which he is dwelling and manifesting inside me?

Ninth pAsuram. After this, as the ocean roared with its waves and rose, she speaks, looking at it.

kadalE! kadalE! unnaik kadaindhu kalakkuRuththu
udaluL pugundhu ninRu Ural aRuththavaRku ennaiyum
udaluL pugundhu ninRu Ural aRukkinRa mAyaRku en
nadalaigaL ellAm nAgaNaikkE senRu uraiththiyE

Oh ocean! emperumAn churned you, agitated you, entered you and stole the essence of nectar [SrI mahAlakshmi] from you. In the same way, that emperumAn who is an amazing benefactor entered me and severed my life. Will you go and tell all my sufferings to thiruvandhAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) who is his bed?

Tenth pAsuram. She completes the decad by saying comforting words to her friend who is more bewildered than she.

nalla en thOzhi! nAgaNai misai nam parar
selvar periyar siRu mAnidar nAm seyvadhu en?
villi pudhuvai vittuchiththar thangaL dhEvarai
valla parisu varuvipparEl adhu kANdumE

Oh my dear friend! Our emperumAn who is reclining on the bed of thiruvandhAzhwAn is a very opulent person since he is the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi. He is greater than everyone else. On the other hand, we are very lowly persons. What can we do when this is the state? If periyAzhwAr, who is the head of SrIvillipuththUr, invites that emperumAn who is under his control, in the ways possible for him, we too will have the fortune of worshipping that emperumAn.


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