nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 96 – iniyaRindhEn

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The root cause for knowing everything, for jIvAthmA, at the time of attaining liberation, is blossoming of knowledge. AzhwAr mentions how he got that and brings this prabandham to its end.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

iniyaRindhEn IsaRkum nAnmugaRkum dheyvam
iniyaRindhEn emperumAn unnai iniyaRindhEn
kAraNan nI kaRRavai nI kaRpavai nI naRkirisai
nAraNan nI nangaRindhEn nAn

Word for Word Meanings

emperumAn – Oh emperumAn! (my Lord)
IsaRkum – to rudhra
nAnmagaRkum – to brahmA
dheyvam – as Lord
iniyaRindhEn – now, I know (you) firmly
ini – now
unnai aRindhEn – I know your basic nature (truly)
kAraNan nI – you are the causative entity (for the universe)
kaRRavai nI – you are all the entities learnt before
kaRpavai nI – you are all the entities to be learnt in future
nal kirisai – one who carries out protecting all without any reason
nAraNan nI – you are nArAyaNa

(all these)
nAn nangu aRindhEn – I knew very well


iniyaRindhEn IsaRkum nAnmugaRkum dheyvam – I have now seen that you are the Lord for Siva, who is famously known as Isan (one who controls) and brahmA, who has four heads. I have seen now something which I had known only through SAsthras (sacred texts). In any literary composition, since there is a rule that  the beginning and end should be congruent, AzhwAr speaks about the same context that he had started with in the first pAsuram “nAnmuganai nArAyaNan padaiththAn nAnmuganum thAn mugamAy sankaranaiththAn padaiththAn ” (nArAyaNa created brahmA and brahmA, with nArAyaNa as his indwelling soul, created siva).

iniyaRindhEn emperumAn unnai – now I have seen you, as you are, directly.

What did you see?

kAraNan nI – I knew that you are the causative entity for all the universe.

kaRRavai nI kaRpavai nI – whatever entities I have known before and now, after having my knowledge blossomed (due to your grace), whatever entities I will know in future, are all following  your commands.

naRkirisai nAraNan nI – I knew that you are nArAyaNa, carrying out the great deed of protecting all, without any reason, and that you are the lord of all. nAraNan – one who has the quality of being the lord for all entities which cannot be obliterated.

Haven’t you known this before?

nangaRindhEn nAn – while I had the knowledge about this through SAsthram (sacred texts) now I have known this well, by seeing it directly.

This brings us to the end of this prabandham.

periya pirAttiyAr samEdha periya perumAL thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
thirumazhisai AzhwAr th iruvadigaLE SaraNam
emperumAnAr thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
periyavAchchAn piLLai thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
jIyar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
appiLLai thiruvadigaLE SaraNam

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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