mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 73 – idam valam Ezh

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AzhwAr says that the purpose of being provided with a mouth is only to keep praising the divine feet of emperumAn who has taken residence in thiruvEngada malai (hill).

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

idam valamEzh pUNda iravaiththErOtti
vadamuga vEngadaththu mannum kudanayandha
kUththanAy ninRAn kuraikazhalE kURuvadhE
nAththannAl uLLa nalam

Word by Word Meanings

idam valam – on the left side and right side
Ezh pUNda – drawn by seven horses
iravi thEr – chariot of sUryan
Otti – one who conducts (as the indwelling soul)
vada muga vEngadaththu mannum – one who resides permanently in thrivEngadam located on the northern direction
kudam nayandha kUththanAy ninRAn – emperumAn who incarnated desirously as kaNNan (krishNa) who was fond of dancing with pots
kurai kazhal kURuvadhE – praising the divine feet decorated with resounding ornaments
nA thannAl uLLa nalam – the benefit of having mouth


idam valam Ezh pUNda iravaith thErOtti – conducting the chariot of sUryan which travels on the left and right side of mEru mountain (a celestial mountain) and which is clasped with seven horses having seven names. Alternatively, one who conducts the chariot of sUryan which are drawn on the left side and right side by seven horses. Has it not been mentioned in thaiththirIya upanishath Anandhavalli “bIshOdhEthi sUrya:” (sun rises due to fear of emperumAn)! This signifies that emperumAn conducts the chariot of sUrya, by remaining as his indwelling soul. Alternatively, we can construe this as referring to conducting the chariot Adhithya ratham for arjuna during the war of mahAbhArathA, on the right side and left side, and destroying enemies. Or else, we can construe this to mean that emperumAn conducts sUrya who is like a radiant chariot. If the first meaning mentioned here, that he is conducting the chariot of sUrya, is taken into consideration, it would mean that he controls all the worlds.

vadamuga vEngadaththu mannum – one who resides permanently in thirumalai which is located in the northern direction

kudam nayandha kUththanAy ninRAn – being born as kaNNan and desiring the game of dancing with pots. Giving off his beauty to the assemblage by dancing like this, with pots.

kurai kazhalE kURuvadhE nAth thannAl uLLa nalamAzhwAr says that the benefit of being provided with a mouth is only to sing praises on the divine feet which have been provided with resounding ornaments.

nAththannAl uLLa nalam – the wealth provided by mouth. It appears that emperumAn decided to come to thirumalai due to the fatigue that he had after dancing with pots.

We will move on to the 74th pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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