periya thiruvandhAdhi – 83 – ayarppAy ayarAppAy

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Since AzhwAr recalled the state in which his heart was lying from time immemorial, he faults his heart to ensure that this state does not recur.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ayarppAy ayarAppAy nenjamE sonnEn
uyappOm neRi idhuvE kaNdAy seyaRpAla
allavE seygiRudhi nenjamE anjinEn
mallarnAL vavvinanai vAzhththu

Word by Word Meanings

nenjamE – Oh heart!

seyaRpAla alla – whatever has been proscribed

seygiRudhi – you are doing

anjinEn – (I am) scared

mallar nAL – longevity of the wrestlers

vavvinanai – one who removed

vAzhththu – please praise

uyappOm neRi – the way to uplift

idhuvE kaNdAy – is it not this?

nenjamE – Oh my heart!

ayarppAy – seek ways to destroy yourself, forgetting (emperumAn)

ayarAppAy – uplift yourself, by not forgetting (emperumAn)

sonnEn – I have told (you, that which is beneficial for you)


ayarppAy ayarAppAy – destroy yourself by continuing as you had done in the past, forgetting emperumAn or, seek uplifting of yourself by constantly thinking about him.

nenjamE sonnEn – when a person is about to fall into a well, shouldn’t a person who is standing at a distance shout out to him “Do not fall in to the well”? In the same way, I too warned you.

uyappOm neRI idhuvE kaNdAy – what I am going to tell you now is the way to uplift yourself; all other ways are only for your destruction.

When his heart asked him back “What mistake did I do”, AzhwAr tells it . . . . .

seyaRpAla allavE seygiRudhi – “Is there any limit for all the improper deeds which you carried out since time immemorial? Have you not carried out such improper deeds as worshipping other deities and engaging with other matters? Even now, you are often carrying out the improper deed of moving away from emperumAn saying ‘I am not qualified’ ”

nenjamE anjinEn – I have been scared, seeing you move away from emperumAn saying “I am not suitable for you” starting with the 2nd pAsuram pugazhvOm pazhippOm.

When asked “There are many faults in us which make us become unsuitable. What do we do?” AzhwAr says . . .

mallar nAL vavvinanai  vAzhthu – praise him who destroyed the wrestlers mushtika and chANUra. Are our faults stronger than those of the wrestlers? In order to get rid of these faults, praise emperumAn who destroyed the lives of those wrestlers.

We will move on to the 84th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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