mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 79 – Orththa manaththinarAy

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In order to get rid of the sins that we have accumulated from time immemorial, don’t we need a long time? AzhwAr says that it is not needed. He says that if we meditate on emperumAn and develop hatred towards worldly pursuits, the sins will disappear at once. He says that if the people of the world carry out what he had said, they can rid themselves of their births.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

Orththa manaththarAy aindhadakki ArAyndhu
pErththAl piRappEzhum pErkkalAm kArththa
viraiyAr naRundhuzhAy vIngOdhamEni
niraiyAra mArvanaiyE ninRu

Word by Word Meanings

kArththa – having verdant colour
virai Ar – being fragrant
naRum thuzhAy – having garland of fresh thuLasi
vIngu Odha mEni – having the complexion of a full ocean
nirai Aram mArvanaiyE – only emperumAn who has donned ornaments in an orderly way
ninRu – standing firmly
Orththa manaththarAy – having a meditating mind
aindhu adakki – winning over the five senses
ArAyndhu – analysing the lowliness of samsAram (materialistic realm)
pErththAl – if one were to turn his face away [from samsAram]
piRappu Ezhum – the long line of births which keep coming one after another
pErkkalAm – one can get rid of


Orththa manaththarAy – having a mind which keeps constantly meditating on the auspicious qualities of emperumAn

aindhadakki – controlling the five senses so that they do not engage with worldly matters

ArAyndhu – then thinking about the shortcomings in worldly pursuits

pErththAl piRappu Ezhum pErkkalAm – if one could redeem the heart [from worldly pursuits] one could escape from the chain of births. If one could turn one’s mind away from worldly matters, one could easily get rid of the series of births. Reference to seven births implies the full chain of births. In other words, one can get rid of all the births. One can get rid of the series of births.

kArththa viraiyAr naRundhuzhAy vIngOdha mEni – What is to be done to get rid of the series of births? One should attain emperumAn. AzhwAr says that he is not recommending such bitter water of margosa bark for ridding oneself of all births. Should one not attain emperumAn who has verdant complexioned, fresh thuLasi garland and a beautiful form with the colour of a full ocean! Isn’t this the difficult-to-perform task!

nirai Ara mArvanaiyE ninRu – if one meditates constantly on emperumAn who has ornaments donned in an orderly way. These words describe the natural beauty and the beauty which came from decorations. This emphasises the beauty which he has and which will enable one to attain him, leaving aside the worldly pursuits.

We will move on to the 80th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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