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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 5.8


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of being shaken and speaking with anguish even after surrendering to ArAvamudhAzhwAr highlighting his own emptyness and emperumAn not fulfilling his desire considering “ivar nammAzhwAr” (here is our AzhwAr), and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? Even after surrendering at the divine feet of the controller of sirIvaramangai (vAnamAmalai), AzhwAr’s desire was not fulfilled there. He thought “sarvESvaran who has vowed to protect the devotees, will not deny our desires. But we don’t know where he is planning to fulfil them” and went to thirukkudandhai with great desire thinking “if we go to the divine feet of ArAvamudhAzhwAr in thirukkudandhai, our desires will be fulfilled”; but there, emperumAn did not mercifully stand up, become seated, walk around, say some pleasing words, give a cool glance or embrace him, he trembled thinking “he is present along with pirAtti, and we have the desire, yet why is my desire not fulfilled?” and completed with sorrow thinking “at least we still have not lost faith in his divine feet as the means” and sustaining him. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this experience of AzhwAr which is explained in thiruvAimozhi 5.8ArAvamudhE” starting with “ArAvamudhAzhwAr“.


ArAvamudhAzhwAr Adhariththa pERugaLaith
thArAmaiyAlE thaLarndhu migath thIrAdha
Asaiyudan ARRAmai pEsi alamandhAn
mAsaRu sIr mARan emmAn


word-by-word meanings

ArAvamudhAzhwAr – (thirukkudandhai) ArAvamudhan [emperumAn]
Adhariththa pERugaLai – results desired (by AzhwAr)
thArAmaiyAlE – since it was not mercifully fulfilled
miga thaLarndhu – becoming very anguished
thIrAdha Asaiyudan – with intense desire which cannot be pacified until fulfilled
ARRamai pEsi – speaking about his sorrow
alamandhan – became shaken; (who is that?)
mAsu aRu sIr – one who has unblemished qualities
emmAn – our lord
mARan – AzhwAr.

Simple Translation

Since AzhwAr’s desired results were not mercifully fulfilled by ArAvavamudhan, AzhwAr became very anguished with intense desire which cannot be pacified until fulfilled. Being shaken, he spoke about his sorrow; such AzhwAr is our lord who has unblemished qualities.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • ArAvamudhAzhwArArAvamudhAzhwAr who is mercifully reclining as said in “ErAr kOlam thigazhak kidandha” (mercifully reclining to make  your abundant beauty and decoration, shine) [1st pAsuram] to be enjoyed together with companions due to his ultimately enjoyable nature as said in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 6.1 “saha pathnyA viSAlAkshyA nArAyaNamupAgamath” (SrI rAma along with wide-eyed sIthAp pirAtti, meditated upon SrIman nArAyaNa) and SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 38.24 “samayAbOdhithaSSrImAn sukha suptha:” (the prosperous lord who was sleeping, was awakened by me).
  • Adhariththa pERugaLai – The results which AzhwAr expected. That is – what he desired in “kidandhAy kaNdEn” (enjoyed you, resting, by seeing with my own eyes) [1st pAsuram], “ammA malark kaN vaLarginRAnE” (one who is resting with distinguished lotus flower like divine eyes) [2nd pAsuram], “kANa vArAyE” (You should come for me to see) [9th pAsuram]. You should rise up as said in thiruchchandha viruththam 61 “kudandhaiyuL kidandhavARezhundhirundhu” (rise up from your reclining posture in thirukkudandhai); your highness, who are the Sriya:pathi in thirukkudandhai, should mercifully remain seated with your divine consort SrI dhEvi as said in thiruvAimozhi 9.2.2thAmarai mangaiyum nIyum” (SrI mahAlakshmi and you); you should mercifully glance at me with your lotus eyes; you should mercifully walk towards us to be seen and enjoyed by us, by manifesting the reddishness in your friendly lips which appear like a coral creeper; AzhwAr desired for such interactions but they were not fulfilled immediately.
  • thaLarndhu miga – Became very anguished to be said as in “AkAsaththai nOkki azhuvan thozhuvan” (I am grieving and looking at the sky, crying out like those who have great devotion and those who worship you. ) [4th pAsuram].
  • thIrAdha Asaiyudan – Since the desire will be pacified only when it is experienced, with such desire which cannot be extinguished without the experiencing of the result.
  • ARRAmai pEsi alamandhAn – That is, AzhwAr’s words as in “adiyEn udalam nIrAy alaindhu karaiya urukkuginRa” (You are agitating me to dissolve and melt my body which is having love as the mood/form towards you, losing firmness to become watery) [1st pAsuram], “ennAn seygEn” (what shall I do?) [3rd pAsuram], “unnaik kANbAn nAn alappAy” (To see you and enjoy as desired, I am grieving) [4th pAsuram], “thUrAk kuzhi thUrththu enai nAL aganRiruppan” (how many more days do I have to exist separated [from you] in this pit of inappropriate desires which is difficult to fill and is dug?) [6th pAsuram], “thariyEn ini” (I will not remain relaxed after this) [7th pAsuram] and “unakkAtpattum adiyEn innam uzhalvEnO” (Though being your servant, should I, who am existing exclusively for you and have no other refuge, still suffer with no interaction with you as desired?) [10th pAsuram]. Even in this state, his firm conviction is as said in “una thAL pidiththE selak kANE” (You kindly see to it that I who am your servitor, hold on to your divine feet until the time I am uplifted, for as many days as it may take) [3rd pAsuram] and “kaLaikaN maRRilEn” (I am not having any other protector) [8th pAsuram].
  • mAsu aRu sIr mARan emmAn – AzhwAr who is having auspicious qualities such as firm conviction etc and not having the blemish of looking at other upAyams even at this state, is our lord. Alternatively, this is read along with ARRamai pEsi alamandhAn, i.e. such blemishless AzhwAr spoke of his sorrows.

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