mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 44 – ulagum ulagiRandha

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AzhwAr implores his heart to attain emperumAn who is the lord of both vibhUthis.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ulagamum ulagaiRandha Uzhiyum oNkEzh
alar kadhirum sendhIyumAvAn palakadhirgaL
pAriththa paimpon mudiyAn adi iNaikkE
pUriththen nenjE puri

Word by Word Meanings

en nenjE – Oh my heart!
ulagamum – the worlds
Uzhiyum – deluge
Azhiyum – the oceans
oN kEzh alar kadhirum – moon and sun who have beautiful colour and radiant rays
sem thIyum – fire with reddish colour
AvAn – one who has all the above as his attributes
pala kadhirgaL pAriththa – one who lets go of many rays
paimpon mudiyAn – emperumAn who has golden hued locks
adi iNaikkE – for his divine feet
pUriththu puri – desire wholeheartedly.


ulagamum – all the worlds

Uzhiyum – the remaining period after all the entities have been destroyed

Azhiyum – oceans

oN kEzh alar kadhirum – moon and sun who have beautiful coloured radiant rays. We can also construe the meaning as beautifully blooming sun and moon.

sendhIyum AvAn – emperumAn, apart from all the above mentioned entities,  is also fire which is reddish. He has all these as his attributes. Thus, it is opined here that all the worlds are part of emperumAn’s form.

pala kadhirgaL pAriththa paimpon mudiyAn – this describes his status in paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam). Just as it is mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 11-12dhivi sUryasya bhavEth yugapadhuththithA yadhi bhA: sadhruSI sA syAth bhAsas thasya mahAthmana:” (if a thousand suns rise in the sky together, the combined brightness of all these may probably match the radiance of paramAthmA (emperumAn)), one who has a beautiful crown which emits the radiance of hundreds of thousands of suns.

paimpon mudi – the locks which are brighter than dhivi sUrya mentioned in the previous paragraph. There is no equivalent for this.

adi iNaikkE – his two divine feet which match each other totally.

pUriththu en nenjE puri – AzhwAr tells his heart to attain completely with happiness, just like people who are riding on top of elephant will be.

pUriththu – AzhwAr implores his heart to attain emperumAn to get rid of the sorrows of having forgotten him for a very long time.

paimpon mudi – even as we sight his divine crown, we would feel like falling at his divine feet. Thus, his divine crown lets the beholder to fall at the divine feet. Azhwar tells his heart to know that emperumAn is the only entity who is apt for carrying out our tasks and tells it to fall at emperumAn’s divine feet, entrusting him with all the responsibility and be like one who has completed the assigned task.

We will take up the 45th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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