periya thiruvandhAdhi – 45 – vinaiyAr thara muyalum

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr said that only due to the effect of their sins in previous births, do samsAris not engage with emperumAn. When the question arose as to what he did, AzhwAr says “thinking of the sorrow which entails separation from emperumAn, I praised his divine feet”. Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vinaiyAr thara muyalum vemmaiyai(yE) anjith
thinaiyAm siRidhaLavum sella ninaiyAdhu
vAsagaththAl EththinEn vAnOr thozhudhiRainjum
nAyagaththAn ponnadikkaL nAn

Word by Word Meanings

vinaiyAr – separation (from emperumAn)
thara muyalum – attempting to give
vemmaiyai anji – fearing, thinking of the sorrows
thinaiyAm siRidhu aLavum – even the shortest of moments
sella ninaiyAdhu – not thinking of spending time without him
nAn – I
vAnOr – nithyasUris
thozhudhu iRainjum – worshipping through the faculties of mind and speech
nAyagaththAn – swAmy’s (lord’s)
pon adigaL – beautiful divine feet
vAsagaththAL EththinEn – worshipped through mouth


vinaiyAr thara muyalum vemmayai anji thinaiyAm siRidhaLavum sella ninaiyAdhu vAsagaththAl EththinEn – separation from emperumAn results from sins committed earlier. Fearing such separation, thinking of not separating from him even for the shortest of moments and spending that time [purposelessly], I worshipped him with the sensory perception of speech. Since AzhwAr has already said “ingillai” (pAsuram 30) and since he is going to say further (in pAsuram 54) “vAnO maRi kadalO” wherein he says that sins have already left him, the term vinayAr here will not refer to sins. It will only refer to separation (from emperumAn) resulting from previous deeds. The term sella ninaiyAdhu will refer to not thinking of spending time after separating from him. The term vAsagam would refer to the sense of speech.

What did he worship? AzhwAr responds saying . . . .

vAnOr thozhudhu iRainjum nAyagaththAn ponnadikkaL nAn – I worshipped the great, divine feet of emperumAn which are served constantly by nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam) through their faculties of mind, speech and body, with the thought that I should never let go of them ever. The term thozhudhu refers to worshipping with the faculties of mind and body while the term iRainji refers to worshipping through the faculty of speech. The word ponnadikkaL refers to the divine feet [of emperumAn] which are both the means and the goal.

We will move on to the 46th pAsuram next.

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