mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 74 – nalamE validhu kol

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AzhwAr says that among those who are affectionate towards emperumAn there is none who is as affectionate as yaSOdhAp pirAtti. For us, involvement with emperumAn is something that we have to create in ourselves with effort. For AzhwAr, due to the knowledge that he had been showered with (by emperumAn) and the deep affection on emperumAn, these become the reasons for bewilderment.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

nalamE validhu kol nanju Uttu van pEy
nilamE puraNdu pOy vIzha salamEdhAn
vengongai uNdAnai mIttAychchi UttuvAn
thangongai vAy vaiththAL sArndhu

Word by Word Meanings

salamE – with deceitfulness
nanju – poison
Uttu – having come to feed
van pEy – the cruel demon pUthanA
nilamE – on earth
puraNdu pOy vIzha – to fall down (as a corpse)
thAn salamE – he [emperumAn] also, with deceit
vem kongai – the bosom which was cruel
uNdAnai – kaNNan (krishNa) who suckled it
mIttu – drawing him away (from that pUthanA)
UttuvAn – in order to feed him (her milk)
sArndhu – approaching him
than kongai – her bosom
vAy vaiththAL – kept it in his mouth for him to feed
nalamE validhu kol – it appears that this affection is very strong


nalamE validhu kol – Isn’t affection stronger than knowledge! For yaSOdhA, affection towards kaNNan (krishNa) was stronger than fear which is natural for a woman.

salamE thAn nanju Uttu van pEy nilamE puraNdu pOy vIzha – making pUthaNa, who has a strong heart and who came in a deceitful form of a mother to give poisoned milk to kaNNa, to fall on the earth

vengongai uNdAnai – one who suckled the cruel bosom (of pUthanA)

mIttu Aychchi UttuvAn – to redeem kaNNan from pUthanA and as a remedy for that, to make him drink milk from her bosom

UttuvAn – in order to feed him

sArndhu than kongai vAy vaiththAL – as a remedy for the poisoned milk which he drank, yaSOdhA pirAtti offered him her nectar-like milk. As soon as she heard that he has taken milk from pUthanA’s bosom, instead of falling down unconsciously due to fear, she walked all the way to where pUthanA lay on the ground [with krishNa on her bosom] and offered her bosom to him (If yaSOdhA’s knowledge had gained primacy, she would have swooned out of fear. However, since affection towards krishNa was in the forefront, instead of swooning, she offered her bosom to krishNa). Hence, affection is probably stronger than knowledge!

We will take up the 75th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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