siRiya thirumadal – 26 – vArAr vanamulaiyAL

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vArAr vanamulaiyAL maththArap paRRikkoNdu

Word by Word Meanings

vAr Ar vana mulaiyAL – yaSOdhA, who has beautiful bosoms, draped in corset
maththu Ara paRRikkoNdu – holding on to the churning-staff firmly


vArAr vana mulaiyAL – once she smiles, he desires to suckle, knowing that her anger has evaporated. In order to ensure that children do not indulge in eating excessively, elders would give a coat of a medicine over them. In the same way, the bosoms are covered by a corset. It would appear to challenge the child “If possible, untie”

maththArap paRRikkoNdu – Is it possible to pass time, by continuously engaging with him? One has to carry out household work too! Hence, she is churning curd. Aren’t there servants to look after household work? Is it that their wealth is limited such that she has to carry out the household work herself? No it is not like that – one who has cows in plenty cannot have his wealth limited. The reason for her to churn the curd herself is – since the product of churning [butter]  is something which her pet child desires to eat, she does the churning herself. Moreover, since it is the work of her clan [the clan of herds-people], she engages with it, herself. Just because one is wealthy, is it proper to engage servants to carry out sandhyAvandhanam [saluting dhEvathAs during dawn, noon and dust]? Thus, this is the profession of her clan [to engage with churning].

maththArap paRRikkoNdu – this describes her status of holding on to the churning staff after she churns a couple of times. Once she starts churning, due to the act of having to churn, her divine body, due to its soft nature, trembles and she has to hold on to the churning staff.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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