mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 24 – varungAl irunilanum

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AzhwAr tells his heart to fall head over heels on emperumAn and attain him, instead of remaining passively, thinking that we have carried out all that was required to be done with total involvement. He tells his heart to enjoy emperumAn without any break, now that the desire has been created.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

varungAl iru nilanum mAl visumbum kARRum
nerungu thI nIr uruvum AnAn porundhum
sudarAzhi onRudaiyAn sUzh kazhalE nALum
thodar Azhi nenjE thozhudhu

Word by Word Meanings

Azhi nenjE – Oh my heart which is like the deep sea!
iru nilanum – expansive earth
mAl visumbum – boundless sky
kARRum – wind
nerungu thI – fire which cannot be split
nIr uruvum AnAn – the fifth element water. emperumAn became the antharyAmi (in-dwelling soul) for the five elements.
porundhum sudar Azhi onRu udaiyAn – emperumAn who is holding the well suited (to him) radiant divine disc
sUzh kazhalE – the divine feet which subordinate the followers
varungAl nALum – in the days to come
thozhudhu – worshipping
thodar – keep following


varungAl – let the days bygone remain as having been spent without purpose. In the days to come, try to do like this [AzhwAr tells his heart to do the things which he will spell out shortly]

irunilanum mAlvisumbum kARRum nerunguthI nIr uruvum AnAn – he is the sustaining force for the world made of five elements (since he is the indwelling soul for the expansive earth, the boundless skies, wind, fire which cannot be separated and water, it is implied that he is the lord of all leelA vibhUthi). Reference to the five elements implies mentioning the entire leelA vibhUthi.

porundhum sudarAzhi onRudaiyAn – since it says that he has the unique, radiant divine disc, it implies that he is with nithya vibhUthi. Reference to divine disc implies everyone in nithya vibhUthi. emperumAn has the divine disc which makes everyone to worship him.

Thus, the one who has both vibhUthis, such emperumAn’s ….

sUzh kazhalE – the divine feet which subordinate the followers. The divine feet which will not allow anyone to go out but keep them with themselves. AzhwAr asks his heart “After knowing that emperumAn is coming towards us with the intention of capturing us, should you not follow him?”.

Azhi nenjE – Oh heart who is limited [to the depth of the ocean]! Is there a need for me to instruct you? Henceforth, keep following him, worshipping him. It is enough that you have lost out on him earlier. In the times to come, keep following him without any break and attain him.

Let us move on to the 25th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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