periya thiruvandhAdhi – 57 – vazhiththangu valvinayai

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AzhwAr’s heart asked him “How to get rid of ignorance etc which have been intertwined with us from time immemorial and also taste in worldly matters?” AzhwAr says “The one who killed hiraNya kashyap will remove these also”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vazhiththangu valvinaiyai mARRAnO nenjE
thazhIkkoNdu pOravuNan thannai suzhiththengum
thAzhvidangaL paRRip pulAl veLLam thAnugaLa
vAzhvadanga mArvidandha mAl

Word by Word Meanings

nenjE – Oh mind!

pOr – in the battle

avuNan thannai – the demon hiraNya kashyap

thazhIkkoNdu – hugging him tightly

thAzhvu idangaL engum paRRi – pervading all the low lying places

pulAl veLLam thAn – the flood of blood

suzhiththu ugaLa – flowing with a swirl

vAzhvu adanga – ensuring that the demon’s arrogance of wealth would be suppressed

mArvu idandha – one who tore the chest

mAl – the supreme being

vazhi thangu – residing by other means

val vanaiyai – ignorance etc which have lot of strength

mARRAnO – will he not remove?


vazhiththangu valvinaiyai mARRAnO nenjE – Oh heart! Will not emperumAn remove ignorance, taste in worldly matters etc which have been staying with us since time immemorial and which came to us as a result of our deeds in earlier births? The implied meaning is that he will certainly remove all these.

AzhwAr asks further that for one who annihilated the demon hiraNya (hiraNya kashyap), is removing these an issue?

thazhIkkoNdu pOravuNan thannai suzhiththengum thAzhvidangaL paRRi pulAl veLLam thAn ugaLa vAzhvadanga mArvidandha mAl – will the supreme being, who tightly hugged the demon hiraNya kashyap, for whom fighting is a habit, such that the demon’s blood flowed into all low lying areas like a flood with a swirl, who removed the arrogance of strength and wealth of the demon,  and who tore the chest of the demon, not remove our ignorance etc?

suzhiththengum thAzhvidangaL paRRip pulAl veLLam thAn ugaLa – did not thirumangai AzhwAr too think of this same incident in his periya thirumozhi 11-4-4 “vaLaiyugirAlimoymbin maRavOnadhu Agam madhiyAdhu senRorugirAl piLavezhavitta kuttamadhu vaiyamUdu perunIrin mummai peridhE” (the flow of blood from the demon when emperumAn tore his chest with his finger nails, unmindful of the strength of the demon, was three times the quantum of deluge)!

We will take up the 58th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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