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SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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sIrArum mAdath thirukkOvalUr adhanuL
kArAr karumugilaik kANappukku orAth
thirukkaNdEn enRuraiththa sIrAn kazhalE
uraikkaNdAy nenjE ugandhu

Word by Word Meaning

nenjE – Oh my heart!
sIr Arum mAdam – having beautiful mansions
thirukkOvalUr adhanuL – in a corridor inside thirukkOvalUr (a divine abode)
kAr Ar karumugilai – emperumAn who has the complexion of clouds in the rainy season
kANap pukku – entering, to worship
OrA – meditating with the help of mind, the inner eye
thirukkaNdEn enRu uraiththa – one who mercifully gave 100 pAsurams (hymns) starting with the pAsuram thirukkaNdEn
sIrAn – the great pEyAzhwAr’s
kazhalE – the divine feet
ugandhu urai – speak joyously


This thaniyan was mercifully given by kurugaik kAvalappan, one of the disciples of SrIman nAthamunigaL (first AchAryar in our sampradhAyam after nammAzhwAr) and who learnt bhakthi yOgam from SrIman nAthamunigaL.

sIrArum mAdath thirukkOvalUr – the dhivya dhESam (divine abode) thirukkOvalUr which is full of divine wealth and having mansions fit for the vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhas, the sacred texts) who practice vEdhams.

adhanuL – inside that town, in a corridor of mrigaNdu maharishi. Didn’t emperumAn come into this corridor with his retinue, since inside the hut was rishi, who follows other means to attain emperumAn and outside the hut are the samsAris who are only interested in other benefits! Only in the corridor were the three AzhwArs present, who were neither followers of other means nor interested in other benefits and emperumAn wanted to be with them.

adhanuL kANappukku – inside the divine abode (town) and to see a distinguished entity [emperumAn] one needed brightness. Was the brightness available? Yes, through the pAsurams of the first two AzhwArs (veyya kadhirOn viLakkAga  and nanburugi gyAnachchudar viLakku ERRinEn) [sun became the powerful light and I lit the powerful light of paragyAnam total devotion to emperumAn, respectively], both the darkness outside and the darkness inside (mind) were removed.

Who was the entity to be seen?

kArAr karumugilaik kANap pukku  – to see emperumAn who has the complexion of the dark clouds which come during rainy season.

thirukkOvalUr adhanuL kArAr karumugil – Just as it has been mentioned in thirunedundhANdagam 17 “kuRungudiyuL mugil” (the cloud in thirukkuRungudi), this was the cloud in thiruukOvalUr, raining waters of mercy.

OrA – in order to get that experience in the divine mind with total clarity, AzhwAr was meditating.

There is another interpretation to this: thirukkOvalUr adhanuL kArAr karumugilaik kANap pukkuin order to see the dark clouds in thirukkOvalUr, due to fear of the clouds, standing inside a corridor; OrA – analysing as to who is jostling with us [with the three AzhwArs] during this time of heavy rains.

thirukkaNdEn enRu uraiththa – the one who, with the joy of that experience of having seen emperumAn with his inner eye (mind), and who spoke about it so that even people like us who came much later can get uplifted with his pAsuram “thirukkaNdEn

thirukkaNdEn – the other two AzhwArs lit lamps. Consequently, this AzhwAr had dharSan. gyAna (knowledge) and bhakthi (devotion) were the status of the first two AzhwArs and sAkshAthkAram (seeing) is the status of this AzhwAr.

sIrAn kazhalE – the divine feet of pEyAzhwAr who experienced the divine emperumAn through his prabandham “thirukkaNdEn

uraikkaNdAy nenjE ugandhu – just as AzhwAr spoke about his experience through his faculty of speech, you also speak about the divine feet of AzhwAr which you saw, with your faculty of speech.

nenjE – Oh heart who is so humble towards matters relating to emperumAn and his followers!

ugandhu urai – since it is a matter relating to a bhAgavatha (follower of emperumAn) which is greater than the matter relating to bhagavAn himself, speak joyously.

In this thaniyan, it has been stated that the divine feet of those who saw the divine emperumAn himself and who spoke about their experience through their pAsurams are the ones which should be constantly meditated upon.

We shall move on to the pravESam for this prabandham next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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