mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 47 – ninRa perumAnE

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AzhwAr says that it is emperumAn, who fulfilled the desires of celestial entities, who also removes the enemies of lowly entities such as ourselves and makes us his servitors.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ninRa perumAnE nIrERRu ulagellAm
senRa perumAnE sengaNNA anRu
thuragavAy kINda thuzhAy mudiyAy nangaL
naragavAy kINdAyum nI

Word by Word Meanings

nIr ERRu ninRa perumAnE – Oh emperumAn, who stood near mahAbali to take the water as symbolic of taking alms!
ulagu ellAm senRa perumAnE – Oh emperumAn who measured all the worlds!
sem kaNNA – Oh one who has lotus like eyes!
anRu – at an earlier point of time
thuragam – the demon kEsi who took the form of a horse
vAy – his mouth
kINda – one who tore it and killed the demon
thuzhAy mudiyAy – Oh one who wears the thuLasi garland on top of your crown!
nangaL – our
naragam vAy – way to samsAram which is like hell for us
kINdAyum nI – was it not you alone who destroyed this also!


ninRa perumAnE nIrERRuemperumAn, who is avApthasamastha kAman (one who has all his desires already fulfilled), went to mahAbali and stretched his hand towards him for taking water, which is symbolic of accepting alms from him.

ninRa perumAnE – one who stood as thrivikrama, manifesting his supremacy, after receiving alms.

ulagellAm senRa perumAnE – As soon as mahAbali poured water on his hand, he grew to make it appear that he himself is all the worlds, and measured the worlds. He stood such that he is the possessor of all the worlds!

sengaNNA – his eyes became red due to the happiness of having removed the shortcoming of indhra!

anRu thuraga vAy kINda thuzhAy mudiyAy – when the demon kESi came in the form of a horse, emperumAn killed him without his decorations getting disturbed. It is implied that the ring of thuLasi which was adorning his divine crown did not change position even a little bit when he killed kESi.

nangaL naraga vAy kINdAyum nI – For the one who tore apart the mouth of hell for us (samsAram), is it a wonder that you tore the mouth of kESi! For those with superior knowledge (of emperumAn) life in samsAram is the true hell. Did not sIthAppirAtti tell SrI rAma in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 30-18 “nirayO yasthvayA vinA” (being separated from you is hell)!

We will move on to the 48th pAsuram next.

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