periya thiruvandhAdhi – 41 – valiyam ena ninaindhu

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Once AzhwAr mentioned about pUthanA in the previous pAsuram, he continues about emperumAn destroying the wrestlers in this pAsuram.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

valiyam ena ninaindhu vandhedhirndha mallar
valiya mudi idiya vAngi valiya nin
ponnAzhikkaiyyAl pudaiththidudhi kILAdhE
pannALum niRkum ippAr

Word by Word Meanings

valiyam ena ninaindhu – thinking that only we are strong
vandhu – coming (to fight)
edhirndha – opposing
mallar – wrestlers (by the names of chANUra and mushtika)
valiya mudi – powerful heads
idiya – falling as if struck by lightning
vAngi – seizing
pon Azhi – donning the beautiful disc
un – your
valiya kaiyAl – powerful divine hands
kILAdhE – instead of tearing
pudaiththidudhi – you beat them (till the hands started aching)

(As a result of that)
ippAr pal nALum niRkum – this earth stabilised for a long time


valiyam ena ninaindhu vandhu edhirndha mallar valiya mudi idiya vAngi valiya nin pon AzhikkaiyAl pudaiththidudhi kILAdhE – The wrestlers chANUra and mushtika thought that they had sufficient strength to defeat kaNNan (krishNa) and came to wrestle with him. But you (emperumAn) seized their powerful heads such that they fell down as if struck by lightning, with your powerful divine hand which dons the divine disc. Instead of tearing their mouths just like you did with the demon kESi, you beat them up in line with wrestling bout.

pannALum niRkum ippAr – This earth will bear witness to your victory over the rude wrestlers, for a long time. The word niRkum refers to the earth remaining as a witness. The word pAr refers to people on the earth. Alternative meaning: Is it not because of emperumAn’s victor over the wrestlers that this earth is remaining stable! Otherwise, it would have got destroyed. Or, we can rearrange the words to read kILAdhE pannALum niRkum ippAr which would mean – after seeing your wrestling with the rude wrestlers, with your soft, divine hands, shouldn’t those living on this earth have lost their lives? Since they are sustaining themselves even after seeing this, their longevity is indeed lengthy. Just as it is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNa yudhdha kANdam 103-5 “bhUmau sthithasya rAmasya rathasthasya cha rAkshasa: I na samam yudhdhamithyAhur dhEva gandharva dhAnavA: II” (celestial entities and demonic entities said that the fight between rAma who is standing on earth and the demon who is on his chariot is not fair), the opinion here is that those who saw the fight between the rude wrestlers and the childish kaNNa without any fear, will never face death. Here, the word pAr refers to people on earth. kILAdhE niRkum refers to being stable without any destruction.

We will move on to the 42nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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