mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 8 – nAmam pala solli

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AzhwAr wants all his sensory perceptions to enjoy emperumAn.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

nAmam pala solli nArAyanA enRu
nAmangaiyAl thozhudhum nannejE vA maruvi
maNNulagam uNdumizhndha vaNdaRaiyum thanduzhAyk
kaNNanaiyE kANga nangaN

Word by Word Meanings

nannenjE – Oh dear mind (which is trying to go ahead of  me)
pala nAmam solli – reciting many divine names [of emperumAn]
nArAyaNA enRu – reciting the most important divine name of them all, nArAyaNa
am kaiyAl – with beautiful hands
nAm thozhudhum – let us worship
maruvi vA – agree to this and come
maN ulagam – worlds such as earth
uNdu umizhndha – one who swallowed during deluge and spat out during creation
vaNdu aRaiyum thaN thuzhAy – one who has cool thuLasi garlands in which beetles sit and raise a humming sound
kaNNanaiyE – only kaNNan (krishNa)
nam kaN – our eyes
kANga – let them see and enjoy


nAmam pala solli – one should recite only one divine name for getting a specific benefit. But if no benefit is sought, cannot all divine names be recited! Just as one picks a sugar candy that one can lay the hands on and puts it into the mouth, reciting all the divine names without expecting any benefit.

nArAyaNA enRu – reciting emperumAn’s unique divine name; knowing the connection between him and us; being firmly involved in it; reciting the name of the one who has nArA (souls) as his dwelling place and remains as a simple entity.

nenjEAzhwAr invites his heart to enjoy emperumAn through sensory perceptions such as speech etc.

nAmam pala solli – just as a person with unstable mind would start eating fruits at random if he enters a banana grove, reciting the divine names of emperumAn with full voice.

nArAyaNA enRu – reciting the divine name nArAyaNa which is the primary divine name

nAm angaiyAl thozhudhum – we will worship him with the hands which are given only to worship him. With the hands which have been given to carry out service to him, we will carry out activities such as anjali (saluting with joined palms) etc which cause delight in him.

nal nenjE – aren’t you [the heart] the root for all sensory organs! Aren’t you the apt one if we have to worship emperumAn! Oh heart, you are ahead of me in engaging in this activity!

vA maruviAzhwAr tells his heart to come and approach emperumAn without taking a step back.

maNNulagam uNdu umizhndha – anticipating impending deluge, emperumAn protects the worlds in his stomach and lets them out once creation resumes.

vaNdaRaiyum thaN thuzhAyk kaNNanaiyE – only kaNNa (krishNa) who is sweet and very easy to approach. Even if he does not have the quality of protecting all the worlds, he is so sweet that we cannot let go of him; even if he cannot carry out rare activities to protect us, he has such beauty that we cannot leave him.

kANga nam kaN – let our eyes see him with desire.

We shall take up the 9th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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