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AzhwAr was asked by some people “You had tried at several instances to correct the errant chEthanas (sentient entities) such as in thiruviruththam 96th pAsuram ‘vaNangum thuRaigaL . . . . ninkaN vEtkai ezhuvippanE’. To what extent were you successful in those efforts?” This pAsuram (25) is a response to that query. In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr had said that emperumAn is the protector for all.  Though he is the protector, since he has given, to some extent, independence to the bound chEthanas in this samsAram and allowed them to carry out their activities, his efforts at protecting them do not fructify in most of the cases [due to the independence that they have]. AzhwAr says in this pAsuram “the chEthanas do not listen to us if we try to correct them. We made our efforts and it is providence that we somehow escaped”. He feels as joyous as a person would feel who, having escaped from being robbed by thieves, finds in a safe place that the money that he had brought with him is safe.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings.

ArAnum AdhAnum seyya agalidaiththai
ArAyndhu adhu thiruththal AvadhE sIrAr
manaththalaivan thunbaththai mARRinEn vAnOr
inaththalaivan kaNNanAl yAn

Word by Word Meanings

ArAnum – let it be anyone
AdhAnum seyya – let (him or her) do anything
agal idaththai – in the expansive earth
ArAyndhu – searching
adhu – their activities
thiruththal AvadhE – it is possible for us to rectify?
yAn – I
vAnOr inam thalaivan – being the swAmy (lord) for the assembly of nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam)
kaNNanAl – with the assistance of emperumAn who incarnated  as krishNa
sIr Ar – full of benefit (of being loving towards emperumAn)
manam thalai vanthunbam – the terrible sorrow of samsAram which is uppermost on the mind
mARRinEn – removed


ArAnum AdhAnum seyya agalidaththai ArAyndhu adhu thiruththal AvadhE – let anyone do whatever (s)he wants.  Is it possible for me to examine the expansive earth and rectify each and every chEthana (sentient entity)? AzhwAr cries out here too, just as he had done earlier when he said in thiruviruththam 96 “ninkaN vEtkai ezhuvippanE ” (I will create desire towards you) out of desire to spread devotion towards emperumAn throughout the world and finding that the word was not correcting from the mistakes made, he had cried out in thiruvAsiriyam 6Oh Oh ulaginadhin iyalvE” (Oh! How terrible is the nature of the world!) Just as he had said in the last pAsuram of thiruAsiriyamnaLirmadhich chadaiyanum” that he had somehow escaped, AzhwAr consoles himself in this pAsuram.

vAnOr inath thalaivan kaNNanAl manaththalai vanthunbaththai yAn mARRinEn – With the help of kaNNan (krishNa) who came as simplicity personified as a human being though he is the leader of nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam), I changed the terrible sorrow of samsAram (materialistic realm) which had occupied my mind. It is in this mind that I have emperumAn residing as my wealth. AzhwAr says “is it possible for me to correct everyone?”

Let us take up the 26th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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