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There are two avathArikais and two vyAkyAnams for this pAsuram, depending on whether one reads the pAsuram from the point of view of emperumAn or of his followers. First, let us consider the case where the pAsuram is read from the point of view of emperumAn.

avathArikai  – 1

AzhwAr says that in order to cherish his followers, when emperumAn gets close to them and even if they do not welcome him, he does  not take it hard on himself.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

sUzhndhadiyAr vENdinakkAl thOnRAdhu vittAlum
vAzhndhiduvar pinnum tham vAy thiRavAr sUzhndhengum
vALvaraigaL pOlarakkan vanthalaigaL thAm idiyath
thALvarai villEndhinAr thAm

Word by Word Meanings

engum sUzhndhu – surrounding on all sides
vAL varaigaL pOl – similar to shiny mountains
arakkan van thalaigaL thAm idiya – such that the strong heads of demon rAvaNa are rent asunder
thAL varai vil – bow, like a mountain, reaching to his foot
EndhinAr thAm – emperumAn who bore (the bow)
sUzhndhu – taking many incarnations
adiyAr vENdinakkAl – when searching for those who are willing to be his servitors
thOnRAdhu vittAlum – even if he does  not get any follower
vAzhndhiduvar – he will remain joyous
pinnum – even after (reaching paramapadham)
tham vAy thiRavAr – he will not discuss this (with pirAtti)

vyAkyAnam – 1

sUzhndhadiyAr vENdinakkAl thOnRAdhu vittAlum vAzhndhiduvar – Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 2-7-6edhir sUzhal pukku”, emperumAn will remain joyous even if he does not get desired welcome from samsAris (dwellers of materialistic realm) when he takes incarnations repeatedly, expecting to get followers who will welcome him, thinking “We have taken all efforts for their sake”.

pinnum tham vAy thiRavAr – when he is together with pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi), he will not tell even her that these people did not welcome him. When children commit mistakes, it is normal for the father to discuss these with the mother and get comforted. AzhwAr says that emperumAn [the father] will not tell even her [the mother]. The 364th sUthram (aphorism) in SrIvachana bhUshaNam chapter 3 “aRivikka uriyavan agappada vAy thiRavAdhE sarvagya vishayangaLukkum mAraikkum ennA ninRadhirE” (when the apt person is available, not talking to him about this and hiding everything from him are considered as normal) and the explanation given by SrI maNavALa mAmunigaL for that sUthram are an explanation for this pAsuram.

sUzhndhengum vALvaraigaL pOlarakkan van thalaigaL thAm idiyath thAL varai villEndhinAr thAmemperumAn held his bow (in his incarnation as SrI rAma) which was like a mountain reaching down to his foot and surrounded the demon rAvaNa with his arrows which made people think that it was only SrI rAma’s arrows wherever they saw, and severed the heads of rAvaNa which were like shiny mountains. Even though emperumAn has such power (with his omnipotence), he appeared powerless when his followers are indifferent to him. He will not tell even pirAtti that they are indifferent to him.

Let us now consider the pAsuram from the point of view of the followers of emperumAn and go through the 2nd avathArikai and vyAkyAnam.

avathArikai  – 2

AzhwAr says that when emperumAn’s followers are worshipping him, and even if he does not manifest himself to them, they will not despise him. They will remain quiet, thinking “Let him do what his divine mind decides”

vyAkyAnam – 2

adiyAr sUzhndhu vENdinakkAl thOnRAdhu vittAlum vAzhndhiduvar – When emperumAn’s followers pray to emperumAn, with lot of sorrow, to manifest himself to them, and even if emperumAn does not show himself before them, they will remain quiet, saying “Shouldn’t we, his servitors, be patient with him, the Lord, and look at whatever he does?”

pinnum tham vAy thiRavAr – they will not discuss this with those who keep talking about the shortcomings in emperumAn’s auspicious qualities.

sUzhndhengum vALvaraigaL . . . . thAL varai villEndhinAr thAm – they will not detest if SrI rAma, who armed himself with a bow to protect good people, did not manifest himself to them.

We will move on to the 18th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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