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AzhwAr says that for those who follow these three means (please refer to the introduction given under pAsurams 89 and 90), devotion to emperumAn is a common denominator and that these people are superior to those who dwell in both nithya vibhUthi (spiritual realm) and leelA vibhUthi (materialistic realm).

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

thamarAvAr yAvarkkum thAmarai mElArkkum
amararkkum AdaravArththARkum amarargaL
thAL thAmarai malargaLittiRainji mAlvaNNan
thAL thAmarai adaivOm enRu

Word for Word Meanings

mAlvaNNan – emperumAn with dark complexion
thAL thAmarai – at his divine, lotus-like feet
malargaL ittu – offering flowers
iRainji – worshipping
thAL thAmarai adaivOm enRu – will attain those divine, lotus-like feet
thamar AvAr – those who are followers
thAmarai mElArkkum – to brahmA who was born in the lotus shooting out of [emperumAn’s] navel
Adu aravu ArththARkum – to Siva who has tied (to his body) snakes which are dancing
amararkkum – to nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam)
yAvarkkum – and to all others
amarargaL – will be deities


thAL thAmarai malargaL ittu – without looking at what type of flower it is, offering any type of flower at the divine feet of emperumAn. Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 1-6-1purivadhum pugai pUvE” there is no flower which is disliked by emperumAn. Alternatively, this can be construed as “superior lotus flower for the superior, divine feet of emperumAn”. This activity (of offering flowers to emperumAn) is one involving the body, also called as kAyika seyal (serving emperumAn through the body) [malargaL ittu].

iRainji – praising him whole heartedly. This is an activity of speech (praising).

mAl vaNNan thAL thAmarai adaivOm enRu thamarAvAr – those who are totally devoted to emperumAn thinking that they would attain the divine lotus-like feet of emperumAn who has a dark complexion. This is the activity of mind (thinking).

adaivOm enRu thamarAvAr – meditating through the mind, keeping only emperumAn who said “surrender to me” as the means.

thamarAvAr – these people will be servile to emperumAn through all three faculties of mind, speech and body [as mentioned above].

thAmarai mElARkum – brahmA who stayed on the lotus and created the worlds; the lotus, which is the origin for creation of all the worlds.

AdaravArththARkum – Siva, the deity for annihilation, who has tied down many snakes, which keep dancing, as ornaments.

yAvarkkum – to all the other dhEvas (celestial entities) such as indhra, chandhra et al and to all the people. This indicates all the entities who are in leelA vibhUthi (materialistic realm)

amararkkum – to the indefatigable nithyasUris. This indicates all the entities in the nithya vibhUthi (spiritualistic realm).

amarargaL – these people are superior to all the entities in both the realms.

amarargaL – deities; very pious people. Didn’t nammAzhwAr too praise such people in his thiruviruththam 79 “sIdhanaiyE thozhuvAr vinnuLArilum sIriarE” (those who worship only emperumAn are superior to even nithyasUris who dwell in paramapadham) and in thiruvAimozhi 7-10-11 “dhEvar vaigal thIrththangalE enRu pUsiththu nalgi uraippar tham dhEviyarkkE ” (nithyasUris will tell their consorts constantly, and with joy that such people are very pious)!

We will take up the 92nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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